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On Tuesday I provided a presentation to the Revere Chamber of Commerce – here are the slides. My friends at Constant Contact recently published a report on small business usage of social media, taken from a survey of 2000 SMEs. 45 percent of the SMEs surveys said social didn’t take a lot of time to use—up 45 percent since the spring. 81 percent reported using social media to market their businesses, up from 73 percent in the spring. 60 percent of SMEs using Twitter found it to be an effective tool to connect with customers—up 47 percent from the spring. SMEs are starting to see the value in engaging with customers who post comments on social media platforms.
In case you missed them, I also posted some other interesting social media statistics a few weeks back. Luke is the Founder & CEO of Our Social Times, one of the UK’s best known social media agencies, whose clients include The Telegraph Media Group, Orange Business Services, Blue Square and BAT.
Our Social Times, in partnership with Constant Contact, have recently been […][Report] How good are UK marketing consultants at promoting themselves? Our Social Times is a boutique social media agency based in Cambridge, UK, providing a range of high-value social media marketing, monitoring and training services. Leave your details and we'll keep you updated about this and future courses (we only email very occasionally).
Although most small businesses believe social media can be an effective marketing tool, very few understand how to master it. This translates into an ineffective strategy that ends up hurting rather than helping business growth. Below are six reasons social media isn’t working for small business and solutions to help you build meaningful connections and gain new customers. As much as many companies would like to believe that social media is just a numbers game, the truth is the complete opposite.
If you want to establish meaningful connections, you must get into the conversation and stop worrying about the numbers.
Whether you’re looking to connect with peers, influencers or consumers, the fastest way I know how to establish rapport is through relationship building. The key is to not only learn more about your audience, but also gain valuable insight into what makes them tick. If I asked you how you were monitoring your social media mentions, would you have an answer? Not having a system in place to stay in touch across your social channels can (and most likely will) adversely affect the very relationships you are working to build.
Use a tool like Sprout Social and their Smart Inbox to monitor what’s being said in and around your business. Not only should you be able to articulate your value easily, but also in a way that makes sense to your audience.
I guarantee that if you can clearly communicate your value, you will inspire engagement and ultimately encourage sales.

Whether you’re shy or concerned about taking a stand, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.
To better understand what differentiates you from the competition and encourage your audience to take action, answer a few questions.
Based on that, doesn’t it make sense to commit to a consistent social media strategy that raises business awareness and allows for improved customer perception? Before you even begin to market you small business using social media, you need to do two things. Since all social media platforms have distinct cultures of their own, your small business needs to optimize content and conversation for each.
For example, if you’re a local bakery, your Facebook following might appreciate special offers they’ll only find on your page. To determine how you’ll share content across each social network, look at the who, what, when, where, why and how. Who: Who’s problem are you solving on each social network and who will be connecting with your content? When: When are your fans and followers spending their time on each of your social channels? Why: Why does solving this problem(s) make a difference in the life of your potential client?
How: How is your product or service a benefit and how will you translate that across each specific social network?
If you want to build a reputable business through the power of social media and lend credence to your claim as an authority figure, you must commit to staying at the forefront of your consumers mind. While there’s no one-size fits all solution to social media, there are proven strategies that can help you embrace its benefits.
Enter your name and email to receive a FREE copy of my eBook, "10 Ways to Virtually Crush the Competition" and my weekly newsletter. For the 4th reason, It is really crucial, because the lack of unique personality will not just make your social media account poor but it may also reflect in your business. I honestly think that is the hardest thing to execute when I launch campaigns for companies. I used to think personas for audiences were a complete dud…until I actually used them and they really put things into focus.
Katy went onto explain that when you put a name, interests, dislikes, job, etc, to your audience, it helps to keep your business focused. You are correct that text only posts don’t typically perform as well as ones that include images.
Here’s a great post from Buffer that includes a long list of what to do and not to do on FB to get seen. As you’ve implied, a social media presence is about being social, and not having big numbers.
I will use this article as a reference because I want not just a presence, but to do things as effectively as possible.
I’ve grown my small businesses by helping people for free, through my blog and through my social media websites.

The survey found that roughly 60 percent of small businesses respond to all comments on social media platforms, whether those posts are positive or negative. Having worked with global brands, celebrities, start-ups and SMEs, Luke writes about how social media is changing the world of business.
People bond with people, not businesses. In order to create better connections, you need to humanize your business.
Take all of the offline goodness that makes your business special and translate it into a vibrant online persona.
First, figure out where your target audience is hanging out and secondly, determine what content they’re looking for on each social network? On the other hand,  your Instagram and Pinterest followers might want pictures of your delicious treats along with recipes and a glimpse into your kitchen. If you’re not leveraging social media to put your product or service in the palm of their hand,  your competition is.
Nowadays, businesses need to be online in the most unique ways to obtain larger traffic, better leads and more profit.
I have been pondering a serious business thought for the last 4-6 months and this particular post finally helped me to confirm where my thoughts were headed. I struggled with the numbers mentality for a while until I asked myself why do I want large followings? Business has become a numbers game, so the mandate from TPTB is that in order to be successful, social must sell. The Smart Inbox makes everything in one and imagine handling over 12 social accounts, it is a HUGE life saver.
I can help you navigate the choppy waters of nonprofit marketing, using online tools and strategies designed for YOUR nonprofit.
And you have an absolute great point when you said that it’s not about the numbers but the relationship that is to be built.
I am certain that my thoughts of the direction I was heading toward are the best for my company. People sense someone who’s being social to be a friend, not because they want something from you.
Get your FREE copy of my brand new e-book, The Ultimate Nonprofit Guide to Creating Great Social Media Graphics. You can read their headline findings below, with the full infographic above (click the image).
Have you taken the opportunity to create your own unique persona or are you a cookie-cutter clone of your competition? It’s really a situation where you need to test, test, test to see what your audience likes. People buy your products, and read your posts, and become brand advocates and grow your small business.

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