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RecruitingFinding qualified employees can be the most difficult and time-consuming function of HR.
We operate under two models: outsourced recruiting and the traditional contingent recruiting. HR ServicesOur HR Services team allows you to do what you do best while we do what we do best – human resources. Our team of HR highly experienced professionals is skilled in handling all of your HR needs saving you time and money.
Virtual HRVirtual HR is an innovative suite of products designed for organizations to efficiently and effectively manage HR including our Virtual HR Library and Virtual HR Coach.
These Virtual HR solutions provide the resources every business needs to attract and manage their “human” resources. Do your managers need coaching through the employee issues that arise – discipline, termination, and more?
The current and upcoming chairs of the CUPA-HR Midwest Region Board have committed to developing and executing a strategic plan for the Region. The Midwest Board has wrestled with the concept of providing more valued services to the Region’s members. The Board proposes a mission statement specific to the Midwest Region: CUPA-HR Midwest Region provides innovative services, resources, and leadership in higher education human resources. The Board proposes to develop action game plans and form teams around five initiatives (Bold Steps): Creating an HR academy, Infuse leading edge technology, Focus resources to improve engagement and alignment, Develop a continuity plan to sustain engagement up the line, and Innovation.
The CUPA-HR Midwest Region Board of Directors1 met in February 2011 and decided to launch a strategic planning process for the region. The Board decided to dedicate the majority of their scheduled meeting in May to the initial phases of strategic planning.
Any strategic planning process begins with building a vision of what the end result would look like if the plan were wildly successful.
The completed template also allowed the Board to visualize their ideas in the context of outcomes and to live in that future time for awhile without having to weigh the effort it takes to get there. Once the Vision Themes were established, the Board set about using those themes to develop a Midwest Region mission statement and a set of cohesive vision statements. This was also the first time in the process that the Board had in-depth discussions about the plan components, what might help them achieve success and what might be standing in the way. The draft mission statement, then, was: CUPA-HR Midwest Region provides innovative services, resources, and leadership in higher education human resources.
Since the success of any strategic plan relies on broad stakeholder input and support, the Board felt that before proceeding further in the planning process, the mission, vision and bold steps needed to be reviewed by the Midwest membership and others. The plan was also briefly presented to Andy Brantley and Jane Federowicz during the second day of the Board meeting. ALP will be meeting in July 2011 and the Board intends to finish up their input solicitation and teams formation by the end of summer. I have to tell you that you are setting a new standard for teaching at the business school. Paul is a leading expert on HR strategy with his seminal textbook into its 2nd edition and a French translation. Running Masterclasses and Workshops to explain the underpinning theory of HR strategy and how it connects with the classic, universal, strategic planning framework adopted in the majority of large organizations. It is relative easy to review an existing HR strategy against a combination of the above framework and the HR and Learning Maturity Scales and Paul can offer a very quick review or a more detailed report. Human Resources should not define just tactical objectives like the recruitment goals, workforce planning objectives or the employee development goals.
The changing role of Human Resources brings new challenges and initiatives, and changes require an adjustment of general HR goals and objectives. The most strategic goals of Human Resources are always broadly covered in the HR Strategy that is approved by the Leadership Team of the company. The first strategic goal of Human Resources is the strategic HR project management and strategic HR projects and initiatives. The other strategic HR objective is affecting the performance positively is the full engagement of employees.

