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GetUWired is an Internet based marketing company that empowers small business owners to fulfill their web presence dreams. Tackling Article Marketing AutomationArticle marketing automation is the process of posting blogs, publishing press releases, and uploading content to “article submission” websites using an automated system. Landing Page Best PracticesWhen you create a cost per click (CPC) campaign, inevitably you'd like to see high click through and conversion rates, right? Branding Your Company on InstagramAt GetUWired we strive to stay updated on all things marketing! Four Effective (but often overlooked) Small Business Social Media SitesThere are many, many fish in the social media sea, and oh so few of them are worth your valuable business time.
Infusionsoft, one of our strategic partners and the creators of the well-known sales and marketing automation system, recently held their 2012 Ultimate Marketer Contest. Unconventional Small Business Web Marketing Tools: Part 1Small business marketing  has just been simplified. Small Business Integrated Marketing is About Simplicity and Good SenseThere are many, many ways to market your business, whether large or small. The drive to make better use of limited time leads many small business owners to seek out new technology tools. First, it may surprise you to hear that MA software doesn't actually automate the marketing function. Small business operators often face shortage of resources, which makes managing everything that goes into marketing a challenge. Small business owners gain a way to gather and examine information about how buyers are interacting with the company, such as which web pages they visit and which e-mails they open. The many MA solutions include a vast range of feature, which can be overwhelming when shopping for the right platform. Another critical piece is the capability to capture leads from forms or perhaps from the company's website.
Musto says that business owners should look not only at the features and functions of potential marketing automation platforms, but also at "the breadth and quality of the MA vendor's partnerships and integrations." Because there are often few people available within a small business to oversee the marketing automation function, deploying a system that takes advantage of existing datasets and tools increases the team's efficiency. A successful MA deployment should begin with buy-in from the broader team, such as sales leaders and others.
It works best when small businesses clearly define qualified and accepted leads, for example, to ensure that everyone has the same expectations of the MA platform before the implementation of any new system even begins. Julie Knudson is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in technology magazines including BizTech, Processor, and For The Record. Do you have a comment or question about this article or other small business topics in general?

This week we will discuss some strategies that you can use to make your newsletter and promotional content more relevant to your subscribers. Also, schedule a standalone email or newsletter feature at least every quarter that reminds subscribers to update their preferences and reinforces the benefits they will receive from accurate preferences. Update your preference center to present categories of the type of email messages you send. Email click data and website browse behavior are among the most effective ways to determine what your subscribers are in-market for at the present moment. In the short term, you can use the category to segment the list and follow up with customers who clicked on a specific category of content. In the long term, track the kinds of content your subscribers prefer, and use this data to optimize your creative and set your newsletter editorial calendar.
This timely and helpful content will lead to increased email sign-up as the word gets out in the industry that you are a valuable information source.
Designing your creative with modular content offers you the flexibility to change one piece of content dynamically without having to burn additional creative resources to design, build, and test the content you are not changing over and over again. Just one new module, created with minimal incremental effort can make your newsletter content become more relevant for a specific segment. Modular content also gives you the ability to spread the creative workload over a longer period of time, rather than just the typical build time for a campaign. For example, your header or footer might need to be created only once and used again and again. Lee Goff is widely recognized for building a well renowned, globally-recognized Internet strategy and fulfillment company from the ground up.
Now I’m sure you’ve heard us mention a time or two about marketing on sites such as Instagram but now we have proof! No longer do you have to go to excruciating lengths to get things done, especially for tasks that should take practically no time at all.
Marketing automation (MA) software is among the efficiency-enhancing solutions that can help small business owners meet that need. Jonathan Herrick, chief marketing officer of sales and marketing software provider Hatchbuck, says that marketing strategies are highly personal, which makes them tough to automate.
An MA platform can address many of those issues and help to "automate the processes that are necessary to communicate with your prospects and customers," Herrick explains. Herrick stresses that it's important for small business owners to identify their company's needs before looking for a solution, as some features may be more closely paired with the requirements of larger, enterprise-level organizations. This structure will help a small group tackle both sides of the sales and marketing functions.

With the investment many small businesses make in their online presence, it's important to maximize that platform. Many small-business needs, she says, typically focus on tracking website visitors, CRM integration, and email automation. She has covered technology issues for publications in other industries, from foodservice to insurance, and she also writes a recurring column in Integrated Systems Contractor magazine. No matter how much you try to resist, technology is quickly advancing and over-taking the business world. This kind of campaign is highly relevant and typically has one of the highest conversion rates. It is often as easy as identifying some key segments through subscriber preferences or behaviors and changing the content in one module to address their specific wants and needs. His company has managed Fiji’s entire Internet marketing strategy, and Lee is even the Chief Web Officer for Jay Conrad Levinson and Guerrilla Marketing! Marketing automation is one tool that small business owners can use to convert website visitors into customers—and those first-time customers into repeat customers.
The information your subscriber offered you a year ago or even just a few months ago represents their interests at that specific point in time and could be very different today.
Build your content around industry news and hot business trends important to your subscribers to boost your credibility and authority in your industry.
Publish comments from an authoritative employee in your organization on these issues in order to establish your company as a trusted advisor in the industry. Making your content more relevant to a specific segment is often as simple as changing one piece of content in your email.
This allows your creative team to spend more time creating modules relevant to a specific segment.
On top of that, his company is also a leading innovator, having received numerous awards and recognition including Innovator of the Year from Infusionsoft (the world’s leading software automation company). He encourages business owners to look for an MA solution capable of harvesting site visitor data through lead capture forms and similar tools. To do this effectively, you have to think about the parts of your email promotion or newsletter creative instead of the content as a whole. This article from ClickZ gives you beneficial guidelines to abide by when delivering emails to clients.

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