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As die-hard fans, we ALL WANT TO FEEL as if we make a difference for our team’s winning and success. Your goal with a Sports Marketing video is to set yourself apart from the many other types of videos that cover the game. For example, in our coverage of the Dallas Mavericks game, the opening of the video captures dramatic aerial drone video shots of the American Airlines Center, home of the Mavericks. Secondly, we go to the extreme and strap a hi-def GoPro camera to the chest of one of the drummers in the Dallas Mavericks drumline.
In our experience of having shot and edited numerous sports marketing and highlight videos, there are 2 types of fans: 1) The well-mannered, corporate-styled executive fan and 2) the blue-faced, shirtless, oversized sponge-finger wearing fan. While the best song(s) for your video are likely popular ones you hear on the radio today, you must be aware of the issues surrounding usage of such tracks in your video.
We're conveniently located in North Dallas, Tx near the intersection of Interstate 75 and Highway 121. Extreme sports are a great way to feel a rush of excitement and adrenaline and to make life just that bit more action packed. If you are travelling to a European beach then almost any of them offer a great opportunity for extreme sports in Europe. There are also many snow based extreme sports in Europe and this is thanks to their variety of snow capped mountains – whether you’re in the Scottish highlands, the Tatra mountains, the Swiss or French Alps or somewhere else entirely.
If you are heading to Europe then and you enjoy extreme sports then you should plan ahead to ensure that you can enjoy your sport in a new location and have all the equipment you’ll need to enjoy the sport out there. If you feel like an adventurous person then you’ll find a lot of great places for extreme sports in Europe that you would love. I discovered the greatest place for extreme sports in Europe, mostly for surfing and kite surfing. From all extreme sports in Europe I’m curious for one and I would like to try it: sandboarding. With all this, I would like to try some extreme sports in Europe, but maybe when I’ll become more courageous.
All information contained herein is taken from materials filed in the case of Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim v.
ALL OF THESE PARTIES ABOVE were aware of or should have been aware of the blatant illegal activities of defense counsels Stephan Barber and Shawn O’Halloran in this and the underlying case and that all their key evidence and testimony was the product of extrinsic fraud, planting fraudulent evidence, spoliation of evidence, and suborned perjurious testimony in support of their defense litigation strategy. Michael Ballachey as well as those of  Oakland City Attorneys John Russo(a former candidate for State Assembly District 16), Jannie Wong and Anita Hong were scheduled to begin on August 1, 2006 in Oakland California in response to charges of Corruption, Misconduct, Collusion, Cronyism, Illegal Ex-Parte Communications, Fraud Upon The Court, Spoliation of Evidence and Unclean Hands. The complaint addresses the concern that a Superior Court Judges’ conduct rose to the level of consideration for a Federal Crime and a Civil Rights violation because the bench upon which the judge rules is “under the color of law” and certainly the violation of anyone’s civil rights is a federal crime.
This onerous, odious taint and obvious complicity in quilt of these crimes makes it legally impossible for Brown to unbaisedly and practically investigate and prosecute the wrong doing of ALL the parties known to have committed these heinous, over 12 years of crimes against al-Hakim, his family, business, clients, community, and humanity as he himself defended the criminals and covered up the very same corruption he is supposed to be investigating and prosecuting!
