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Eduardo Conrado, SVP and CMO of Motorola Solutions, will delve into how purpose should serve as a core of today’s marketing strategies during BMA-Kansas City’s upcoming luncheon on May 10.
This excerpt from an infographic created by YourCause shows the impact of corporate social responsibility on an organization.
BMA-Kansas City’s event is a great opportunity to not only network with other business marketing professionals, but also hear from a great marketer first-hand on how corporate social responsibility and purpose are impacting and can impact business. There’s no doubt you’ll leave the luncheon inspired and filled with ideas that you can apply to your own marketing strategies, so be sure to register for the event today.
In June, we ran a piece about “What’s Happening with Private Label in OTC” where Private Label (PL) has gained a strong foothold largely due to the economy and massive recalls of J&J and Novartis products. At Northeastern University, innovation is helping to erode some of the limitations posed by people with disabilities. Latest TweetsBrands face increasing challenges to continue growing, or even maintain share.
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Corporate social responsibility programs have become so popular that they’re changing the way consumers shop. In the poll, 30% of consumers said they plan to increase the amount of goods or services they buy from socially responsible companies, mostly because it’s an easier way for them to give consistently. The findings demonstrate that corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are a win-win for both brands and the community.
Williams points to Starbucks’ community stores — there are now five of them — as a model for CSR programs. The community store then donates a portion of its profits to the organization, providing a reliable and sustainable revenue stream for the organization and its community services. William Comcowich now serves as CMO of CyberAlert LLC, the media monitoring and measurement service, and editor of the CyberAlert Blog which covers PR, marketing and social media.

Regardless of the business or industry, marketers and senior leadership alike must internally define (and continually redefine and fine tune) the organization’s purpose, creating the framework that will drive the pursuit of external objectives. Research shows that when companies focus on CSR, the business performance is positively impacted. Conrado has been named one of BtoB Magazine’s Best Marketers for four consecutive years and leads a global team that’s fueled the company’s move toward online and digital marketing, as well as sales enablement and thought leadership. If you’re a close rival, follower brand, consider joining forces with private labels by offering your own PL brand. Use your brand and category expertise to push your brand and the category forward.  Make your brand a destination brand. By constantly focusing on what comes next, we enable you to transform insight into competitive advantage – stronger brands, strategic innovations, superior products, and maximum point-of-sale impact.
In the corporate realm, investors and analysts are kept best in the know regarding financial data, but very likely don’t know anything about social responsibility.
You can finger scroll left to right, through 5 various reports Shell provides, and download the PDF to your phone. Brands that don’t offer a CSR program should consider implementing one; brands with socially responsible products and services should make it easier for consumers to find and support them. Like all other business functions, CSR activities must align with the organization’s core mission and values, and should have measurable outcomes. CSR programs should involve the community just as much as they involve the company (if not more so).
Rather than spread funds across many organizations and causes, invest heavily in one area or organization. Each community store partners with a local nonprofit organization that offers needed health, welfare or education services to the community around the store. By centering their values on social impact, companies have an opportunity to both profit and give back.

And while the four P’s of marketing might once have served a purpose, smart companies know that adding people into the mix, or purpose, is an integral component of success. Motorola Solutions subsequently launched an internal and external rebranding campaign, focusing on purpose: “to help people be their best in the moments that matter,” according to BMA-Kansas City.
This approach goes beyond simply running marketing campaigns and selling more stuff to more people.
Employees are happier and more productive, customers are happier and more satisfied, it’s easier to attract and retain great talent and it all pays off when it comes to the bottom line.
Don’t train the consumer to wait for deals.  This only reduces profits for you and the retailer and creates a vicious cycle of purchasing on deal only. The inclusion of ESG data on Bloomberg terminals is great progress, but some folks think integrated reporting is the only way to get this info in front of investors. Williams explains that companies should assure that their CSR programs have a long-term, sustainable impact on the community.  CSR programs designed to benefit only the company are likely to flounder.
Don’t limit CSR activities to a specific period of time; develop them for the long-term, with the potential to impact a large number of people.
Prior to CyberAlert, Bill produced interactive multimedia programs and served in PR positions in major non-profit organizations. Instead, in order to keep and attract clients as well as to attract and retain talent, organizations must strive to create a purpose-driven, socially responsible culture.
Well, having heard about the Shell Oil mobile application for investors, I thought of trying it out to see how objective company communications could be made even more concise and relevant when the smaller screen estate demands greater focus on just the essentials (and the fluffy marketing speak can be left out).

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