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This tool keeps the entire team on the same page allowing you to realize your social media strategy, improve the quality of your answers, and minimize the time it takes to respond. ConceptDraw PRO software provides tools to develop a response flowchart that can be connected with Action Mind Maps. The Interactive Flowcharts and Action Mind Maps demonstrate the solutions utilization, and management documents you can create using this solution.
Austin Texas, October 22nd, 2013 - TrustRadius, the leading site for business software advice, has today announced the first edition of its Buyers Guide for Social Media Management Software (SMMS), based upon in-depth user reviews of 36 different SMMS products. TrustRadius is an online community where professionals share in-depth insights about business software through structured product reviews and networking.
As social media has become an enterprise-wide imperative, social tools have been developed and adapted for distinct use cases.
Enterprise scalability – the need from many larger, complex organizations for enterprise functionality like workflow for teams. TrustRadius is the leading site for business software users to share real-world insights through in-depth reviews and networking. While it’s not clear how Dell calculated these figures, it’s telling that negative comments posted online have almost double the impact of positive ones. When two Domino’s Pizza employees posted a disgusting spoof video onto YouTube last year, it was two days before senior management at the pizza giant became aware of it.
The irony of this example is that, by using basic buzz monitoring services for social media tracking – many of which are available free of charge – Domino’s could have greatly minimised the damage caused by the incident. What are the primary ‘keywords’ relating to your company that you want to track in online conversations?
You then need to run regular searches, or better still, set up alerts or RSS feeds that notify you when your keywords are mentioned. When you’re alerted to a comment about your company, you need to be in a position to respond quickly.
Be pro-active – when discussions arise that relate to your industry, get involved nice and early with your perspective. The case for social media monitoring has been made demonstrated repeatedly in recent years. Luke is the Founder & CEO of Our Social Times, one of the UK’s best known social media agencies, whose clients include The Telegraph Media Group, Orange Business Services, Blue Square and BAT. Our Social Times is a boutique social media agency based in Cambridge, UK, providing a range of high-value social media marketing, monitoring and training services. Leave your details and we'll keep you updated about this and future courses (we only email very occasionally).
Visual navigation through the stages of a response process helps you locate specific actions to be taken via Action Mind Maps. All reviewers are authenticated and every review vetted for balance, clarity and completeness before publishing. Inexperienced in the ways of online reputation management, they chose to ignore it and expected it to blow over – as it most likely would have done had it been a press story. While this example focuses on a global brand, where the risk would have justified significant expenditure in social media monitoring tools, analysis and engagement, most companies remain reluctant to spend money on what is effectively a form of social media insurance. This works best when you have an RSS reader or homepage where you can aggregate all of this information, to make it easier to read and review. The beauty of many of the paid monitoring services is that they provide both the interface (homepage) for your feeds and the ability to respond directly to comments from that same interface. We’ll be having a full discussion about the latest techniques and issues in social media reputation management at Monitoring Social Media 09 taking place in London 17th Nov. At the same time, while this example focuses on a global brand, where the risk would have justified significant expenditure in social media monitoring tools, analysis and engagement, most companies remain reluctant to spend money on what is effectively a form of social media insurance.

