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Very easy to use, has an intuitive interface, extra functions like label designer is very helpful. Shareware Junction Network is your source for Shareware, Freeware, Demos, Betas and Pre-Releases. SMS Marketing Software is revolutionizing how businesses and organizations communicate with their audience! Learn for free what organizations in San Francisco and throughout northern California are doing to embark on a successful mobile marketing campaign. Supercharge Your San Francisco Small Business With Our FREE Text Message Marketing Video Training Series! Mobile marketing statistics have shown that the average text message is opened and read within just 4 minutes!  Bulk SMS text message marketing will allow you to fully engage your customers with a personalized experience.  In order to help you quickly capitalize on the evolution of mobile marketing, we’ve designed a FREE text message marketing video training series to teach you how to get started with your own campaign to target your San Francisco, CA customer base.
Every industry has begun finding creative ways to utilize the ease, speed, and efficiency of a well designed text message marketing platform.  You can sign up now for our FREE SMS Marketing Video Training Series and get the ball rolling today! Don’t let your competitors get a leg up.  Sign up for our FREE SMS Video Training Series now and start learning how to get the edge you need to succeed in a shaky economy.
Cut the cost of coupon clipping campaigns while being green.  Bulk SMS text message marketing allows you to target a large number of customers, clients, and prospects with response rates as high as 18%, or nearly 20 times the response rate of traditional mass mailings, without all that wasted paper. Now you can take your organization, small business or non profit into the mobile age when you enter your name, email and industry. Register for Windows Forums now to gain access to: post messages, download free books, competitions for great prizes, and get to know others. Are you a retailer looking for some great examples of how other retailers are using mobile marketing?
Three Ace Hardware locations in California have been using mobile marketing, and reporting some pretty impressive metrics when it comes to the annual value of each new customer that opts into their campaign.
National Wholesale Liquidators offered $5 off any purchase over $25 for their customers to opt-in to their new mobile marketing campaign. Lifetouch Portrait Studios was running a retail mobile marketing campaign, but they were looking to grow their mobile customer database at a faster rate. Avenue Stores ran a retail mobile marketing campaign in which they generated a 6,600% ROI from sending MMS coupons and promotional content each week to customers that had opted-in. In Northern California, five Westfield shopping malls created a retail mobile marketing campaign to send mobile offers, promotions and information about special events to interested customers. Kiehl’s ran a 6 month retail mobile marketing pilot, where the retailer with 250 locations sent up to three mobile offers a month to customers based on their proximity to their retail locations. Seattle Sun Tan was able to generate $196,000 in new sales in the first 30-days of their mobile marketing campaign. Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox.
This site offers you the opportunity to send unrestricted international SMS free of charge. This website is distinct from the other websites because of the following features:  It enables you sending of long character SMS with a maximum of 440 characters. The site was quite popular at some point in India owing to its advanced features that enable you schedule sending of message.
The site enables you send SMS message to all mobile numbers in India regardless of whether is GSM or CDMA. With the explosion of mobile marketing over the last couple of years, we here at Tatango have seen an increasing interest in location based SMS campaigns. To get answers to some of the most commonly asked location based SMS marketing questions, we reached out to our good friend Rip Gerber (pictured below), the founder of Locaid, the world’s largest mobile location-based marketing platform, and the exclusive provider of SMS geofencing technology to Tatango. Mobile geofencing, which is sometimes called Geotargeting, is a location-based service (LBS) where layers of location intelligence allow a brand to make decisions or take some action based on a geographical area of an SMS subscriber. Creating a geofence for an SMS campaign will allow a brand to tailor SMS promotions to an SMS susbcriber’s real-time location, increasing SMS marketing open rates and SMS redemption rates. The SMS campaign was targeted at cardholders of select branded credit programs, which ran from Black Friday to New Year’s Eve in 2012. The SMS promotion encouraged SMS subscribers to use their store-branded credit cards for a chance to win a shopping spree at one of the participating retailers. 39% of SMS subscribers said that the location-based mobile marketing campaign influenced their purchase decisions.
37% of SMS subscribers said the SMS promotions influenced them to visit a specific brand within the mall. 68% of SMS subscribers indicated they would sign up for future location-based SMS promotions.
Card holders that received the location-aware mobile marketing messages spent on average 24% more in a shopping trip than the average card holder that didn’t receive the location-aware SMS promotions.
As I said earlier, a mobile geofence is a layer of intelligence that allows you to make decisions or take some action based on a geographical area. Locaid advocates the use of network-based mobile marketing geofences that uses carrier-grade location data to pinpoint the location of an SMS subscriber. Other considerations that affect location accuracy of an SMS subscriber include the wireless carrier network technology, including GSM, UMTS, CDMA, HSPA, and LTE deployments, in addition to the topography of the area, such as if the SMS subscriber is in a dense urban, suburban or rural area. With network-based Geofencing you can reach 100% of your SMS subscribers regardless of mobile phone type, carrier or plan. Have more questions about how to leverage location based mobile marketing services like geofencing to increase mobile redemption rates in your own SMS marketing campaigns? In every industry, there’s rules to follow, and SMS marketing is no different with their own set of best practices and SMS marketing laws that have to be followed. The CTIA is an organization that was created by the wireless carriers to enforce proper SMS marketing practices to make sure they’re in the best interests of the consumer. While the CTIA guidelines aren’t SMS marketing law, the TCPA (developed by the FCC) is federal law.

