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Though it may sound like an advanced feature, internet sharing is actually really easy to set up on a Mac, and if you follow along you’ll have it working in no time at all, effectively turning a Mac into a wireless router. Hotels in particular have a bad habit of charging customers a per device fee rather than a single per room cost for internet access, using Internet Sharing gets around that greatly inflated expense.
The wired internet connection can come either from something like a hotel or office ethernet network, or even directly from a cable modem or DSL modem from a standard broadband provider.
Connecting to the Mac’s shared internet connection is now the same as connecting to any other wireless network, the process of which is generally the same for each device, though obviously it will be slightly different per operating system. In terms of security, the network is relatively secure thanks to password set during the setup process, if you forgot that password you just have to disable security and re-enable it to set a new one. The Mac puts out a strong signal, but if you’re a perfectionist, you could then run the Wi-Fi Diagnostics tool and get the optimal signal for the network by reconfiguring the setup by rearranging things physically. The problem is that the Mac only provides a WEP connection which means the password is easily hacked.
Also it must be ensured that if your mac shows 2 ports or more (namely ethernet, wifi …) do not check ethernet option. Did you ever learn if it is possible to share internet from a computer that is getting connection wirelessly. I tried this at work – but when I start the WiFi-Diagnosis-Tool I can see that my set up network has no signal… I tried it with WEP and without (just to check if this causes the failure). The Channel (10, I tried others as well) isn’t used by any other network around here (my early 2011 iMac has a AirPort Extreme-Card in it) – anyone any ideas why there’s no signal? It should be noted that enabling Internet Sharing this way is likely to cause one’s computer to fail to go to sleep.
Can someone tell me why this does not work at hotels that require you to login with a username password. My laptop that I am using right now is connected to the hotels internet using the ethernet cable and a login that the hotel gave me. Further, when I go to system preferences>> sharing and Internet, it says Internet sharing is off but when I click on the airport icon in my lap top menu bar it says Internet sharing is on!
I am trying to do the reverse, receive a wifi signal from my apartment through airport and send it out through ethernet to my router. When you go to the sharing control panel, all settings seem to be right but the internet connection is NOT being shared.

So ive managed to set up the internet sharing so my macbook is working as a router but my iphone cant connect, it picks up the signal and tries to join but never fully joins, am i doing something wrong? I would like to connect a DD-WRT (WRT-54GL) router to my Mac with an ethernet cable and share my WIFI from and external hi-gain USB WIFI adaptor which can reach the house from the workshop 150m away.
Why my mac can’t load some website after turning on internet sharing from ethernet to wifi? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Your Mac is now broadcasting a wireless signal that can be picked up by any other wi-fi enabled devices. The newest versions of OS X support WPA2 encryption, adding even more security to the network, but older versions of Mac OS X offer WEP which, while certainly better than nothing, is less strong than WPA. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
I set up Internet Sharing a few OS versions ago, and the “Airport Setup” screen had a “Security” dropdown to choose between WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA2 Enterprise. Crazy I know, but I would really be happy if anyone can advise me on how to overcome this problem. What’s more it *always* works at my office for up to 8 computers I have connected but it drops all the time at home. I followed the steps exactly, I got my ipad to find the hotspot and also connected to the hotspot. Once I set my laptop into wifi sharing, all my devices can connect to the hotspot but none of them actually get any internet access.
I am able start internet sharing from macbook pro, my adroid phone easily latches it on the open network and i can surf, but at the same time i am not able to use internet on the mac.
They are energetic, like going out with friends,follow movies theaters as well as concerts.Women with successful career. This will allow you to connect to the internet over an unsecured connection, like your Mac on WEP, and still be secure.
The internet sharing on OSX, even though it could be really useful if it supported WPA2, should NEVER be used and should be considered obsolete. I live in a little cottage where it’s just me and my cat, but with this method I can use my android tablet and iphone wirelessly without a router.

Once I loaded Safari or any app that requires an internet connection, my Ipad wont connect to the site. I cannot just go out and purchase a bridge because the internet requires you click through to proceed. Among users planning to get a new smartphone, current smartphone owners showed a preference for the Apple iPhone (35 percent), while 28 percent of both smartphone and featurephone planned smartphone upgraders indicated they wanted a device with an Android operating system as their next mobile phone.
It amazes me how many hotels still don’t have a wireless connection, just an ethernet cable sticking out of the wall.
So, maybe the work-around is to boot into an older version of the OS, configure WPA2, and the boot back? Featurephone owners planning to get a smartphone are less likely to have made up their mind about the OS they will choose: 25 percent were “not sure” what their next desired OS might be compared to 13 percent of smartphone owners. They are open minded, pay attention toself development.Women who need professional make-up to cover flaws ontheir body.
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