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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. BMW is launching its all-electric ActiveE vehicle with a lease program for 700 dedicated customers. To further appeal to Electronauts’ enthusiasm and concerns, Martin said, they will be given the opportunity, for a one-time fee of $48, to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) from Green Mountain Energy that will assure the electricity they are projected to use over the term of the two year lease will be offset by renewable energy.
BMW is also offering its Electronauts the opportunity to install residential rooftop solar systems at a 35 percent discount.
The renewables add-ons in the ActiveE marketing campaign, BMW said, eliminate critics’ claims that EVs powered from a dirty grid still generate emissions. With record heat, droughts, and wildfires making climate change increasingly undeniable, Martin was asked, does offsetting matter? Because Green Mountain is now owned by NRG, Martin explained, numbers that show its customer base and revenues are growing are unavailable.
This demand, Bloom said, “is very grassroots, but at the same time is way at the top, with companies like Google and Wal-Mart and Proctor and Gamble and Dow Chemical. The new paradigm, Bloom explained, is “the commercial private sector paradigm that says, irrespective of what the government may or may not require, green in itself has a perceived value. During this session we shall look at segmentation techniques to understand why companies identify attractive market segments, what targeting strategies they will use and how they will position their products for maximum advantage. Business can not always effectively sell to all of their customers using the same mix so instead their will target their marketing efforts.
Firstly a company will have an understanding of the variety of customers they deal with as they will hold data and information on them.
The final step will be to design a marketing mix tailor-made’ to meet the needs of the target market.
Jobber (2010 p261) points out that ‘marketing segmentation is useful when spotting opportunities and threats.
A very good example of the statement above has been the development of the hugely successful Innocent drinks. The article below (in the Reading box) charts the rise of this company launched by three university friends who had a very good idea which turned into a multi-million pound reality. So Innocent noticed a gap and went for it……and who can blame them when after only a decade they now operate a multi-million pound business, albeit with a little help from Coca Cola! As identified by the success of Innocent (detailed articles above) it can help a business to identify opportunities and gaps in the market.
Accessible Here, the base(s) used should ideally lead to the company being able to reach selected market targets with their individual marketing efforts. Meaningful The base(s) used must lead to segments which have different preferences or needs and show clear variations in market behaviour and response to individually designed marketing mixes. Develop an appropriate marketing mix for each chosen target segment in order to support the product positioning strategy. The first segmentation method looks at buying behaviour and this links into much of the theory and debate added in Week 2 as well as an understanding of customer value reviewed in Week 1. Benefits sought - with Innocent the benefits sought by customers were mostly concerned with pure ingredients in a tasty recipe. Purchase Occasion - customers can be segmented according to how times they purchase the product.
Usage - customers are segmented on the basis of whether they are heavy users, light users or non-users. Companies can chose their segments based on the whether the consumer will take the risk and buy at the beginning of the product lifecycle. What are the differences in pricing from the early adoption stage through to selling to laggards? Values and Lifestyles segmentation have been researched and used in the USA to combine demographic variables with people’s needs and wants. There are links between the personality of the buyer and the perceived personality of the brand.
Demographics = the physical characteristics of a population such as age, sex, and marital status, size of family, education, geographic location, and occupation. Age is a good segmentation variable for such items as clothes where the fashion-conscious young are more susceptible to regular changes in style and older segments are perhaps more concerned with such factors as quality and comfort.
Sex is a strong segment in terms of goods that are specifically targeted towards males or females and again an obvious example is clothing. Income as a segmentation base is more popular in certain countries like the USA than others who regard such matters very privately. The household is classified according to the CIE’s occupation, but social grade data are also available for the respondent themselves (if they are not the CIE). Education is often related to social class, because, as a generalisation, the better educated tend to get the better jobs.
Nationality or ethnic background now constitutes a growing and distinctive segment for potential target marketing.
Family size will have an effect on the amount or size of purchases, so this is certainly a meaningful segmentation variable.
Family life cycle (FLC) is a logical follow on to the above and this will tend to determine the purchase of many consumer durable products.
There are some really good acronyms relating to family lifestyle but maybe COCOON is a little unkind!! This is a relatively new method based on the classification of homes rather than individuals. This can help you to target, acquire, manage and develop profitable relationships and improve business results.
Segmentation for industrial products uses some of the bases for consumer segmentation and adds other variables. Types of application or uses - so types of adhesives for the home, office and industrial use. Benefits - as with consumer segmentation - the benefits of using a product so for instance industrial glass for cutting or glass for our household windows. A combination of some the segments stated above provide business will a multi-variable approach to segmentation. Occasionally, a market analysis will show no differences in customer characteristics that have implications for marketing.
In comparison when a business has identified a range of customer or B2B segments they might use a differentiated marketing mix strategy. For example, BMW promote their cars to range of identified segments moving from the 1 series as an entry-level model to the X6 which according to BMW has been designed for the well-off empty nesters! Levis jeans have identified a range of differing consumer segments and have designed for each a differentiated marketing mix.