The proper and regular reporting of HR KPIs is another strategic objective for Human Resources. The socialist ideology claimed that it is the society of workers, farmers and working intelligence.
The history of Human Resources began as the simple, crucial future-securing requirement of the emperor to organize tasks, jobs and the delivery of requested results. Human Resources Management is an essential business function in organizations that gain the sustainable competitive advantage. Strategic HR is driven by seasoned professionals at the helm who have enjoyed long and successful stints in leadership positions with leading companies in India.
We can give you back the time you need to focus on revenue generating tasks while we handle the day-to-day human resources function. Whether it is getting your HR function up and running or taking your company one step further into the realm of employer of choice, strategic HR, inc. While the plan is for five years, it is imperative that the chair be in a supportive and leading position with regard to plan and both Nancy Grassel and James Gallaher have made such commitments. This is not unlike most association boards where membership is driven by the perceived value of what one gets out of the membership. The plan is published for review, comment, feedback, engagement, additional ideas, and to generate enthusiasm, support and volunteerism. We attribute that to being steadfast and united in purpose and because the ideas and concepts themselves have been the topics of discussion for years (for those with longevity). The CUPA-HR Midwest Board is not unlike other association leadership groups who are always looking for ways to increase the value of membership. Karl Sparks and James Gallaher were asked to lead the effort since they both had experience using the Grove Consulting2 methodology (a structured, graphic model based on a set of templates). Most importantly, the Cover Story Vision begins to provide the basis for more defined vision statements that serve as the building blocks for a strategic plan.
The Board also has access to fiscal resources that it could bring to bear on these initiatives.
To that end, a session at the ensuing Midwest Region Conference was used to introduce the templates to an audience of CHRO’s. As a strategic business partner, it has to contribute to successful delivery of business targets.
The tactical objectives never lead to building the strong and strategic HR Management function in the organization. HR topics of the past are about the administrative expertise; the HR issues of the future are about the strategic contribution of Human Resources. HR has to split the key objectives into smaller yearly goals and put them into the right stream.
The leadership team always manages and leads internal changes so that the company is ready to accept external and internal challenges. HR Leader has to convince the leadership team to support key HR initiatives during the year. Employee engagement is one of key drivers of employees’ creativity and willingness to contribute to business results.
HR cannot measure the progress of changes in the organization and the quality of provided HR services without the regular measurement of HR KPIs. Human Resources trains managers and leaders how to set the targets for departments and employees. Just as the inspiration, you can find Goals and Objectives examples for the HR Business Partner, Recruitment and Staffing, Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development, Succession Planning, Leadership Development, HR Social Media, Employee Retention and HRIS. The development of Human Resources Management Practices and Procedures is an important way to reach targets and growth. Exposure to some of the best practices in MNC and Blue chip Indian companies has enabled them to develop insights in to the talent acquisition and development initiatives. The newly formulated board being seated 1 July 2011 will take up the plan, incorporate membership feedback and approve the plan. The Midwest Board wanted to go beyond providing an annual conference and an occasional newsletter.

The Board attributes the strategic planning process with facilitating a comprehensive and cohesive way to look at initiatives and how they inter-relate.
Challenges identified included the difficulties of resource coordination, change management issues, lack of documentation of region history, and the fact that CUPA-HR Midwest Region is an all-volunteer organization. The templates were also posted in the general assembly area of the conference and attendees were asked to look at them and engage board members with their ideas and feedback.
It was also the plan of the Board to share the plan with Midwest state chapter chairs at ALP for their input. This is the least develop aspect of the plan, so far, but it serves to show how a five year plan might be accomplished by looking in six month increments out over the next two years.
It has to identify the potential arising from the enterprise vision and mission, and it has to turn it into the actionable plan for Human Resources. The targets of Human Resources needs to be derived from the business strategy and vision so that they bring the value added.
Top talents know the company, its brand, products, and they have no worries to apply for the vacancy.
It manages the process so that all targets are aligned with the vision of the organization and follow the same approved principles. HRM always start with the introduction of basic HR Management Policies, and it develops into the Leadership Development, sophisticated Compensation and Benefits, Organization Design, Performance Management and Career and Succession Planning.
However, the implementation of new trends is difficult, and we should learn from mistakes and successes of others.
Team leaders will be identified and teams formed around the five action steps identified as critical to the transformation of the Region.
This strategic plan is their outline of how to make improvements in the services to, and engagement of, the membership.
The planning process then gave the Board a clearer road map to accomplishing the ideas that have been on the table for a long time. Objectives for the two years are established and specific steps are outlined for the increments. Human Resources has to run strategic projects that improve or kick the performance and productivity of the organization. HR has to prepare the list of initiatives, reach status quo among leaders in the organization and communicate with all stakeholders properly. Board members (and other advocates) may attend state chapter meetings to promote the plan and get additional input.
Once the Bold Steps are solidly in place with input and support from the membership, the idea is to form 5 teams, one around each Bold Step. HR KPIs cannot be measuring the effectiveness of HR Processes; it needs to measure the progress of the implementation of the strategic HR projects. The HR Department cannot focus just on the visibility of Human Resources in the organization. The Chief HR Officer needs to convince and engage the leadership team, and they have to support HR initiatives in divisions or departments through the company. HR should always design processes that allow employees share ideas freely across the enterprise.
HR Managers have to be visible in departments, and they need to be well recognized by internal clients. Finally, it was thought that dedicating a portion of the annual conference to the strategic plan (communicating results, updates, and additional future planning) would be an important vehicle in keeping the membership engaged in the plan.
The goal must be supported by activities and projects from the second stream to make the visibility in the organization a real and sustainable success. A side benefit would be increased member engagement and more opportunity to identify and develop leadership prospects for chapter and Region posts.

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