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The huge list is here and this is all about free social media icons for your websites or you can use it just as a collectors pack of icons to add to your existing collections.
You can check every one of these icons to match your design project until one suits you the best. These free social media icons can be used to gain fans on a social media network through applications, games, website either its for the mobile app or tablet. Social sharing is given high priority by major search engines so you must start becoming social with your clients, visitors through regular interaction. Having a hover selector for social network icons is essential and this design is not found in any recent freebies.
When you are selecting social media icons it is vital that you select the right colour, design, size and the visual layout of the icon.
In the surfeit of hundreds of available iconsets Picons are concentrated to offer the highest possible quality.
Another version and style of icons for designers who want a single color icon style for their website. A free design by Alexis Doreau which contains a set of 50 free icons with png exports of multiple resolution’s including 24, 48,  96, 144px. If you are looking for something really subtle you are going to love the designs from Alexis. A vector set of 56 icons which are hand crafted for your modern website which requires a change over boring flat icon designs.
Outlines are great design variation compared to others as these borders can produce a high visual appeal and simplicity.
These simple line icons made to look like fonts and will be look perfect for websites where you need animatedly scaled icons which give a spotless and a sharp look with absolutely no pixilation. A collection of outline icons designed to create a stunning visual impression on your visitors.
These slick icons are very cool when used in the top header navigation and also look good in the footer section of the website. A set of icons for 20 bookmarking sites with over a variety of styles and around 150 icons to download. With fat design being the color scheme of this decade you can see flat icons being designed by most designers. There are times that you have the icon of your choice but you haven’t been able to get the right shade of the icon. There are so many kinds of designs of the icon set and the Free Boxed Social Media Icons is one of them.
Subtle Social Media Icons is one of the many designs created for the business and personal use. Jorge Calvo is a graphic and web designer with over ten years of experience and has designed many cool designs and provided theme for free as well. If you are looking for a modest yet classy style of social media icons then Flat Design Media Icons, is what you need. If you select the 24 collection style of Free Flat Social Media Icons you have different choice which you can select.
Developer Allan McAvoy designed a few Flat Social Media Icons for his personal project but has been generous enough to share his creation with us. You can easily distinguish between all the social media icons because they have been named.
The IC Mini Social Icon Set is completely editable and the icons come in 32×32 pixels size.
All these icons come in PSD format and are all vector shapes showing beautiful glyph icons in design. These 64 beautiful are all made in PSD and Photoshop vector shapes so you easily customize and resize the icons as you want or as required by the website. They are a decent looking set of social media icons which are easy to integrate in your website.
These set of 20 icons come in two different sizes114x114 pixels and 57×57 pixels and are retina ready. Clear Rounds is a freebie which includes standard social media icons and are fully vectorized. A brilliant set in vector format for free download and use. This free set contains icons for wordpress, vimeo, flickr, behance as well other than the regular social websites. Unlike the regular circle and square shaped social media icons these icons are polygon in shape making them stand out of the crowd. Normally one would opt for coloured social media icons do that the viewers might easily identify them.
Cada dia se utilizan mas las redes sociales para promocionar y dar a conocer los sitios web, esta es una lista de 30 packs de iconos gratuitos para poder colocar los botones sociales en nuestras webs. Black & white or grays in general fits for almost everything, and that is the concept of our free psd social network buttons. Was finally getting around to doing some more stuff, which meant working on a set of glyphs so I can quickly use them again and again in all the lovely coming-soon themes.
In this freebie icon set, you will find 16 free social media icons for sites that designers appreciate (such as deviantART, Flickr, Twitter, and more).  The set includes 16 32px x 32px PNG files.
It’s especially difficult to find GPL-licensed (open source) graphics that can be used in WordPress Themes is the second open-source social media icon set by elegantthemes. Pace Social Icon Set (24 Social Icons In JPG PNG & PSD Format) Pace Social Icon Set is an extended version our our Pace Icon Set, The 24 icons included are rss, twitter dribbble, vimeo, facebook, forrst, zerply, github, you tube, skype, flickr, share this, digg, google+, last fm, evernote, ember, linkedin, paypal, tumblr, behance, aim, yahoo, and wordpress. The new icons are AIM, Bebo, eBay, Hi5,, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Ning, Orkut and Yahoo Messenger.