This session started by stating some definitions of segmentation and each finished on the importance of positioning. Consistency - we received no end of messages in a day whether on the TV, reading the newspapers, posters and billboards etc, so the consistency of the message is important. Competitiveness - to remain in the minds of customers the business offering must be competitive. A useful tool for mapping the position of a brand in the market place is the perceptual map.

The perceptual map below shows and plots some of the UK supermarkets based on research in to consumer preferences centred on the two dimensions of price and range of products.
Some of the publishers of recommended text books have their own learning sites on-line designed for students. There are case studies, internet exercises and concept tests for each chapter covered in the book. Consumer behaviour is a complex concept, which is influenced by many different variables and situations.
Think of a product you would like to own, it may be something that you really need or something you have always thought you would like to own.
Keep a note of how many web sites you visit, how long you spend on searching for the product you would like to buy, and the criteria you use to make your selection. Please note: The aim of this exercise is to analyse your own purchase behaviour up to the point of purchase.
Explain how businesses and the attractiveness of industries are evaluated using the General Electric approach. When a firm has multiple strategic business units like PepsiCo does, it must decide what the objectives and strategies for each business are and how to allocate resources among them. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrixBoston Consulting Group (BCG) matrixA portfolio planning approach that examines strategic business units based on their relative market shares and growth rates. The BCG matrix helps managers make resource allocation decisions once different products are classified. Holding market share means the company wants to keep the producta€™s share at the same level. As competitors enter the market, technology advances, and consumer preferences change, the position of a companya€™s products in the BCG matrix is also likely to change.
Another portfolio planning approach that helps a business determine whether to invest in opportunities is the General Electric (GE) approachGeneral Electric (GE) approachA portfolio planning approach that examines a businessa€™ strengths and the attractiveness of industries.. Companies evaluate their strengths and the attractiveness of industries as high, medium, and low.
Although many people may think a yellow light means a€?speed up,a€? it actually means caution. What factors are used as the basis for analyzing businesses and brands using the BCG and the GE approaches?
While we have plans to expand into international territory, our initial launch will target our most important market - the American upper class. This is sample text describing factors in competition for website use by bright children ages 8-14, for sales to their parents and schools. Our competition is the market leader - and their success is a symbol of our potential market. By purchasing from electricity distribution systems where the cars will be marketed, the Electronauts will, to the extent possible, be supporting local renewables.
It now has a sustainability index for making commercial loans, strictly because of concerns about potential liability and risk. As customers become more affluent, seek new experiences and develop new values, new segments emerge. It should also be capable of measurement in terms of the potential customers in each segment.
Jobber (2010) illustrated this point as well by giving an example of Classic FM who identified a segment based on benefits sought.
Those who are heavy users of the product often link to customer loyalty and the Pareto Rule of 80:20. He started with innovators who are adventurous and eager to try new ideas to the final category of laggards, the last to adopt new products.
When Sony first produced a range of plasma TVs, pricing was high and innovators wanted the products at any price. Here, fashion is a powerful element when purchasing, and a whole industry surrounds this criterion.
Questions include not only what the CIE’s job is, but also details such as their qualifications and the number of people they are responsible for. Accordingly, (a generalization too!) newspapers are designed to aim their news and newspaper content towards either the upper (Sunday Times) or lower ends (The Daily Mirror) of the social spectrum, and encourage advertisers to target their advertising appropriately. Food products, clothing and hair care products are obvious examples of products that fit into this segmentation variable. An individual’s political leanings might well influence the way he or she behaves in terms of purchases made.
This is based on the notion that consumers pass through a series of quite distinct phases in their lives, each phase giving rise to different purchasing patterns and needs. It helps you learn the who, what, where, when, how, and why of their relationship with you. They will listen to their key account customers and devise pricing, promotional campaigns to the needs of their customers. This exercise should enable you to analyse parts of the buying process in an online context. A group of businesses can be considered a portfolioportfolioA group of business units owned by a single firm., just as a collection of artwork or investments compose a portfolio. The same question or problem arises when a product has a low share of a high-growth market.
When a firm pursues this strategy, it only invests what it has to in order to maintain the producta€™s market share. The company has to continually evaluate the situation and adjust its investments and product promotion strategies accordingly. The GE approach examines a businessa€™s strengths and the attractiveness of the industry in which it competes. The firms then determine their investment strategies based on how well the two correlate with one another. Companies with a medium rating on industry attractiveness and business strengths should be cautious when investing and attempt to hold the market share they have. Organizations that have multiple business units must decide how to allocate resources to them and decide what objectives and strategies are feasible for them. The critical component to our entrance into the market will be approval and support from the school communities - including teachers, the PTA, and special education programs. We include 10% of the parents, assuming that leads to an average combined income above ?100,000. We know that most of our clients drive BMW's and have very good taste - they spend money on their children because they can appreciate the technology that we have created. The key factors driving this growth are the increase in salaries in the technology sectors, the double-income household and the loss of leisure time.
All trends in our market indicate that strong a Web presence will not be a frivolous extra for the company, but rather, an absolute necessity. In order to gain recognition for our site efforts, we are going to have to put together a site that is worthy of attention.
