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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. One way I’ve used Mind Mapping effectively is for making the template of a Meeting Agenda. It was very helpful in Toastmasters to have a template that I could update each time I was to lead a meeting.
Starting with the Gavel at 12:00 and going clockwise, I could easily see where I was in the meeting and what was next. If you offer a variety of products and services, one idea is to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with your prospect, with your template open on your laptop.
With the template, you can eliminate the products and services they don’t want to discuss right now, and concentrate on their interests and solving their problems. Of course, when you email the prospect, you can include a map of the services they passed on for now – planting seeds for future sales! One of the cool things about using mind mapping software for a sales template is that links to urls, documents, and other mind maps can be built into the template. I started working with Fred last year.  I had no idea what “mind mapping” was and I didn’t understand how it would help me in my business.
After spending one hour with Fred not only did I have a better understanding of my business, I had a greater appreciation for the power of creativity.
Fred, in his own patient way, has the ability to help you step outside of the proverbial box in order to find the answers that make sense for your business and more importantly for your customers.
Let Fred show you how to quickly map where you are, and where you want to go, in your business and life.
In minutes, he took what seemed so confusing and overwhelming in my head, and helped me create a very manageable road map to follow for implementation. Prior meeting Fred Miller, I had limited exposure to mind-mapping…but it was just the tip of the iceberg.
His techniques and ‘tricks of the trade’ have helped me hone my mind-mapping skills, and continue to improve my business.
Fred Miller sat down with me one day and demonstrated to me the many possibilities Mind Mapping offers me, personally, and my clients.
To show me how powerful Mind Mapping is, Fred worked with me on a “Strategic Plan” for a fictitious client. Because, as Fred pointed out, market, company and other things constantly change, this original strategic plan can, and should, always be revisited and “tweaked” to bring it up to date. Wow!  I have never seen a business tool produce so much valuable information in such a short period of time.
Doing this on my own, in the traditional outline form, I would have missed many of the items in the strategic plan that we developed together through Mind Mapping.

Since Fred has owned and been involved in a number of businesses, the experience he brought to the Mind Mapping session enhanced the expertise he already possesses on the theory of Mind Mapping and the software he uses. Mind Mapping is a tremendous strategic tool for anyone who wants clarity and vision for selling their service or product or for teaching a concept. Fred is the strategist with expertise in conducting a mind mapping session to create that clarity like he did with me. In just a few minutes, Fred showed me how to tap all kinds of creativity and new ideas with his Mind Mapping tool. Many businesses have complex issues that just cry out for big ideas; for out-of-the-box solutions. But sometimes they can’t get past the details or “the way it’s always been” in their business.
Now Fred and his Master Mind Mapping can open all kinds of “windows and doors” for clients.
It’s not hard—in fact, it really energizes clients to come up with new solutions and better understanding of real cause and effect. I use it—and definitely will call on Fred to help me help my clients with planning and solving their toughest problems. Prior to Fred sharing the secrets and power of Mind Mapping with me, I was stuck in the bullet-point brainstorming and planning process.  Not only is it slow, but being a flat hierarchy, by the time an idea pops into your head and you try to figure out where on the outline it might go, the next idea has passed you by.
With Mind Mapping, the freedom to place ideas as they come, move them to the branch that best incorporates their role and view a graphic, pictorial structure of the concepts that works the way my mind does has been invaluable to my business. Fred’s comprehension of the techniques, uses, and his overall business savvy are unique and highly regarded.  I would very highly recommend his talents to help your business.
I have been aware and used Mind Maps for some time, but they really never came to life till I worked with you, Fred. Your passion for Mind Mapping was very clear as you helped me find ways to use them that function beautifully and match my personality and style. Mind Mapping can be used for so many different individual, group, and company projects, that the list is virtually endless.
Mind Mapping software takes it to a higher level because of its flexibility in terms of design, editing, and exporting. Below are just a few of the things Mind Mapping can help find the most ideas and solutions for. Group brainstorming produces far more ideas and solutions than individuals do independently. One of the keys to Old North’s success as a community is the fact that the recent revitalization - and current redevelopments still in progress - can be traced directly to the vision and desires of community residents. Please help us spread the word to all who may be interested by forwarding a link to this site or by downloading a PDF of the flyer and posting it where others will see it.

13 meeting of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Chris Schell, marketing manager, presented a PowerPoint presentation that included a detailed analysis of the SWOT findings. Now it’s up to members of the District Board of Trustees to place their stamp of approval on the Mission, Vision and Values Statements that were derived from the input of Madison College’s faculty, staff and students. I have incorporated the ideas that Fred and I mind mapped into my business and it has made a world of difference.
After many years in business and travel, Fred is one of the most proficient individuals that I have ever worked with and his level of integrity reaches far beyond most. He had spoken so highly of the process that I was really intrigued on how to apply it for my company.
What had been a crude note-taking and brainstorming tool for me has now become an integral part of our business. Since then (and with Fred’s help), I have regularly used mind-mapping to explain concepts, processes, and other relational data to clients and partners.
Louis Restoration Group, Outreach, Public Meetings, Uncategorized, Volunteer Opportunities. That action is expected to take place at the Board’s next monthly meeting, slated for Wednesday, Jan.
Recurring strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats were counted and grouped together beneath six strategic directives. At that time, faculty and all staff members from throughout the region will receive an update on the Strategic Planning Process and will be allowed the opportunity to identify problems to solve and action items for each directive. Bright ideas out of the box to market and sale your company were very important points that I was looking for. And, as the application is constantly open on my computer…it gets a regular workout for both brainstorming and organizational purposes. What's New in Old North chronicles the dramatic transformation under way in the neighborhood of Old North St.
Consensus as to which problems or action items should be assigned “priority” status will be gauged by an affinity voting process. Those ideas are now getting implemented to my business as time permits and I am seeing results. Louis, Old North is becoming a dynamic urban village of new and historic homes, a landmark eating establishment, beautiful community gardens, and a diverse, friendly, and engaged community.

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