14 social media bookmark icons that you can download and use wherever you like, for free as well!

Here’s Somacro, a set featuring 29 different social media icons in an unusually big format. Si te gusto esta entrada, puedes dejar un comentario o subscribirte a nuestro feed y recibir futuras entradas en tu lector de feeds. Social white media icons with transparent background media icons set. Includes 170 most popular social media icons on the web.
Today I have the pleasure to share with you a set of 40 social media icons inspired by Google new visual style. WordPress makes it super easy to add social media icons to your website without having to upload images or add code. This is made by the same people who make the Genesis framework*. The plugin loads lightning fast and has options to set the color and shape of the social media icons. The one drawback is that you can’t add new icons or change the order in which they appear.
This works similarly to the Simple Social Icons plugin, except that it has more built-in customization options. With the availability of font icons and plugins, there’s hardly any need to use images for social media icons these days. Note: This blog is solely about self-hosted WordPress websites, so these instructions are specifically for WordPress. Note: Replace the image URL with the actual URL to the social media icon image you uploaded to your media library. Add the following before the image, replacing the URL with the actual URL to your social media profile. If you want to manually create social media icons, you’re going to need images to upload. It doesn’t seem to register the link in my link list widget as the same category as the condition in my html.
Please have another look at the instructions for manually adding social media icons to your website, especially these 3 steps.
EVERY GOOD WEBSITE STARTS WITH A PLANFigure out what to put on your website and where to put it with 5 easy exercises and worksheets.Enter your name and email address to get a free website planning kit. Light theme websites will be completely benefited with this list as most of them will suit right away with the theme without much alterations. To reduce your workload we have designed two stages of icons : normal, hover which will be useful for your projects. Although the internet is flooded with thousands of different icons the flat icons have a different charm about them; they are simple yet elegant to look at.
Founded by Morphix Design Studio in 2009, they have been designing and offering premium icons since then. They look sleek and decent, and are absolutely free for download; you don’t need to promote the developers work as well.
So we included a thin set of outline icons which is designed in Photoshop which can be put to great use.
Grab these free psd files which are vector layered for high resolution output in designs. Download free social media icon set made with Photoshop and illustrator available in png, vector, psd formats. The balance between the layout of the icons and the mix of pastel seems perfect for any webpage. If you have a perfect site up and running you would definitely want everything in it to be perfect.
It is a collection of flat social media PSD and all these Flat icons come with a very simple style.
The icon is styled along with Photoshop vector shapes which can be easily edited and resized according to your needs. This set of icons is one such brilliance of Jorge with minimalist icons and flat design scheme. Out of all the numerous designs the internet has to offer these flat icons are subtle and will compliment your brand the visual branding of your website.
As you already know, we have issued several UI kits in the flat design style, namely Square UI. The icon set  includes some of the most recognizable companies including Google Chrome, Gmail, Skype, Dropbox and others.
These coloured social icons come in vector PSD format and are available in the 128×128 pixels size. The icons are wonderfully easy to adjust as they are on PSD format and you can integrate them in your website, the social icons are attractive to the eyes and will welcome more traffic to your connected social sites. Mini Social Icons will give your website or blog an attractive look, download them from the internet for free.
They are especially meant to be used for iOS devices however they can be easily integrated with Android apps, websites and Window applications.
The zip file includes the PNG and PSD files and you can use them freely for your business website or integrate them in your personal blog or project. However using single coloured icons for your website will make it look different from the other websites. To help you extend your collection, we have made this set of Social Media icons available for free download exclusively on LunarTemplates. YouTube, delicious, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, stumpleupon, mySpace, Feedburner, Skype, Yahoo,, Linkin, Reddit and Gmail. Included in the pack are 26 of the most popular social media icons, each with gray and color variations. The icons are all PNG 500?500 pixels in 300 dpi so you can print them and use them on your website.