This is one of the myriad of reasons this matter will be referred back to Congressman John Conyers and the Judiciary Committee and United States Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice for complete investigation and prosecution of the crimes against al-Hakim. The City Attorney’s Office has engaged in acts to coverup these unlawful tactics, failed and refused to disclose to the court, nor inform the Judge of their improper and illegal transgressions regarding the fact of the defendants removing and taking custody of the City of Oakland files for several months and allowed the trial to proceed knowing their liability and the legal impact of their spoliation of evidence of the documents therein and their unpardonable breach in the chain of custody of the City of Oakland files. Presented next is the video of Ron “Con Crook” Cook boasting of having possession of the City litigation files, with the photos and Michael Michel warning the appraisal panel that the files had been illegally removed and was missing from the City and it was impermissible for them to consider the altered evidence. You now have the municipality of the City of Oakland with John Russo and the City Attorney’s Office being a willing accomplice to the unclean hands of the hostile intervener with their breaking the chain of custody of the court files and providing them to the defendants whom absconded with the files, engaged in spoliating them and later allowed the court to subpoena those files into the trial record without notifying the court of this specious, treacherous act. We can videotape your games  or we take your existing footage and produce a professional video that works! Give coaches all the footage they need to help determine if you have the skills they are looking for! It’s A Wrap Video Productions understands what coaches and scouts want to see and we make it as easy as possible for coaches to recruit a player. Highly accomplished enterprising visionary combining outstanding sales & marketing talents with high caliber general management qualifications. Created a responsive market-driven department increasing market share from 25% to 50% in 3 years. Established 5 new SKU's with the Target Corporation triggering $2.5 million in additional sales revenues. Devised a "service team" approach for company's top 10 accounts creating a consultative sales process. Reengineered product specifications in the water kettle category producing cost savings that led to  product expansion opportunities within existing accounts. Liaised with Customer Service Manager developing a QC reporting process across all categories.  Quality control scrutiny led to significant improvements of the Costco rice cooker and increased sales by 20%.
Streamlined the sales presentation process through the creation of a "product development  database" providing sales managers with immediate access to product progress, features and pricing information. Conceived and implemented a sales strategy  targeting a niche market of clients with licensed  properties, which was adopted as the center of Teling's  international sales campaign. Established accounts with Elvis Presley  Enterprises, Marilyn Monroe Enterprises and Anna Kournikova.
Developed a six-month training program utilizing video tape for teacher performance training reviews.

Gained hand-on experience in pre-press  production, project management, content writing and editing, layout and design and desktop publishing. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time.
The sixth annual Sports Marketing 360 took place September 19th, 2013 at the BT Centre in London was a success.  Organized by Sport Business and sponsored by BT, this event covers everything and anything to do with sports marketing and sponsorship, bringing in the brightest minds in the space to present and interact with delegates. Notable speakers from today’s lineup included Clare Balding OBE, BT Sports Presenter, Journalist, retired amateur jockey and about a million other things, Nathan Stephens, Paralympian and BT Ambassador, Esteve Calzada, former FC Barcelona Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Mark Lev, Managing Director of Fenway Sports Management and dozens more. The crowd was two hundred deep throughout the day, with so many in attendance at the start that it was standing room only in the presentation room.   Delegates ranged from Sponsorship Managers to Brand and Commercial Managers to media, athletes and more. Balding also pointed out that at present, there is a good value in sponsoring women’s sport as the rights have not yet “gone through the roof” and because the female star athletes are much more accessible to the media than the male ones.  She added that a number of products are trying to sell to women (except for bookmakers, sad to us) so it can be a good value for these products to get involved with sponsoring women’s sports. The possibility of running a women and men’s event on the same day such as the Tour de France is something that we could see in the future, with joint sponsorship opportunities or possibly separate, we’ll just have to see what happens as women’s sport becomes more mainstream in the media.
A theme that kept popping up throughout the day was the influence that social media has had on how people are digesting content and getting involved with what they are seeing on TV and in the stadium.   Its clear that people’s relationship to television has changed over the years, TV used to have their full attention and now viewers are using other devices during commercial breaks and to share special moments. Fellow panelist Carlo De Marchis of Deltatatre pointed out that this paradigm shift in how people are engaging with content have brought about second screen, as opposed to second screen bringing out this behavior.  He also added that second screen brings on more advertising opportunities and all panelists agreed that mobile phone and betting companies are the best candidates as advertisers for this new medium.
The final panel, “Think Global Sell Local” addressed the idea of regional sponsorship and how it provides more opportunity for the sports teams and more targeted exposure for advertisers.  Panelist Mark Lev of Fenway Sports Management mentioned territorial deals in China, for example Dunkin’ Donuts is an American brand but they will sponsor NBA star LeBron James in China to build their brand out there. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, then you’ll never miss out on the latest gaming industry news. The 6th annual Sports Marketing 360 organised by Sport Business took place September 19th, 2013 at BT Centre in London and was a success. The iGaming SUPER Show marathon has almost come to a close, with two full days at the RAI behind us and two more parties remaining.