It details information available about the importance of factors such as pricing, shipment, quality, presentation, etc. We were pleased to see their Web division spin-off to its own company that went public with a tremendous initial offering.

The real plan included details on which companies sell products (toys, books, or games) into this market.
The real plan included details identifying these websites, who owns them, how much traffic they get (according to available information sources), and their assorted business models.
An electric drivetrain’s increased efficiency can translate to fewer emissions from a coal-powered EV than from a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle. Through research they discovered that consumers were concerned about what went into their drinks and also where the materials needed for manufacture were sourced from. A group of music lovers wanted to listen to accessible ‘classical music with pleasant down-to earth presenters. The laggards will wait until pricing has reduced (social class might be important here) but on the whole laggards are suspicious of anything new and will wait until any problems are ironed out. Whereas now the same model of TV is available in supermarkets at a fraction of the original price.
Such purchases are of course reflected in the types of newspaper and other media that is read, and this, in turn, contains advertising which is aimed at people who read such media, so political leanings might be more significant than it initially seems.
For example, an unmarried person living at home will probably have very different purchasing patterns from someone of the same age who has left home and is recently married.
In the example below an industrial electronics supplier sells to a range of B2B customers who all have varying needs and who operate in very different market sectors. Have a look at the link below - Fortnum and Mason have done rather well in this very ‘well to do’ niche sector! In order to evaluate each business, companies sometimes utilize whata€™s called a portfolio planning approach.
Managers classify these products as question marks or problem childrenquestion marks or problem childrenBusinesses or offerings with a low share of a high-growth market..
One strategy is to build market share for a business or product, especially a product that might become a star. When a company decides to harvestharvestWhen a firm lowers investment in a product or business. The firm must also keep in mind that the BCG matrix is just one planning approach and that other variables can affect the success of products. As we have indicated, a businessa€™ strengths are factors internal to the company, including strong human resources capabilities (talented personnel), strong technical capabilities, and the fact that the firm holds a large share of the market.
As FigureA 2.16, a€?The General Electric (GE) Approacha€? shows, the investment options outlined in the GE approach can be compared to a traffic light. If a company rates itself high on business strengths and the industry is very attractive (also rated high), this is comparable to a green light.
Most of these people live in suburban areas, but the urban upper class is also a major component.
They also generally have high bandwidth connections, and are impressed by first-class design.
Hardworking parents are dedicated to giving their children every educational opportunity possible.
As mentioned before, the double-income family in the technological sector is doing their research on the Internet.
We don't have business reasons to detail this situation in this plan, our readers are aware of it.
It includes who owns them, how much market share they get (according to available information sources), and what we know about their assorted business models. This is done principally to alert advertising agencies who will place their clients’ advertising according to social class and product positioning. A portfolio planning approachportfolio planning approachAn approach to analyzing various businesses relative to one another. Because the BCG matrix assumes that profitability and market share are highly related, it is a useful approach for making business and investment decisions. To maintain the growth of their star products, a company may have to invest money to improve them and how they are distributed as well as promote them. They must decide whether to invest in them and hope they become stars or gradually eliminate or sell them. Many companies invest in question marks because market share is available for them to capture. The attractiveness of an industry can include aspects such as whether or not there is a great deal of growth in the industry, whether the profits earned by the firms competing within it are high or low, and whether or not it is difficult to enter the market.
For example, if a company feels that it does not have the business strengths to compete in an industry and that the industry is not attractive, this will result in a low rating, which is comparable to a red light. Our target market's behavioral patterns are changing dramatically as well - research used to happen in many places; now increasingly it happens on the Internet. Ironically though, Innocent has kept where their manufacturing takes place, a well guarded secret. This was based on buying behaviour, social class, customer loyalty and usage, so a range of multi-variable segmentation options.
However, the BCG matrix is subjective and managers should also use their judgment and other planning approaches before making decisions.
For example, as the price of gasoline soared in 2008, many consumers purchased motorcycles and mopeds, which get better gas mileage.
The goal is to try to generate short-term profits from the product regardless of the long-term impact on its survival. For example, the automobile industry is not attractive in times of economic downturn such as the recession in 2009, so many automobile manufacturers dona€™t want to invest more in production.
In that case, the company should harvest the business (slowly reduce the investments made in it), divest the business (drop or sell it), or stop investing in it, which is what happened with many automotive manufacturers. Two of the most widely used portfolio planning approaches include the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix and the General Electric (GE) approach. Using the BCG matrix, managers can categorize their SBUs (products) into one of four categories, as shown in FigureA 2.15, a€?The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrixa€?.
Eventually, DVDs are likely to be replaced by digital downloads, just like MP3s replaced CDs. With the success sequence, money is taken from cash cows (if available) and invested into question marks in hopes of them becoming stars. Companies with cash cows need to manage them so that they continue to generate revenue to fund star products. As a result, they keep producing products and services they shouldna€™t or invest in dogs in hopes theya€™ll succeed. Thata€™s what Procter & Gamble did in 2008 when it sold its Folgers coffee brand to Smuckers. Many dogs are divested, but companies may also divest products because they want to focus on other brands they have in their portfolio.

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