You can download this freebie icon set and use them free in your projects, commercial and non-commercial.

It is the requirement of every blogger who wants to see his audience intact and constantly viewing his posts on the blog. Adding social media icons to your website makes it easier for people to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.
In addition to changing the icon colors, you can also change their order in the widget settings. While the basic instructions apply to any website, I’m not going to provide detailed instructions for Blogger or other types of websites. You can find it by going to Media, clicking on the image and copying it from the URL field.
I make websites for coaches so you can look like a pro, attract the right people and convert them into paying clients. When I'm not geeking out online, you can find me listening to vinyl (jangly guitars preferred), going for (cold) walks on the beach and being a human cat pillow. I downloaded your pretty free social media icons and now tried to upload them in my wordpress dashboard via PLUGINS but that doesnt work.
I may receive a commission if you purchase something through one of those links (at no extra cost to you). Premium themes will come packed with a good set of social media icons which you can use right away but it might not interest many of us.
We have covered almost all cool icons from this year 2015 and 2016 and also the best from the previous years. This pack is exclusively designed for you and it can be used for commercial purposes as well.
All the icons made by them are accurately hand crafted, exceptional and distinguishable; made for all users whether it is a developer or a graphic designer.
If you are looking for a change from the regular square shaped social icons you can always opt for the circular ones. The pack created by Martz90 with the Devian Art portrays over 150 free circle icons for all of you to download.
These icons seem to bring life to the interface; they play a vital role in engaging the people and help them intermingle. Many people suit themselves with the sombre looks for their websites, and the free Boxed Social Media Icons fits best for such people. The icons are square and in circle shapes; you can select either ones for your website whichever looks good and goes with the theme of your website. Dribble, YouTube, RSS, Paypal, Spotify, Vine, and Sound Cloud, you name the social site icon and it is there for you in this set.
There are Dribble, RSS, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Share-this, Digg, Behance, Vimeo, Github, Last-FM, Flickr, Ember, Evernote and Forrst.
Icons like Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify etc, are included in the pack of 14 social media icons.
There are many testimonies on the internet to justify my words, besides their unique shape these icons are look bright and will easily blend with any background of your website. They are usually placed in the side bar, footer or on the header of the website so that people do look at them and would be so provoked to join your platform as their first hand choice.Social media icons should be fulfilling, they ought to look popping and not submerging in the background of the website, if they don’t protrude out who would even possibly bother their occurrence in the entire website?
If you go on my website you can see that I am basically trying to apply a link to my bloglovin.. I try to be as upfront as possible about affiliate links and only recommend things I truly believe in. The set has platform icons for iOS, WP and Android, besides the regular Whatsapp, Facebook messenger icons there are icons for Slack, Viber and more. Every icon is carefully hand crafted and is available like a large share button with 32 and 16 pixels.
This modern developer has simply changed the way social icons look and offers the best of his designs which will make your website look classy.
The icon designs effortlessly look stylish and live up to their name Ultra Thin Social Media Icons. Streamlined one-colour approach on the footer of your website will add class to your website. So a graphic designer is always prudent to design social media icons as standing out and not hidden in a quiet corner of the blog.
Whether it is a desktop app, offline media or a mobile app their icons seem to add value to your design.
There is an attribution required if you want them for free else you need to become a member of their site or purchase the full version.
The developer has compiled a list of top sites of icons that are normally used and put the right colour coding to it.
A wonderful pack of 34 they will not disappoint you once you choose to download them for use. There are many companies who have already started integrating one coloured icons to their websites and are successfully getting better responses and traffic. They are the nitty-gritties of the blog so they must be noticeable enough.Social networking icons are actually providing the audiences, a channel and chain to connect to a respective blog or a website through different social networks.
Today I have designed some really nice neon free social media icons 2014 that would suit your blogs.These social icons are the best pair with dark backgrounds and themes of websites, in this way they would appeal the eyes, become the focus of attention and look intriguing.
They won’t get dissolved into the backdrop of dark shaded websites and become the source of your audience’s expansion.

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