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But in the last five years, the retail giant has also been applying sophisticated analysis to its supply chain data. In 2006, an executive from Tesco Direct, the company's online retail division, moved over to the supply chain department.
The team's biggest wins so far include a statistical model that predicts the impact of the weather on customer buying behaviour. There are goods that sell more when the weather is hot, such as barbecue meat, and goods that sell more when is cold, such as cat litter (cats are less likely to leave the house in the winter, Tesco has found).
It is not simply a matter increasing or decreasing stock as the temperature rises and falls, however - context matters too.
And people are more likely to break out the barbecue when a sunny day follows a prolonged cold spell. Until recently, it was up to each store's stock controller to estimate how popular each promotion would on a daily basis. The supply chain analytics team took all the data Tesco had about its historical promotions, and built a detailed predictive model.

All of this was possible, he explains, because Tesco sorted out its data infrastructure 15 years ago, when it implemented a Teradata enterprise data warehouse alongside its IBM mainframe. Now Tesco is helping its non-UK divisions build the same infrastructure so they can start analyse their supply chains in as much detail. For e­commerce success, you need to meet user expectations with fast, reliable performance across web and mobile platforms.
In our ‘Industry Focus’ video series, we look at Financial Services, Commerce and High Tech to see the specific challenges they face. Digital is changing everything, and these unprecedented changes in the industry are affecting how people connect, interact and transact. Metal Technology’s System 17 curtain walling has been used to help draw shoppers into the new Tesco store in Lurgan, south of Lough Neagh. Metal Technology has supplied the glazing for many other retail and leisure projects including Tesco Ballymena, Homebase Glasgow, Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Carlow and over thirty Asda stores throughout Britain.
It is staffed mainly by science and engineering graduates, who Tesco trains up in retail expertise and SQL programming skills and who mostly use mathematics application Matlab to conduct their analysis.

There are other products that sell when it is hold or cold, such as firelighters, but when it is in the middle. The single storey glazed facade was installed by fabricator Douglas Architectural Systems, with the project team headed by architects Ostick + Williams and building contractors Patton Construction.
System 10 commercial doors and System 4-20 windows were also incorporated into the single storey project. With an increasing market share in the UK and Ireland, it is clear that Metal Technology is seen as a systems company that can offer product capable of meeting the highest demands. This Tesco superstore, new road and retail park were built as part of the Lurgan town redevelopment plan.

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