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IDD had the pleasure of recently attending the Retail Banking and Marketing Conference in Charlottesville, VA. Tap into the power of relationship marketing through the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Use social media channels like Facebook or Pinterest to grow your audience and customer base, and build you brand and business in a strategic way. Our team can build your website and implement an integrated digital marketing strategy for your business using email marketing and online advertising.
We can produce your podcast, album, jingle, on-hold messages, PA announcements, radio commercials and more in our professional recording studio. Optimise your Facebook Page by adding a call to action to your timeline cover image and include a clickable link in the image caption area to increase traffic to your website, email sign up form, competition or sales page. About UsMedia Me is a digital marketing agency specializing in social media and video marketing. With that said, as a user of social media for marketing, you probably have an account with either one of the 3 sites. Perhaps the popularity of these 3 sites can be explained by the fact that unlike the long gone social sites Friendster and MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ managed to tick all the boxes becoming the standard against which all other social sites are compared.
When it comes to social networking, the tricky thing is to keep up with all of the social networks and avoid rookie mistakes. On the social media platforms, your activities should be coordinated to suit your larger marketing strategy.
When you have an overarching goal, it also simplifies the day-to-day process of small decision-making.
When you have a template for success, this obviously helps you respond better to the expectations of your audience but it does not stop here. Experimenting is the best way to identify the areas of your marketing strategy that directly affect sales and once you know exactly what works for your audience, you can do more of what they are most receptive. Because people need to trust you before they purchase anything from you, customer engagement is vital to the success of any business.
You will need to find a way to get people to connect with you by pushing the right buttons and changing your online social media presence to match the expectations of your customers.
The main thrust of social media marketing is creating a community through which your brand is built. Social media marketing needs concerted effort if useful levels of success are to be achieved. A very common mistake when doing social media marketing is seeking to create  a presence on every social media platform available. The second and harder part is turning your social media platform engagements into a portfolio that speaks about your business.
Social media platforms can be used for networking; networking platforms cannot be used for socializing. You need to think of your social media marketing strategy as part of the greater marketing strategy. A good rule of thumb implies focusing on quality rather than quantity while preferring useful engagement to commercial drive. Do you understand how SMM integrates with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? In Net World Solutions Media online marketing campaigns, social media marketing and search work together in order to provide the right information to prospects and attract them to the client’s website. As two key facets of inbound marketing, search and social can work together to amplify each other’s results. SMM is commanding an ever larger overall share of marketing budgets as businesses seek to increase market share.
Releasing news, pictures and video clips through online wire services and social networking sites in order to gain brand equity and increase product awareness among target audiences. SMM transcends the traditional advertising experience by forcing brands to directly engage with consumers. The Net World Solutions Media team of Inbound Internet Marketing Specialists can give your Brand the voice it requires to be heard by your prospects above the noise on the crowded Web. We create a unique SMM strategy and then manage the marketing campaign for you to ensure that the right people are listening to what you have to say. Inbound Link Building Programs – For your home page and landing page URLs, we do targeted directory submission, submission to social platforms and bookmarking sites, link-sharing with relevant websites, participation in relevant forums and discussion platforms, articles, press releases, etc.

