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Skype is adequate for simple online meetings between Skype users, but lacks important features like application sharing, and reliable teleconferencing. Skype performs ok as a presentation tool, but you can only share your entire desktop, or a region, not a specific application.
Poor voice quality – The voice quality of Skype to Skype calls is good, but the call quality suffers when you try dialing an outside number. Yes – You can share your entire desktop, or a region of your desktop, but not a specific application.
Before committing to an online meeting service, make sure you read the reviews for our top picks. If you’re looking for an affordable online meeting solution that works across all platforms check out our top 3 online meeting services. It lacks many of the features found in a top end web conferencing service, but if your business is on a shoestring budget, it’s a good alternative. There are times that window management becomes overwhelming – especially when conferencing with multiple parties, but overall it works good.

You can share your entire screen, or a region of your screen, but you can’t share a specific application. It’s worth noting, that most of the vendors we review on this site offer free trials. You can do audio and video conferencing from the mobile application, but desktop sharing and meeting control tools are limited. RStreamer IPHost Network Monitor Canvas Draw for Mac Smart Cover Art Total Commander ADRC Data Recovery Tools avast! It is used for recording high quality Skype audio and video calls on both sides automatically.
As the best quality Skype Call Recorder, It can support many kinds of audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and video format such as AVI.
The voice recording features enables you to record not only Skype calls into high quality audio files, but also non-Skype voice from the microphone. The video recording features enables you to record not only Skype video chats into high quality video files, but also record video from other program such as a video game.

The FTP Uploader enables you to upload all the recording files to your web server automatically. The only thing you need to do is to configure your FTP account to Skype Call Recorder.Skype Call Recorder can be used in private Skype recording such as an online interview, to obtain evidence and parental control purpose.
It is important to take audio notes when you are on a Skype call and the recording quality should be high for further reference. Skype Call Recorder is just the one which can help you to record high quality Skype calls for private use. You can record all the Skype calls to your call center and the audio files can absolutely be used as evidences in court.If you are looking for a Skype Call Recorder which can record Skype calls in high quality audio and video formats, please download and try this one and you will find this is the best for you!

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