Having worked with global brands, celebrities, start-ups and SMEs, Luke writes about how social media is changing the world of business.
Its packs a lot of those different monitoring services in one great packages and has amazing reporting capabilities. Saying it on behalf of my friend who already hired an ORM company which helped him and his business to come out of the dark abyss of damaged reputation. This article highlights the pivotal role of social media in brand building and managing the brand image. Your company taglines and descriptions should promote consistency, as this will keep your brand easily recognizable. What’s different about the web and, in particular, the social web, is the speed of it’s spread. By the time they had realised their error, created a Twitter account and posted their own response onto YouTube, the original video has been viewed over 1 million times and the damage to their brand was done.
If you’re doing it for free, you need to set up accounts on all the key social media platforms, including: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and any industry-specific or consumer forums where people are likely to talk about your company. And also as a person who works in sales and marketing – because this is giving us a competitive edge over others. And trust me, that that firm considered all the above mentioned points, so I can verify their authenticity.
Unlike simple rating sites, TrustRadius reviews are structured and substantive, averaging more than 500 words.
Once a tagline, long description and mission statement have been crafted, be sure to use the same general content across your social profiles and website. Blog posts and forum comments linger in search engine results forever, so you need to make sure your viewpoint is there too.
Founded by successful entrepreneurs and backed by the Mayfield Fund, TrustRadius is bringing transparency and efficiency to the $3.7 trillion business technology market. Just how do you establish and manage your social media to get the most out of it?Have you ever felt like you’re standing in a room packed full of people, screaming at the top of your lungs and no one hears you? Be sure that the contact information and hours posted on your website are the same across all of your social media platforms.
There you are, tweeting and Google Plus-ing like mad, but you’re not seeing any tangible results. Business owners, freelancers, even marketers have been asking this question, regardless of their experience. However, the extra effort is well worth the reservation of your unique online location.Optimizing Your Social ChannelsSocial optimization is all about attracting your target audience to your online location. In fact, you likely struck up some sizzling conversations with your fellow partiers over a delectable slice of cake. Social media is the same idea!Think of your followers, fans and circles as the guests you’ve invited to the party. You’re going to—in fact, you’re expected to—mingle with them over a scrumptious piece of content cake. You wouldn’t snub a guest, who talks to you at your party, so don’t snub a comment about your business on social media. Just about every business website features a handy bar somewhere on their website or page that has a convenient link to every social media profile they use. It’s equally important to choose social platforms that provide you with what you need.You can setup a profile on every social media platform known to mankind, but if you can’t keep up with regularly posting and responding to comments on each profile, it’s a waste of precious time. One of the easiest and best ways to optimize your social channels is to allow people a single click method for sharing your blog and webpage content. You can build in a simple bar at the bottom of your content that allows people to instantly share your webpage or latest blog to their favorite social channels.Using Your Profile RegularlyCreating and advertising your social profile is only half the battle.

You can choose the best platforms to use for your business by researching which demographics hang out where and comparing them to your target audience.Google+ is currently the only exception to this rule. Before adding your first post to any social platform, you need to know the voice of your company.
A picture is worth a thousand words, and while Internet content doesn’t have a cover, people will judge your book (your online profile) by its cover (your profile pic).
Social media profiles give you plenty of space to add company images that support and brand your company. A few examples include:• Banners • Cover photos • Header images • Themes • Channel artThink of these images as opportunities to accessorize. For example, if you’re a wedding planner and you choose to share content about the various aspects of planning a wedding, stick to this type of content.
The images will likely be bigger than your profile picture and give you a marked chance to engage your audience. If you suddenly throw in a post about saving animals at the local shelter, your followers are going to wonder what is going on.
It sounds like a lot of work, but your social media handle needs to be easy for customers to remember, recognize and spell.
If your handle is something off-the-wall and has no relevance to your company, people aren’t likely to recognize you on social media platforms. You can utilize the MozBar, a free SEO tool, to determine just which websites fit the bill before you accidentally link to a bad egg.Using Social Media to Be SocialIt sounds obvious.
If you don’t engage and get interactive with your fans and followers, you might as well hold a party and lock yourself in the bathroom. You want to connect to people, businesses and organizations that share your industry interests and are capable of carrying on intelligent conversation.
Don’t we all love the person who masters the art of arriving to the party fashionably late? They are the “cooler than cool”, the masters of gaining just the perfect amount of attention. The Huffington Post published a stunning guide to optimal Facebook and Twitter post timing. Look at social media as a prime opportunity to showcase your awesome customer service skills. This kind of speedy, personalized touch will build customer trust and loyalty while showcasing your commitment to them.Keeping up AppearancesYou are now armed with 16 proven tips for choosing and creating your social profiles, populating them with the right content and staying social with your fans and followers.
Once you’ve established yourself on social media, the biggest trick to successfully managing it is to plan to stay consistent. If you think the most successful social profiles are manned by a single individual, you are mistaken. Thankfully, there are lots of free tools out there designed to make posting a simple process. One of the most useful and awesome tips out there is to hire an epic, social media manager.Social Media Directors or Managers are professionals who eat, sleep and breathe social media. Think of them like a party planner, they make the planning process easy and grab the bull by the horns, so you don’t panic when something crazy happens. They just might be the best investment you make as you successfully manage your social media in 2014.

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