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Just like landing page techniques, there is absolutely no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to social media marketing. While maintaining a social presence is fairly easy, knowing how to launch, run and optimize your campaigns for results is a different ballgame altogether. Our top most social media marketing tip for the year is to use retargeting in your paid social campaigns. Take advantage of commercial intent through in-market segments and highly targeted keywords (similar to running PPC campaigns). These in-market segments contain rich data like what purchases the consumer has made, where did he make them from and other information. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provide advertisers with such rich data including interests, social triggers, online behaviour – combining this data with demographic information will present you with a potential audience that is ‘actually interested’ in engaging with your business. Probably you’ve heard this before, but there is just no such thing as ‘set it and forget it’ – especially when it comes to social media campaigns.
Create multiple variations of your ad to keep your campaign content fresh and monitor the performance of each closely. Usually, the fresher your ads, the more impressions you’re likely to receive and hence, more conversions.
Facebook, Twitter and some other social channels offer endless targeting possibilities – you could target a specific demographic or go incredibly granular. We have all been told how knowing who your exact audience is the key to a successful campaign.
Targeting too broadly reduces engagement rates and going too specific can hamper the campaign’s reach as well as performance.
Since going too broad with your targeting isn’t an option, using layering in granularity is the best way to approach your target audience. Most companies generally suffice their campaigns by using demographics and targeting options such as age, income and level of education. Layering adds more data to these targeting options by including filters like purchasing behavior, life events, places visited, hobbies, interests and a lot more.
This technique helps combine various data sets and targeting options to create highly converting campaigns.
The trick is to focus on increasing your engagement by narrowing down the audience you’re addressing per campaign. Identify different interests of different sections of the audience you’re targeting, and create separate campaigns that are highly relevant to each. Just like the success of AdWords relies heavily on the Quality Score, the performance of your social ads depends on the Relevance Score (for Facebook) and Quality Adjusted Bids (for Twitter). The most effective way to increase your Relevance Score or Quality Adjusted Bid for better visibility as well as CTR of your ads, is to use the most converting ad copy from your PPC campaigns.
This will save you the time of creating strong ad copies and testing them, and also help you maintain a consistent marketing message across all channels. While most of us use the platform to promote our content, very few of us actually tap into Twitter’s ability to seek out the most trending topics.
If we knew what our audience was talking about, our content performance would automatically double. Make use of Twitter to test how different pieces of content perform on the platform or to gauge interests and subject areas that your audience is engaging with. This will help you create an effective content calendar, keep up with what’s trending and get better results. Most marketers in their eagerness to get more engagement on their social accounts, pay little heed to the core business objectives and end up bifurcating them into multiple smaller goals. The technique is easy to implement, can be used consistently across all social platforms and of course, brings in a lot of user generated content to fill in your social calendar too! Your social media campaigns have a direct effect on how consumers look at your brand and how they interact with you on web.
Offering a cohesive visual experience is as important as maintaining a consistent marketing message across all channels.
It is important that your social campaign’s visuals and marketing message are in sync with the landing page you redirect your audience too. If your prospects see one thing on one platform and something totally different on the other, they will get confused and abandon your brand. Targeting the right people with the right marketing message in your social campaigns is important.
Leverage from the ‘life events’ people share on social platforms like Facebook to create timely, relevant campaigns. This targeting option also lets you specify ‘when’ after a life event occurs, do you want your campaign to be visible to the user.
For example: Facebook lets you set ‘life events’ filter for your ads and also gives you a potential reach accordingly.