The TCPA SMS marketing laws are all about businesses receiving permission from the consumer to text message them, the specifics of how this permission can be obtained, and what is allowed after permission has been granted. Lastly, there’s the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), which releases its own SMS marketing best practices document that is very similar to the Mobile Commerce Compliance Handbook the CTIA puts out. What are you waiting for, download Tatango’s free guide to restaurant SMS marketing here, or by clicking on the guide below. Bulk text messaging software delivers price alert, business campaigns and mobile alert in few easy steps. First thing is the theme is from an of shoot project called UbuntuStudio.UbuntuStudio is a distro that is for creative types, Video editing and recording studio work. I use Wallmaster to change my wallpaper at every boot, so this isn't what's on there at the moment. To promote their new campaign, Julep sent emails to their pre-existing email database of customers, and posted information about the new mobile marketing campaign on various social media profiles. In addition to Julep generating significant click-through and purchase conversion rates, their subscriber churn for this SMS promotion was a mere 00.90%.
The promotion was advertised in-store, online, and in the retail chain’s print advertising.
The portrait studio tested running a $5 discount promotion when customers opted-in to the mobile marketing campaign. The 500 location retailer that caters to women wearing apparel sizes 14 or larger reported that the MMS campaign had an average open rate of 97%, with the subscribe database growing at a rate of 30% month over month. To grow the mobile subscriber list, Westfield advertised the campaign on signage throughout each mall, in addition to offering the chance for one customer to win a $1,000 shopping spree after opting-in.
After the pilot was complete, it was found that 73% of the customers that had signed up for their SMS marketing campaign had made a purchase.
The 10-day mobile campaign was promoted on 33,000 Redbox kiosks, to Redbox’s more than 3 million Facebook fans, and 30+ million email addresses. In addition to the new sales for the 35 location tanning salon, the retail mobile marketing campaign was able to generate 4,750 opt-ins from customers to receive future mobile offers.
Moreover, it incorporates SMS collection based on various events and topic and be able to send the message to anybody in India. Currently, several departments such as education institutes and financial institution among others utilize it.
While this type of technology has been around for years, there’s still a lot of questions regarding location based mobile marketing, and concepts like mobile geofencing, and how these technologies can be used to improve your SMS marketing campaigns. Below are the 10 most commonly asked location-based mobile marketing questions and their answers as they relate to SMS marketing.
Mobile geofencing isn’t a new technology either, and as our society becomes increasingly mobile, developers and brands are realizing the added value that mobile geofencing can bring to their SMS marketing campaigns.
For example, Locaid recently powered the technology behind a location-aware SMS marketing campaign for Easton Mall, in partnership with Alliance Data. The SMS geofence was created around Easton Mall in Ohio and was designed to trigger an SMS text promotion to SMS subscribers when they were within a predetermined proximity of the mall. A mobile geofence can circle anything, or any area, such as a retail store, a stadium, or even a neighborhood. The number one rule for location-based marketing is that you need permission to locate a mobile device. The correct way to use a geofence for an SMS campaign is to use it as an additional data point for your SMS subscribers in order to send locally-targeted, relevant content. The size of the geofence depends on the SMS campaign requirements and the expected accuracy of the underlying location method that will be used i.e. The best use case here is for online gambling where location data is a key requirement for any wage-taking gaming app, or mobile lottery.
Locaid has the widest reach in the industry and can locate over 400 million mobile phones across the US and Canada through our unrivalled relationships with the tier 1 and 2 wireless carriers. The best part is that this type of technology can be implemented on existing SMS campaigns with only a minimal amount of work. Call Tatango at (888) 517-6345 or send us a message, and we’d be happy to discuss the capabilities of this exciting technology. There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation in SMS marketing about laws, compliance and best practices. No business has ever been sued for not following CTIA guidelines, but countless brands have been sued under the TCPA, including large brands such as Jiffy Lube and Papa John’s. The MMA best practices for SMS marketing aren’t SMS marketing We use law, like the TCPA is, and they aren’t enforced by anyone, like the CTIA does with its rules, so these best practices add more confusion to the industry than clarification. While we have SMS marketing guides on TCPA compliance and CTIA compliance, we actually came up with a better, easier to understand way to make sure you’re following SMS marketing laws. Did you know that the average SMS marketing list size for a restaurant location is 791 customers?
