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Sports Recruiting Videos Sports-specific advanced editing for your existing raw footage, and high definition videotaping for sporting events in the Greater Atlanta area. Coaches High definition game footage from experienced sports videographers provide great opportunities for team and individual performance improvement.
Sports-Focused Businesses Martial arts schools, fitness facilities, and competitive sports programs can display professionally edited promotional videos on websites and welcome lobbies to showcase your business to new customers!
Bringing your skill to the forefront with unique video highlights and gripping show reels to fast track your success. Our work within the sporting arena has given some of the world's leading performers and players opportunities to showcase their abilities and hone their skills in a unique way, ensuring they stand out from the competition. BIGMIND SPORTS EDIT create and adapt unique highlight and performance progression reels and videos, giving you the ability to share your talent, review your technique in detail and ultimately share your experience - to gain more success and acknowledgement within your industry. Offering bespoke packages from one off highlight reels to on-going sports performance analysis to help you monitor and document your sporting progression, our team of trained sports coaches and professional sportsmen offer their experience to all sporting levels and abilities, striving to give you the same service our elite athletes receive.

Every person has their own unique style and persona, so we offer everyone of our customers their own unique quote depending on the services you need. The images and descriptions below show how MotionView™ can be used to edit, tag, and study mechanics of motion using video recorded from a variety of cameras and angles.
San Francisco High School and Club Athletes  Recruiting video services are available for high school and club athletes in San Francisco! Why do San Francisco athletes want their recruiting videos produced by American Sports Memories?  See for yourself…watch some of our college recruiting videos here! Parents  Help your San Francisco athlete search for a college scholarship with a sports recruiting video from American Sports Memories!  Are you one of those busy San Francisco parents with hours of raw footage sitting in your video camera but no time to edit?
Schools and Clubs  San Francisco high schools and club sports programs from all over California can send raw footage of their games to American Sports Memories, and quickly receive an edited Season Highlight video with all of the best plays synchronized to an outstanding soundtrack!  Edited season highlight videos from American Sports Memories are a great way to begin your trophy awards presentation or dinner banquet. In the screenshot to the left we are selecting only defensive plays that occurred inside the red zone!Video filtering lets you focus on scenarios.Define an unlimited number of scenario descriptors simply by entering text.

Experienced sports videographers will record upcoming events with high definition equipment to capture all of your best plays.  Already have raw footage?  American Sports Memories also provides sports editing for your existing raw footage, such as adding arrows and circles to mark your position on the field. Let American Sports Memories quickly edit your raw footage into a compelling recruiting video that will showcase your athlete’s achievements, strengths, and potential!  Or schedule our experienced sports videographers to video an upcoming event in the San Francisco area with high definition equipment…we can even combine this footage with games you have already captured for the best of both worlds! Don’t let all of that raw footage sit there where no one can enjoy it… let your athletes and parents know how much their sacrifices and efforts are appreciated! When using numbers, you can specify a minimum, maximum, and default value.Easy entry of unlimited scenario descriptors!

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