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We specialize in the successful commercialization and launch of new brands and new products, and the reinvigoration of brands so they live up to their full potential. Our extensive launch experience includes marketers from the Fortune 100 to VC infused Start-Ups. In Advertising Age’s 85-year history, no Tennessee agency had ever made the annual BEST AGENCIES list -- until 2014, when BOHAN won “Southeast Small Agency of the Year.” That’s had a profound effect on our confidence, our visibility, and our business growth.
BOHAN’s village concept has become a self-fulfilling prophecy and an agency “specialty,” attracting new clients who embrace this idea of collaboration for the benefit of their brands. To accelerate that promise, we established our own organizational model and workflow process, called “brand villages.” The purpose of our village structure isn’t just a forced integration of disciplines, or another name for core teams -- it’s an organizational mirror of BOHAN’s planning and case-method consulting style of solving business problems. Seven years ago, in one day, we physically moved all personnel out of their departmental clusters and offices, grouping them in pods based on the brands or projects they work on together. The level of trust and collaboration is indeed “remarkable.” Traditional walls between agency and clients are dissolved, and clients become willing co-conspirators -- helping pre-sell strategies, concepts and solutions with their C-suites long before any presentation.

This has also yielded a new maturity among our villagers, who must be fluent on their clients’ businesses, sales and traffic data and cultural shifts that affect their brands -- often at a moment’s notice -- when clients appear in their doorway. Our village model was also profiled in a white paper published by the UK’s World Advertising Research Center (WARC).
A good agency-client relationship relies on trust, communication, understanding -- and a little bit of spice. In business 36 years, we’ve customized our entire operation (methods, talent, affiliates, workspace, business model) to reliably deliver. Our psychology-infused insights and go-to-market expertise de-risk initiatives and increase odds of success. From an intellectually stimulating city the BBC named one of the world's 5 great university towns, our office overlooks the State Capitol on an isthmus jam-packed with James Beard Award winning restaurants, a Farmer's Market Saveur calls exceptional, live music and more. Those not interested in playing in our village sandbox at the highest level of mutual purpose, trust, innovation and business ethics are filtered out prior to any pitch -- or they choose more expected agency options.

This leads to more integrative strategies, storytelling, and engagement -- and yields legitimate McKenzie-esque MARCOMM business ideas well beyond the usual marketing playground. No “departments" -- but multidisciplinary mini-communities charged collectively with planning, growing and living their brands. A dynamic cultural and organizational model based on collaboration, trust and respect, and a remarkable environment in which to generate ideas from all disciplines. We share our progress with them on a far more regular basis so they’re following along from the same brand hymnal we are -- and they share far more data and information with us. And for the unique community of extraordinary people at BOHAN, being “remarkable” in our lives and the leadership we provide clients is the only way to live.

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