Bulk sms marketing software facilitates to control load of the broadcasting multiple number of text message in any time around the world. Below you’ll find mobile marketing examples from retailers such as Julep, National Wholesale Liquidators, Lifetouch Portraits, Avenue Stores, Westfield Malls, Kiehls, and many more. The mobile marketing campaign was advertised to customers in-store, in many different locations including at the register, on corner displays, and even on customer receipts. The 12 location chain was able to build up a mobile database of 50,000 customer mobile phone numbers, and it was determined that customers that were part of the mobile marketing campaign on average spent 80% more than customers that we’re part of the mobile marketing campaign.
This new tactic to grow mobile subscribers at a faster rate worked, resulting in a 163% increase in consumer opt-ins. Westfield was able to generate 6,000 opt-ins within the first week of launching their mobile campaign.
The retailer gave customers the option to sign up for mobile offers on their mobile phone by texting  “KIEHLS” to the 25787, or through their website.

The most impressive results from this mobile marketing campaign was the fact that customers that redeemed the initial mobile offer, spent 500% more than regular customers. The reply is yes especially with increased number of youth taking pleasure in conversing with buddies daily. You are able to send SMS with a maximum limit of 300 characters; as well, SlideSMS allows you send image SMS for free. Apart from this, you are able to have free email alerts into your mobile inbox; as well, you can chat with Yahoo and Gtalk friends through Way2SMS simultaneously. The cool part of this site is that it incorporates online list containing the latest music that you may stream live as you send messages. You are able to send unrestricted SMS at no cost; moreover, there are no adverts in the SMS and there is no limit to the characters. Locaid uses a Network-based Geofence, which uses carrier-grade location data to determine where SMS subscribers are located. Permission can be obtained in multiple ways, from customers replying to a text message confirming they want to share their location with a brand (see below for an example), to customers giving permission within a web opt-in form that captures their mobile phone numbers.
This will then increase SMS redemption rates, and thus the return on investment on any SMS campaign. Obtaining approvals from regulatory agencies and gaming testing labs require that a users physical location within a state or territory with legalized online gambling be verified to allow bets to be placed. In our experience, the majority of the confusion comes from businesses not knowing the difference between the CTIA, the FCC and the MMA and the role each of them plays in SMS marketing.
They tell you exactly what must be included in an advertisement for an SMS program (message and data rates, help and stop commands, message frequency, links to terms and conditions, privacy policies, etc.) as well as what must not be included. Unlike the CTIA, which is very specific, nothing in the TCPA specifically targets text message marketing.
How so? We’ve combined the SMS marketing laws from the CTIA and TCPA into one set of easy to understand and implement templates.
Beta testing is a unique opportunity to try the latest programs and provide feedback directly to the program developers. Well at the time of taking this screen shot it was.I have always liked dark themes, one of the things I like about Vista.
This information was then sent to local Ford dealership, where sales staff to do a follow up call with the interested buyer. It was also found that 81% of respondents to a survey after the pilot reported that they recalled receiving the mobile offers from Kiehl’s.
Check out the following blog posts which gives information on how big a retailers mobile subscriber database should be in comparison to their email marketing database, and what a retailer can expect in regards to their average opt-out rate for their mobile subscriber database. The site offers a limit of 160 characters to normal SMS as well as 140 characters in personal SMS.
As well, you may send SMS through MSN messenger in addition, delivery of SimCity is reliable. You can see an example of this below, where this SMS subscriber is 22 miles outside of the geofence that Starbucks had setup for their Mountain View store location. For example, with location-aware SMS marketing, restaurants only need to look up the location of their SMS subscribers once a day around happy hour if they’re interested in sending SMS promotions to increase traffic during happy hour, as they would only focus on sending promotions to those subscribers within the geofence during that specific time. GPS location can be easily spoofed, and wifi or geoIP are insufficient to provide validated location beyond country level. So to help you better understand SMS marketing laws, it’s best to tell you about each organization, and how they impact the laws of SMS marketing. The final version of many programs is often determined by suggestions from testers like you. In participating, you agree to the official rules here.I Need Help Uploading a Screenshot?Check here for a good guide on putting a screenshot in this forum. It's so easy to make it nice and dark.Here are my desktop running VistaThe desktop wallpaper is called desktop earth. Therefore, today we present top 10 sites for sending free messages online in India as well as other regions on earth. Network location accuracy, reach and un-spoofability make it a requirement for authenticated, verified location compliance. Text messaging was only recently mentioned by the FCC in a clarification it issued regarding whether or not the TCPA applies to it (it does). Shareware Junction lets you choose from a variety of these products - all in one convenient location.
When possible, please link to a larger version of your screenshot so the voters can see how amazing it is! Check out this blog post, in which we let you in on the one trick that will supercharge the growth of your mobile subscriber database. There’s no mention in the TCPA of message and data rates or what must be included in a text message when a consumer texts the word “HELP” to your short code.
The limit in this forum is 800x600, so you will need to link a reduced image to anything larger than that.
Not to worry, only 13% of the largest online retailers have an SMS loyalty program, so there’s still time for your brand to launch their very own mobile marketing campaign.
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