Additionally, we were able to get shots and footage that were up-close and personal with both the players and fans alike.
When fans are shown on the jumbo-tron acting goofy – this is a PERFECT shot to add to the mix!
Groups of fans that are ACTUALLY part of the show – This is of course the ULTIMATE shot to add to your arsenal of footage. Yeah, we’re all familiar with the ESPN SportsCenter game highlight shots, and even the coverage that appears on local news and sports stations. Both are equally as important to the fan-base but from a video perspective, the latter type of fan GIVES YOUR MORE AWESOME SHOTS AND FOOTAGE TO WORK WITH! In the case of our video, we selected a progressive, edgy, rap-styled song called Power by Kanye West. The decision on these final 2 options are usually at the discretion of the copyright holder. They also have the great advantage of – in most cases – being set outdoors meaning that they provide an excellent way to see some scenery in a new area.
There are plenty of great sports to try out on the waves whether your particular passion is for surfing, jetskiing, wakeboarding, parasailing, paragliding or something. This means skiing, snowboarding, sledging and more is open to you and if you stay in a nearby log cabin it’s a great way to enjoy a relatively affordable ski-holiday abroad. Again any of the snow capped mountains mentioned previously will provide a perfect spot to try out your climbing, but other great locations are in Cornwall or in Font. By planning ahead you can find ski resorts or climbing routes, and even clubs and organisations to help ensure you are safe and have someone to enjoy the sport with thanks to the popularity of extreme sports in Europe. For example Corsica Island from France is one of the best places for water sports in Europe.
Verzasca dam is the name of the place from where James Bond jumped in the movie Golden Eye.
However, I realize that if there wasn’t that danger that makes me feel scared, neither adrenaline. It is further proof that the entire City case file was purged and re-constructed to accommodate the defendants litigation strategy in both this and the underlying Rescue Rooter case. The parties have failed and refused to honor those requests, the third such request and have now been subpeoned for the trial beginning February 15, 2008. If one does not speak up, then the transgressions goes unreported and the perpetrator goes on to harm again unchecked, it does not matter whom the transgressor is” said al-Hakim. During the trial, testimony revealed that there were numerous documents and photos of a very damaging nature to the defense and AAA that were missing, altered, or incomplete.
The City Attorney has failed and refused to effectively respond and such a non response, to ignore the fact that they have been caught in this transgression, reveals that John Russo and the City Attorney’s office was an accomplice to the breaking of the chain of custody of the evidence that was spoliated by the unclean hands of the hostile intervener, allowed the court to make the file a part of the record, and presented the spoliated evidence at trial. This deprivation of al-Hakim’s civil, human and due process rights by the law enforcement body of the City Attorneys’ office of Oakland rise to the level of criminal activity and “misconduct by local and federal law enforcement officials. The witness testimony and evidence that was procured thru admitted suborned and solicited perjurious testimony by them and the defendants, they engaged in actions to interfere with their client and litigant’s legal case, engaged in actions to coverup the unlawful act of suborn and solicited perjurious testimony, committed fraud upon the court of the State of California, aided and abetted criminal activity, committed willful, criminal and corrupt perjury, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy, subornation of perjurious testimony and solicitation of perjurious testimony, fraudulent concealment, spoliation of evidence with the City of Oakland, their unpardonable breach in the chain of custody of the court files, has committed patterned willful, criminal, and corrupt deception and fraud upon the court, extrinsic fraud, spoliation of evidence with the disappearance of court records, and qualify for the doctrine of unclean hands. Results-oriented, decisive leader, with proven success in establishing a lasting presence in new markets, identifying growth opportunities, and initiating strong business alliances.
All profit generated from this site goes to support initiatives of the Calvin Ayre Foundation.