Influencer Marketing – For some programs, we focus on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole to identify persons who can influence potential buyers so as to orient marketing activities around these persons. Since almost every online activity has risen to a social level you could, depending on the nature of your business, very well require word of mouth (WOM) type exposure to help grow your brand or company. Organized by the Virginia Banking Association, members, sponsors, and guests enjoyed two days packed with knowledge and information about the digital shift in the marketing industry.
Creating a memorable brand for your business will make your business stand apart from the rest.
Located in Gympie, we offer video production services in SE Queensland and online services wherever you are in the world. Of course there are other sites that fall under the category of prominent social networks including YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Each individual status, infographic, video or picture should build off each other to give you a better return on your investment. Suppose you have two infographics and you are unsure about which one to share with your followers or fans.
This succession of small decisions put together will help you gain momentum on the social sites. Using the data you have, you make a best estimate but there is no way to find out what will work for your business without trying the different tactics and failing.
If the conversion rate is C%, repeating tactic A at any point in time will bring in $XX.xx. Social media marketing tools are beneficial for any scale of business operations, though small scale businesses like freelancers stand to benefit hugely from this.
Social media marketing, when done successfully, creates credibility within the industry segment your business is a part of.
For this to work, your social media accounts have to be credible and restrict themselves to matters that show expertise and experience. This is because, in reality, the social campaign is an important extension of your marketing strategy. It requires a careful calibration of what personalized interaction serves the interests of your business.
Summarized, social media marketing can be described as follows; attract attention, interact on a meaningful level, build a brand community, develop appeal and loyalty within the brand community, convert, rinse and repeat. However, while search remains a major source of traffic and leads for businesses leveraging online marketing, social media is gradually increasing in importance as a marketing platform. Not having a voice means you can’t join the conversation that consumers are having about your brand.
We uncover the language that your audience or community is using while they interact on the Social Web. We maximize SEO by generating top keywords, developing unique site content and making sure that all site pages are fully enabled for correct indexing.
Online communities help spread your business message throughout their networks, creating a nice stream of inbound traffic and eyeballs flowing to your company and your website. The key ingredients are compelling ideas and compelling content, plus a willingness to persist with what can be a demanding and time-consuming building experience. A business that has a simple, clever, distinctive brand will be easier for potential customers to remember. In a few select niches, these sites may even be preferred but when it comes to the current Internet era and the near obsession of people with social media, it is a no-brainer which social networking platforms top the list.
Many people think of social networking as a fun part of the job but with so many social profiles and a different audience on each one, maintaining a relevant and successful presence on the social networks can become a chore. If you have an end goal, this will act as a useful anchor and help you bring order from disorder.
This will be a much better use of your time than simply updating your status or curating content from other sources because you only want to maintain a presence of the social sites, whether or not this leads to something useful. They need to network and promote their brand if they are to achieve reasonable success levels. It is not just simply a question of increasing followers through broadcast messaging tactics. If you focus on the short term, you are likely to turn people off or attract a large number of inactive followers.
You need to determine whether your business is best served by a visual or verbal social media platform.

You have to make an effort to research the social media platforms available before deciding on which ones you would prefer to use.
Using a similar approach makes you seem disengaged and creates a negative impression that may drive followers away. Your followers, when evaluating your business, are likely to interrogate the entirety of your social media presence.
Networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, are where you build your business structure and get useful contacts within the business world. The greater marketing strategy builds your brand, and the social campaign extends this brand image to the online sphere. The most important of networking rules applicable here is you need to forge useful connections with the consumer and not just looking for a lead generation mechanism.
He likes to experiment with websites, track their performances and share his insights with readers. The text, images, sounds, videos and animations that we provide will always support that strategy. YouTube is the third most popular site in the world, and it is the second most popular search engine after Google. So here are seven pointers on how to achieve effectiveness in the social media marketing sphere. For example, if your business is better served by written information, focus on such platforms as Twitter, and if you need visual images or videos you can go for Tumblr or YouTube respectively. This implies that while integrating the management of your social platforms is useful; you still need to give each a personalized touch. For example, with Google+ you have a chance to focus on location; Twitter enables you to interact with lots of people simultaneously, and Pinterest can increase your revenue by turning product pictures into sales conversions.
They will look at past posts, content and links shared, and any other aspects of your social accounts.
This kind of thinking makes sure that your social effort reflects your professional persona.
From government regulations, bilingual communications, database management, and a hypersensitive secure environment, a community bank is a special place. The crucial issue to address is how you can most effectively communicate your information to the target audience. Effectiveness is the result of a personalized individual touch in how you approach each platform. By focusing on generating a following through useful information provided on social media in terms of content, you build a large number of followers. Separate networking, which is business oriented, from social marketing, which is focused on conversions.
The focus must, therefore, be on the interaction quality you have on these platforms, which determines the effectiveness of the campaign. The tips provided above are but a fragment of the useful advice available on social media marketing out there. It also helps you to understand how to use social media for marketing purposes effectively. This can be extremely useful when pitching new partners, projects, or even seeking venture capital as it shows your potential and ability to grow. A site like LinkedIn focuses on connecting different businesses, people, and creating the right environment for interaction for skill sourcing and building. Invest in the learning process to make sure you are updated with new tips and strategies for best results. This means being able to discern the difference between networking, interaction, and information sharing, all of which are useful as opposed to spamming which is useless and detrimental.
Certain platforms have advantages that cannot be found anywhere else; for example, LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals and Google+ increases your online visibility especially to search engines.
When you create clarity, you avoid wasting time and effort on unrewarding social media platforms.

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