Every business has a set flow for their leads – pipelines, funnels or customer journeys. Eliminate the possibility of losing your potential leads from your landing page by testing them or completely removing them from your conversion process. You can either test out different variations of your landing page and choose the one that works seamlessly with your ads, or choose a call-to-action such as ‘Call’ or ‘Contact Us’ instead. If you think contacting you directly is not the way you want your visitors via social ad campaigns convert, create a landing page that not just puts across an even more compelling message, but also retargets those who are abandoning it. Make use of exit intent on your social ads landing pages to reinforce your marketing message to those who are leaving the website.
Using a smart marketing copy and a design that is bound to get attention and make the visitors re-consider their choice of leaving, can drastically increase your conversions.
For example: We know who our target audience is and what is the most common challenge they face. What’s the one social media tip, tactic or technique you plan to use this year to up the performance of your campaigns? Social media and content marketing are ever changing trends and there is no way a marketer can ignore them. So here are 10 such books that every marketer needs to read to improve his social and content strategies. Get the Free Template ??Your EZ button for creating your most successful Facebook posts yet!
Remember how we had a hard time back in school when someone would ask us to write a paragraph about ourselves? The modern-day marketer needs more than just unique ideas to execute an effective marketing campaign. Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social. Report based on an extensive survey covering 166 airline professionals from 78 airlines across the world, that reveals how airlines are tackling social media with respect to team structures, staffing, regional strategies and budgeting. Conducted since 2010, SimpliFlying Airlines Social Media Outlook Survey Report has been providing insight into airlines’ use of social media to achieve business goals. This year’s survey received responses from 166 executives representing 78 airlines across five regions including APAC, Middle East, Europe, Americas and Africa. To help airline executives plan their social media strategy and activities better for the coming year, we have developed an infographic of Airline Social Media Outlook 2016 to capture a few of our key survey findings. Published quarterly, the premium Airline Marketing Benchmark Report contains a selection of 15 of the most innovative marketing and advertising campaigns by airports around the world and assesses their impact. Here’s one of the ways many of our client practices are getting effective marketing mileage on Facebook. Each time they take a selfie, the practice decides to either take the photo using the practice’s camera device (camera, smartphone, tablet) or ask the patient to use the patient’s camera device (likely their smartphone). We train our clients to use their patient’s device whenever possible—and we help team members become proficient in comfortably suggesting the idea to patients. After each patient takes a selfie and posts it to his or her social media account(s), the team member reminds them to tag the practice as you can see below. It’s important to remember that we are not suggesting that you never post anything to your Facebook page. Introducing our new Facebook Video Vault Uploader, which enables the simultaneous uploading of up to one thousand video segments onto Facebook! Increase reach, engagement, and conversions with a data-driven approach to social media marketing. For MarketersSocialFlow solves complex social media problems for the most sophisticated brand marketers every day.
SocialFlow has helped us get a grip on what our social media activity is, establish control in terms of who is doing what when, and, more importantly, it is helping us become more effective as we engage on the social media platforms. As a news organization that doesn’t sleep — that has content late night, early mornings, weekends, all around the clock —it was really important to our social media strategy to post content in that time. SocialFlow stretches across our business touching both the editorial and the ad sales sides.
SocialFlow helps our team take the manual labor out of programming our content and empowers them with the time to think proactively about campaign planning and strategy. We know some posts are going to be wins, some are average and some will be flops-- and that’s just the name of the game with social.
The strategies and techniques are as varied as the type of people your business is targeting. Trends change so fast in the social world, that a campaign could become completely obsolete in just a few days.
You can either use the analytics offered by the platforms for this, or tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Klout, Google Analytics and others.

However, a high specificity with which you target your prospect customers on social media might not bring the desired results. Be it promoting your page, reaching people near your business, increasing conversions on your website or any other goal that you can target on social channels, this tactic will keep you organized and give better results. This ensures your campaign is visible to those who are more likely to convert because their life event demands so.
But more often than not, the leads generated from social ads get lost right at the point of conversion – landing page. Our landing page doesn’t just maintain a consistent marketing message as our social ads, but also reinforces the same message when someone tries to exit it. Most of the times found trying to create compelling copies for blogs and digital campaigns, keeping a watch on what's happening on social media or ranting on Twitter. In order to be successful on social, a business needs to be flexible and sometimes that requires experimenting with new tactics and technology. We often end up coming back demoralised by the fact that our next leave is far away, instead of rejuvenated to take action. While most of the businesses today are investing their time and money in writing blog posts, they aren’t really able to get anything more than some social shares out of it. To gain fans' attention and engage them, marketers need to create novel campaigns, or put a unique spin on familiar techniques. Make this work for your brand: you don’t have to use each category and if a particular technique doesn’t fit your business, substitute another. I keep this posted on my office wall so whenever I’m having a dry spell, I can get some fresh ideas. This is gold for those who are contemplating on which ways they can market themselves on FB. One need just to mix your good ideas with experience and organization strategy and some great communication and conversion must follow.
Here’s the ultimate digital marketing toolkit one needs for not just running a campaign, but growth hacking from it.
It started with a viral YouTube effort, and then expanded to include Nike encouraging their fans and followers to tell them how they planned to “Make it Count” in 2012.Nike promoted the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (and set up their own accounts on the networks, which posted images and statements related to the campaign).
It's been a solution that allows us to scale what we do from an organic social publishing perspective, but also has allowed us to unlock incremental revenue from advertisers leveraging data we pump through SocialFlow on a daily basis. With SocialFlow, rather than making educated guesses, we utilize the platform to have the intelligence drive the posting strategy while we focus on content growth. We dramatically reduced the number of producers who have direct access to our social media accounts. But this time is great for clearing your mind, setting some goals and making some resolutions for new beginnings. Otherwise, your efforts are largely ignored and your posts will never the see the light of your fans' news feeds.How can you develop marketing campaigns that gain fans, get them engaging, and ultimately buying? The same holds true for most businesses out there while creating an ‘about us’ section on their website.
Although this is a great example, the principle behind this idea is much bigger, and can really help you grow your practice. Today, our practice clients are using the campaign props to take photos with their patients and team members. But in terms of accomplishing marketing objectives on Facebook, tactics like Selfie marketing are more powerful.
Even our lowest performing posts are still performing better and reach more people than they did before. So here are some conversion rate optimization tips for creating an about us page that converts.
Selfie marketing reminds us all how Facebook’s most effective marketing power doesn’t come from your postings. Some lucky fans then got to see their images included later on in the later TV ads, as well as on the company blog.Fully taking advantage of the growing trend of people who watch television with a mobile device within reach, the campaign was a success. It comes from you empowering other people to market your practice through online word of mouth. HGTV also had a win with the campaign by focusing on personal expression, and the campaign got a huge response from its viewers. After all, a brand is not built based around logo or advertising or taglines, but rather by what OTHER people say about your product or services, and featuring that content directly on your website is a great way to reinforce your brand message.Close XWant Social Media Today updates in your inbox?

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