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7 Essentials of an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy You are using an outdated browser. Essential # 3 – Target Audience Your target audience is your current customers and potential customers, who should be described in detail in this section. Effective social marketing strategies present an excellent opportunity for business growth.
Social media marketing has changed the way small businesses market their services or products.
A communication schedule designed to help you build your online presence is very important.
In summary, it is now essential for businesses, big and small to have a strategic social media strategy to open lines of communication with their customers and potential customer.
This entry was posted in Blog and tagged Facebook, google, linkedin, pinterest, Reputation Management, SMM, social media, Social Media Marketing, twitter by Jaime Bell. It is also important to point out that with the innumerable platforms that exist with social media, it is essential for SMEs to pick their niche rather than get involved in each one of these platforms. This video clip on Seth Godin’s reply about business social media strategy summaries where most business are going wrong by focusing on getting more network connection.
According to the 2010 Social Media Marketing Report , 67% of marketers plan to increase their use of social media channels including blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. As more companies integrate social media into their marketing and communications plans, emphasis needs to be on creating a social media strategy.  Without a strategy, you’ll undoubtedly be sucked into a social media time sink.
It’s easy.  Here’s a practical approach to developing a social media strategy for your business. If you’re having a tough time convincing your team that social media needs to be integrated into your marketing plan, then counter any concerns with these responses to common social media objections.
What’s important is to understand your social media goals and objectives and how they tie into your overall company goals. Rather than jumping into the social media pool with both feet, do the equivalent of the “splash-water-on-self” maneuver so you know what to expect.  Step two of creating an effective social media strategy is research. Develop a list of social media sites where you can potentially engage with people.  The list will most likely start off with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a few select blogs and forums.
Check out each of the social media sites on your list and do additional research to determine relevancy by searching for your brand name, your competitors, and your target keywords.  Listen to what’s out there, identify, and understand your target audience. This becomes handy when it’s time to provide content on your social networks.  Read Emily Proctor’s article in which she provides some excellent pointers on a social media content strategy.
Now it’s time to start making use of all the research you’ve done.  You can start joining the conversation by posting comments on blogs and forums, answering questions on Yahoo! Attend offline events related to your industry—not only to strengthen your knowledge base but also to network and strengthen relationships with those you might have conversed with via social media but never met in person.  A popular offline event is known as a tweetup. You have goals and objectives, right?  That means you should be able to measure  your success.

Remember, what you measure will tie into the goals and objectives of your social media strategy. Improve brand presence across social channels—The measurement goal here is an increase in the number of followers on Twitter, number of fans on Facebook, number of comments, number of times your brand is mentioned in blogs and forums and so on.
Increase positive sentiment about your brand—The goal here is to convert the number of positive mentions while taking note of negative mentions.  Has the ratio of positive to negative comments improved?  With the good comes the bad in social media. Increase traffic to your website—Keep track of visitors to your website who come from each of your social media sites.  If you’re promoting an event using social media, consider using a unique code to track the campaign.
Measuring social media is a never-ending debate.  What metrics do you use to measure social media?  What objective are you measuring those metrics for? When it comes to measuring social media, it takes a multitude of metrics as well as trending reports to get a sense of what to improve. As you dive deeper into the never-ending pool of social media, you’ll quickly understand what works and what doesn’t. More specifically, you’ll develop favorite tools to use, realize that there are certain days and times where it doesn’t pay to be active in social media, and come to the conclusion that you still have lots to learn.  It’s a wonderful new world and I hope many of you are as thrilled to be part of it as I am. BI IntelligenceEarned media is really just the digital-age term for word-of-mouth advertising. But, the disadvantages are less obvious:A Some brands may be frightened away from earned media simply by the prospect that an earned social media campaign might morph into a user-generated storm of negative publicity.
Looks at the various benefits and potential disadvantages of generating earned media via social media. To access BI Intelligence's full report on Earned Media And Social Media, sign up for a free trial subscription here. One of the goals being to gain new customers, you may need to do some research to determine what the demographics are of your potential customer base.Essential # 4 – Locations and SitesHere, detail on which social networking channels you intend to develop a presence.
If you tap into your social network properly it will aid your brand in becoming popular in no time. Consider your time management constraints and how they affect social media strategies and the ability to keep up with your connections. In order to leverage the marketing approach for small businesses you have to carry out daily social media strategies. The schedule will aid in balancing your social marketing efforts between posting information and making comments. Do you have any tips from your own experience developing a social media plan?  Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. There is still a bias in the client-side toward maximizing the proportion of their spend going to actual ad buys, which they sometimes callA a€?workinga€? spend, as opposed to a€?non-workinga€? spend.A The result?
A Technorati survey found that 55% of 150 major brands had adopted specific earned media goals. While it is advisable to participate in all the major sites, you must consider the time required to keep up.It is important to research and consider social sites that are indigenous to your and your target markets’ niche.

With documented strategies in place and a clean web design you can exponentially build a positive online presence. By setting goals for your social media marketing efforts and using automation tools it will help streamline your online networking. Planning is necessary to keep up with regular interaction between your small business and social media platforms for marketing online.
Agencies, social media platforms, and evenA digital publishersA are promising earned media as if it were a condiment that can be quantified and heaped out in spoonfuls as value-adds to paid campaigns, not as a full-blown strategy with a life of its own.
When using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn it will give you an added leverage to bring in new potential clients to your website or blog.
This will allow visitors to share your information on networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + and Twitter. However, the tools are there, and if earned media became more of a focus, these tools would likely see more refinement and development. Using Predictive Analytics 47 How Virtual Reality is Transforming Shopping 29 Image: GDPR: Do You Know What Data Protection Breaches Could Cost You? The biggest challenge in social media marketing is deciding which locations will be the most effective for your business. Research the different social media platforms and choose which ones will work best for your business and make positive connections. You will collect number of visitors and followers, success rates of different types of promotions, and the like.Much of this data is easily available to you by looking at your profile’s statistics. Keeping track of metrics such as these, and evaluating regularly for trends and shifts, will enable to you to adjust your strategy as needed.Social media is effectively a requirement for any business that wants to stay competitive. This may depend on your area of business – for example, if you are an author, one objective may be to connect with your fans. By compiling a wise plan and strategy from the outset, you give yourself the highest chances of running a successful social media marketing campaign.It should be done in writing so that it can be referred to, but can be rewritten at any time as new needs develop.
It should be measured by taking into consideration how much your customers are worth to your business as compared to how much it will take for you to run a social media marketing campaign.Bonus Essential #8 – Social Media Marketing Plan GraphicIt’s always a good idea to create a visual aid for easy reference. Here’s an actual rendering for one of our clients’: How will these essentials help you to keep your social media on track and what other essentials does your plan include? This article is going to be extremely helpful in laying out all of my research in an effective format.

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