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We understand that sometimes managing social media with all its requirements can sometimes feel a little overwhelming particularly if you have competing business demands and requirements. A well planned and managed social media marketing campaign will help you reach customers across multiple platforms in order to build brand recognition. We think outside the square and will help you translate social media marketing into significant growth and Return On Investment for your business, whilst building greater levels of awareness and customer engagement. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Risk Consultant Of The Year 2014 Australian Government Develops Risk Management Policy Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) - Can They Be Integrated? Thinking about and detailing a crisis management plan in advance is of course ideal; getting at least prepared with the basics is a necessity. Outlined below are five steps organizations can take to help successfully navigate and manage a crisis smoothly, using social media. Although these steps do have a definitive chronological order, the diagram [below] includes a star pattern across the five areas, indicating that as things progress, new information and feedback emerges. Where there isn't conversation, there's everything else: opinion, gossip, hearsay, irritation, confusion, assumption. And at this stage, like all the other stages, the principles of listening for understanding, being empathetic and polite, and being helpful are key. In a crisis, these five steps can make things smoother and easier for customers and company alike.
Amy Neumann is a social entrepreneur, writer, speaker and consultant on social good marketing.
It’s very often the case that your social media activities are not closely tied to the larger purpose, vision, and overall goals and objectives of the organization. How do you justify the investment and prove that yes, social media marketing is helping to contribute to your success?
DragonSearch’s presentation at NMX in Las Vegas in January, 2014 will follow the same format as our workshop on how to create your social media strategy. In his book, Social Marketology, Ric Dragon focuses on outlining a framework for creating a social media marketing strategy and process. The importance of values becomes even more pronounced in social media marketing, where great agility is needed. You could go ahead and start tweeting, Facebooking, and posting on all the social media platforms right now – and many organizations and individuals do just that.
As a blogger your goal might be to establish yourself as an authority in your subject matter. As a next step you’ll want to focus on defining some metrics you will use to measure your success.

Setting SMART objectives will help you create realistic, measurable plans for achieving your goals.
Being “realistic” doesn’t mean being pessimistic: If a campaign is grounded in robust research, a clear idea should emerge as to what can and what cannot be achieved within the context and the resources available.
Depending on your goals and objectives, metrics may be similar to the examples in the illustration above, i.e. Excerpt from the Desired Outcomes Worksheet used in DragonSearch’s social media strategy workshops. In his SMX Milan presentation about measuring social media ROI, Ric Dragon talked about a landscape of social media values.
Follow these 3 basic steps for setting your social media marketing goals, objectives and metrics and you will have the structure in place that will guide you through everyday tasks and help you make important decisions on next steps. Please share your experiences or ask any questions and I’ll do my best to help you get started.
Hope to see you at our presentation about creating a social media marketing strategy at NMX in Las Vegas. Etela Ivkovic is the General Manager and Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at DragonSearch and is passionate about integrated marketing, employee development and organizational health. Its so important to incorporate your purpose and vision in the creation of your goals, as well as in the tactics of how you accomplish them, and to always measure, analyze and learn from everything you do. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This will create richer customer relationships, and generate more sales leads through word of mouth advertising. Unless one side is listening while the other is talking, there's no conversation happening. None of these are ideal for organizations that pride themselves on trust, credibility, honesty and two-way communication. Don't admit fault if it's not determined, but at the same time, acknowledge the hardship that the confusion or changing circumstances warrant. You, or an entire team in your organization, have been investing your time and effort to make sure you’re regularly posting and sharing great content, following relevant people, tweeting and retweeting, pinning, liking, writing thoughtful blog posts and sharing your knowledge. If we dive into social media without clear goals, we might not be prepared for that boss’s question. How do you plan your campaigns and goals so that they are in line with the larger purpose of your organization? As he describes the first step of the process, Ric dives into the importance of focusing on desired outcomes and how every social media activity needs to be tied back to the organization’s purpose, vision and goals. Desired outcomes are your goals and objectives outlining the benefits or changes you aspire to achieve with your work. Their purpose and passion is to “create indelible memories that last a lifetime” for their guests.

Based on this you may set objectives, like writing well-researched blog posts and building up your following and engagement on social media. Measuring is very important so you can track your progress and know what is working and what is not.
Whether you work for a large company or are a blogger working for yourself, this approach will help you make the most of your social media efforts. What are some of your goals and how are you tying them into your larger purpose and vision?
Mainly, we focus on increases of traffic month over month as well as conversions but some client insist on tracking rankings.
A 2012 Gartner study reports, "75% of organizations with BCM [Business Continuity Programs] will have public social media services in their crisis communications strategies by 2015." And why is that? On top of that, all of the constant changes on the various social platforms and new marketing tactics that you must learn to employ keep you incredibly busy.
Setting goals and objectives for your social media activities should be based on the purpose and vision you identified in the first step in the process. How will you make decisions when situations arise if you don’t have that guiding light in front of you showing you the way?
Their social media goal is to deepen the engagement with current and potential customers and be central to storytelling in social media. Most importantly it will help tie your efforts into your big picture vision and purpose so you can achieve your desired outcomes.
Identifying your purpose, setting goals and mapping them to metrics helps you understand where you are and where you want to go. The only way to know is if we understand where we want to head and what results and benefits we want to achieve.
In line with this, they can plan their micro-goals and objectives and then map metrics to measure their progress and success. Achieve a strong, visible social media presence and develop concepts with viral potential.Continuously monitor online public relations and ensure the success of client programs. Brand awareness, loyalty, engagement all have tremendous value and are difficult to measure.
However, with a well-planned and executed social media strategy, there are ways to map these metrics to your goals.

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