With one of the most active fan-bases in all of NBA, the Dallas Mavericks recent success and past NBA championship are a testament to their OWN loyal fans. In putting together the final edit for this video, we identified the 4 following elements that each Sports Marketing video should contain. While the corporate-styled fan is sitting court-side or in the luxury suite, the BEST ACTION is happening in the upper-deck seats! Your goal with laying down an audio track is to MATCH THE STYLE OF SPORT with the underlying music. If they detect the presence of audio that’s registered to another artist, they will alert you. What are YOUR thoughts on putting together an ultimate sports marketing and highlights video? People will travel far and wide to get their adrenaline fix in a new place, and likewise if you happen to be travelling to another country it’s a great way to practice your hobby somewhere new and make more from your trip.
Going somewhere like Corfu or Turkey provides lots of water based extreme sports in Europe with some beautiful coast lines to enjoy as you do.
The complaint, perhaps even more importantly, not only requested Merrily Friedlander, Chief of the Civil Rights Division, to make an investigation of a judicial hate crime, but also the many other civil rights and due process violations of judicial misconduct, and attorney extrinsic fraud upon the court and law that are themselves directly the matters complained. During the trial, testimony revealed that there were numerous documents and photos of a very damning nature to the defense and AAA as the hostile intervener, that were missing, altered, or incomplete.
These actions are currently under investigation with Russo and his staff being subpoenaed to testify at trial. Researched and analyzed potential  markets, financial affairs, competitive bidding, and entire  project management. Edited  engineering bids for infrastructure projects, semi-conductor plants, nuclear energy plants and high speed rail projects. Why?, because it helps promote the brand, sells more tickets & merchandise, and ultimately propels the team to do-good.
Again, only use these types of video angles as highlights to the final edit… DON’T OVERDO IT! For an NBA basketball team, that would be in the genre of Rap, somewhat progressive, and current. Comment below and let us know, or check out our other videos, or better yet give us a shout on Twitter! Europe is no different and offers a range of excellent places to try out some extreme sports. Managed new business development and  strategic planning to maximize growth and profitability.
Music for European soccer videos would likely involve more popular sing-a-longs, while NFL videos seem to have more hard-charging Rock themed soundtracks. What happens in MOST cases is that any ad revenue generated from views on your video are then passed back to the audio copyright holder.
Here we will look at some great places to try extreme sports in Europe and to help you get the most of Europe’s great outdoors. Office, the case was thought of as being so egregious that even the infamous Bradley Schlozman, whom is now fired and facing Federal indictment with resigned Alberto Gonzalez for removing Democratic attorneys from the U. Established growth plans for individual accounts and personally  managed account calls throughout the United States. This IS THE BEST THING to have happen as the copyright holder IS GETTING COMPENSATION for usage of their music. Watts in asking “What does a supposed terrorist act in Russia have to do with the negligent contamination of a home in America?” posed the argument that there must be consideration of and a response to the many issues in the complaint. Lovelady and others unnamed in the DA’s office; as well as Commissioner Oleon’s abuse of discretion, willful misconduct, conduct prejudicial, illegal ex-parte communications and bias that resulted in error. Retired judges Lee, Ballachey, and Hodge, though they live in three different counties, all coincidently hired the same Oakland defense firm. Attorneys Generals offices nationwide, sent al-Hakim a letter referring the matter (because of jurisdictional limitations) to the California State Attorney General, California State Bar Association, the California State Judicial Council, and California State Insurance Commissioner for investigation and prosecution.
Hong and was told the file was back and available for viewing, and when asked who returned the file, she responded “it was returned by Steve Barber of Ropers Majeski”. There has been judiciary litigation support given by now Appellate Judges Barbara Jones, James Richman, and Henry Needham and Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch whom had disqualifications or complaints filed against them with cover and sanctuary provide by Ronald M. Liaise with 25 factories in  China to oversee cost saving product adjustments, product  specifications, quality control and order fulfillment. George of The California Supreme Court, Victoria Henley of The California Judicial Council, Ronald G. Overholt of The California Judges Association, The Alameda County Presiding Court Judge Yolanda Northridge and former Alameda County Presiding Court Judge George Hernandez that portrays corruption.

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