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Mobile texting paradoxically sounds like "old news" as far as new technologies are concerned. Consider that while smartphone adoption has been slower than anticipated, nearly every mobile phone user in the U.S. Companies or small business that can nail down their SMS marketing strategy, especially when the space is still ripe for innovation, can open up a number of opportunities.
Even though it may seem like global mobile marketing is just the purview of large, international companies, small businesses can also jump in.
Ideally you could set up regional offices to best understand the communities you're contacting.
One hesitation businesses have when it comes to SMS is determining if it is a dying breed of marketing, especially when faced with smartphones or the increasing emphasis on mobile apps.
Anyone worried about text disappearing as a marketing tool should consider that 2008 was the first year that text messages outnumbered cell phone calls. There are a lot of ways to approach SMS marketing, whether you're a big company or a small startup looking to branch abroad. The cell phone is really the first piece of technology that people started carrying with them all the time, Kenney said.
As the ever persistant marketer, how can a small business benefit from a technology that is not going to go away anytime soon?
People are even using their phones while doing something else.  For instance, while typing this I have checked and updated my Facebook three times and checked one of my email accounts.
So what are the potenetial benefits to a Small Business and what possible SMS marketing campaigns can be thought up to increase business.
First, of course, you must get them to opt-in to your SMS list, or simply put they have to subscribe to being on your list of phone numers. There are so many possible ideas of how to market and remember to it is going LIVE right to their hand. And the best customers are the repeat customers because they are going to become the little advertising agents for you as they tell their friends and so the customer base grows…mushrooms!
I hope you see the potential in this new avenue of marketing.  Consider WipeOut Marketing for your mobile marketing campaigns, we are always ready to help your business become more successful!
SMS and MMS are types of messages delivered directly to a mobile phone that can be used with or without mobile app downloads. Brands including Ikea, Kellogg, Bloomingdales, Starbucks and TV networks ABC, Fox and CBS have launched mobile marketing outreach programs designed for SMS and MMS. To fully understand the benefits of what a robust multimedia messaging campaign can do for your marketing program (and it can do a lot – from acquisition to engagement to loyalty and even advocacy) it’s important to first grasp the differences between what SMS and MMS marketing is and what they aren’t.
SMS up to 160 characters of plain text sent by either peer to peer from mobile phones or sent from a mobile messaging service provider.
Any SMS message that requires the recipient to click links requires data usage by end users, which could increase their cost for use.

MMS are mobile messages which contain rich media content such as video, images, slideshows, audio, and up to several thousands of text characters within the message.
MMS messaging including multimedia do not require extra data usage by end users as the content is delivered within the message itself.
SMS and MMS messages are the same cost to the end user and not differentiated by the carrier. Given the incredible usage numbers for mobile devices (admit it, you can’t live without yours) mobile messaging is a good fit for any industry.
So why is everyone talking about MMS?  Because the content and delivery methods behind MMS are resulting in conversions and click-throughs of up to 300% higher than regular SMS messages.
The real kicker is that most advertisers and marketers generally accept that it costs less and is easier to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new customer. If you would like to learn more about how you maximise the sales from your existing customer base with mobile marketing, then take advantage of our free consultation.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. After all, we were able to send each other texts before our mobile phones even had color screens. We spoke with four mobile experts for some tips, advice and insights on how to include SMS in a global business strategy.
If that's out of the budget, try to set up a contact already living in that community or do your research to make sure you know what times of day people are most social or what kind of information or language will be most effective. Cotney cited a study that showed users get mobile text alerts seven times more than they used to with feature phones. There are basic tips like offering your consumers real value, emphasizing intimacy, and being conscientious of cultural norms and traditions. While mobile apps may look nice, they can sometimes be a case of prioritizing new technology over a real strategy. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
Text messaging via SMS or MMS is a quick and efficient way to grab your audience’s attention so you can be where they are—on their devices.
Users can either pay their cellular carrier a subscription rate for an amount of messages per month or per message.
MMS messages are sent peer-to-peer from mobile phones, from a mobile messaging service provider or even from a website to a mobile phone. From entertainment to healthcare, companies are using SMS or MMS to send product information, coupons, news alerts, movie trailers, or tune-in reminders. And because as humans we are inherently visual creatures and engage with images more so than words.

You can request the internet sitevisitors to subscribe to your web site by placing their cell figures and you can use it to mailupdates and ads on their mobile phone.If you actually want a exclusive and efficient marketing method, taking into considerationSMS advertising method can be quite effective for your organization.
While the Western world has focused on smartphones and flashy apps that let you pull up RSS feeds, find information, or fling exploding birds at structures, SMS marketing is still a hugely important part of our mobile lives. Additionally, SMS has become increasingly important in developing countries where the penetration of feature phones far outnumber smartphones. That personal proximity and it's social capability allow us to have an intimate relationship with our phones and what they can do. Bear in mind, its greater to focus on the persons attention very first, but not attainingthis aim will undoubtedly mean that the advert is ineffective that will ultimately be theexplanation why the firm wont acquire ample customers.
This is especially true in developing countries where the percentage of smartphone users is even smaller. Carriers won't deal with the particular brands." After that middleman, it's important to think of how your audience receives your messages.
SMS is an immediate way to capitalize on those qualities without having to worry about downloading an app or compatibility issues.
Most of the organizations andbusinessmen have utilized a new advertising strategy in the sort of text message advertisingwhich catches the curiosity of the public easily. SMS, if done properly, is an effective way to reach customers both domestically and globally. While Asian countries are closer to 70 characters, their individual characters usually have more meaning than Western letters.
Texts can be expensive for your consumers, so make sure there's value to make it worthwhile. This is an example of it.Strategies in how to improve Geotargeting Text Message Marketing the advertising approachof a business is a difficult function to do as a slight mistake can cause the companysdownfall. That is why an superb marketing software should be applied in purchase to keepaway from this from going on, and also to motivate prospect clientele in choosing and gettingthe companys goods.If its accomplished right, the versatility and ability to improve up the fascination ofprospective buyers are some of the positive aspects of cellular advertising. A great deal ofsmall business owners are asking and are anxious about the volume of income that will beinvested in applying this fashion of marketing software in their organization. Excellentinformation, for they really dont have to fret about getting a large sum out of their pocketsjust to get and use text message advertising campaign, due to the fact there are ways toreduce its expense. Nevertheless, its not only the quantity to invest that will be thefoundation of establishing a enterprise, but strategic arranging and a whole lot of work aseffectively are prerequisites of it.The business ought to be in a position to increase the amount of excitement of theiradvertisement in purchase to sustain the customers attentiveness in direction of itspromotional advertisements.

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