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To successfully market any business no matter what its size, industry, or the market in which it operates there needs be a marketing strategy and plan to work to. Marketing activity without a clear direction and strategy not only results in a poor or no return on investment but crucially can waste considerable time and resources dealing with the wrong type of leads. Marketing plans come in a wide range of shapes and sizes from simple two page headline documents to full blown multi-channel epics, but to ensure their success there are four cornerstones that need to be considered across them all. In order to develop and deliver an effective marketing strategy you must first really understand your target market.
In addition to analysis of your existing customers, market research is an invaluable tool to help you identify new groups of potential customers for your products or services.
The competition within your chosen market place is likely to be intense and so before developing your marketing strategy it is critical that you know what they are doing. Investing time in researching how they are engaging with, or marketing to, your target markets, their product and service offering as well as the marketing messages they are using will enable you to benchmark your own products and services and help shape the direction of your marketing campaigns. There are a number of ways you can obtain this information, from simple online research via their website, through mystery shopping to more detailed analysis using specialist research tools such as SEMrush.
Once this detailed information is to hand, creating a SWOT analysis enables you to assess your businesses strengths and weaknesses against your competitors as well as highlight any opportunities and threats within your marketplace.
This clear understanding of where the business stands in terms of its offering, internal processes and competitor benchmarking, combined with a clearly defined target audience will help to shape the direction of your marketing activities for each customer segment and create marketing messages that will instigate persuasive conversations with potential customers. It is a fact that the internet has transformed the way that customers locate and purchase products and services and, in order to respond, your business needs to include online marketing within the mix.
The rapid increase in ecommerce and online-only businesses demonstrates the shift online of their potential customers, with an increasing number of traditional bricks and mortar businesses realising that they need a strong online presence. None more so than Millennials, a generation more likely to use online channels to locate and purchase products and services than any generation before, and only set to increase.
Millennials make up a large percentage of the purchasing population and are spending more and more online. In addition to being big online spenders they are more receptive as a generation to online marketing campaigns.
As this generation move into middle and senior management positions these buying behaviours will continue to transform the way that businesses shop for products and services, meaning that even traditional B2B companies need to ensure they have a marketing strategy that gives them a strong online presence. One of the key elements to any Marketing Strategy and yet the one that is never given enough time and consideration is campaign tracking and measurement. Website Analytics – whilst this is one of the more obvious measurement tools available it is still surprising how many businesses don’t have Google Analytics, or a similar tool, installed on their website. Understanding which marketing channels and campaigns are driving traffic to your website is a simple way to measure their performance. CRM Sales Tracking – whether you use an Excel spreadsheet or a custom CRM tool such as Salesforce or Infusionsoft, a Customer Relationship Management system of some sort will enable you to hold and analyse marketing success. This is particularly important for businesses not selling directly online where sales are not being recorded on a website, or those who operate multi channel campaigns. KPI Tracking – the above are all ways in which you can start to track and measure the effectiveness of your marketing activity. Covering these four main areas when developing a marketing strategy and plan for your business will ensure it will deliver a return on your investment. This entry was posted in Marketing Strategy, Web Marketing on November 25, 2015 by Helen Moloney.
Canadian mobile users have disputes on which mobile company has the best and cheapest cell phone plans, and they always end up with three: Rogers, Telus, and Bell. Because there is a low barrier and many substitutes in the Canadian mobile phone market with leading companies like Telus and Bell, customer’s choice is crucial for Rogers. This article covers: what is Snapchat, the reasons for using Snapchat for business, Snapchat marketing ideas and use cases, and finally, an overview of the app features and how to use Snapchat. Snapchat entered the market on 2011, as a college project by the now-24 yr old Evan Spiegel, at the same time than Pinterest but with very different purposes. Do you have the resources to generate a steady stream of posts, and be able to respond and interact? 93% of Snapchat users have a Facebook account, about 80% have a G+ and Twitter account and 42% have a Pinterest account. Check out the differences between Hispanic women and men on Snapchat and other digital media! Another reason for using Snapchat for business is the level of attention it demands from viewer that actually couples the level of attention of mobile and the fact that the visual content will disappear unless you capture it with a snapshot and share it. Many Snapchat marketing campaigns leverage this time constraint with appealing content such as contests, offers, teaser content, and discounts, with very strong calls to action. Make sure to reward your followers with a product sneak peek, contest, promo related to your brand. Here’s some great Snapchat marketing approaches that work wonders with this audience: contests, giveaways, and videos. The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (fallontonight on Snapchat), for example, gives clues for its hidden ticket locations on Thursdays. You can also ask Snapchatters to send you pictures of them using your product and reward them for it. This campaign from Coke, asked Snapchat users to decide if the zoomed in picture was a cat or not. Taco Bell (tacobell) is one of the first brands to get onto the Snapchat marketing bandwagon and one of the best restaurants snapping right now. Snapchat Marketing Valentine campaign from Taco Bell – Nachos and nothing better than love and humor! There’s a particularly creative and engaging campaign from GrubHub to increase their Snapchat number of followers. Once you have amassed an interesting follower base, you can even segment it by selecting some of your followers or leverage the “My Story” feature and send your visual content to all your follower base. Always remember that Snapchat is casual, fun, unforced and with liberal use of emojis and doodling. On Snapchat you measure success by the virality of a story as you can only see how many people view your stories and how many people took a screenshot of your story. The app’s sketching tools lets you combine your selfies with doodling and generate really unique and creative content. Maybe Snapchat’s navigation is a bit confusing and counter-intuitive but here’s some tips to get you started: Swipe up to continue reading, swipe left for the next story, and swipe down to exit.
Very similar to live stories although you can only see them if you are in that particular location.
Take note: Live Stories and Local stories Snaps are different from regular Snaps because they self-destruct in 24 hours, not 1-10 seconds.
This year, Snapchat introduced a feature called “Discover,” under a special tab with promotional content from Snapchat’s media partners — Daily Mail, CNN, Vice, Comedy central, and ESPN among them — post content to the app meant, or at least edited, for Snapchat’s users every 24 hours on their own Snapchat channel. I hope you have enjoyed this short trip over the benefits of using Snapchat for business and if you are incorporating it into your mobile marketing efforts, we’d love to feature you and your success story! Hispanic Marketing Blog is an initiative of Target Latino, a Hispanic Inbound Marketing consulting firm. The Hispanic Marketing blog's goal is to share information about the Latino Market or that may affect the Hispanic community and its marketers. The Integrated Communications Evaluation system we offer answers critical questions about the contribution of media touchpoints and messages to your brand’s KPIs.
The integrated communications evaluation system we offer utilizes benchmarks from over 130 studies in each channel to enhance comparative capabilities and provide a more comprehensive assessment of the relative performance of each touchpoint.
It informs future communications planning by determining what messages, in which channels to increase investment in and from which to withdraw to maximize marketing ROI. It encompasses all forms of communication–it is truly 360?–and measures both channel and creative effects.
It’s a truly customizable service, which you can time to best fit your planning process, brand system, target segment, and marketing organization.

When you can get an indication of the effects of your marketing campaign on your brand’s key performance indicators (KPIs)—consideration, purchase intent, and recommendation—the sooner you can address potential issues that impede performance. When this evaluation includes diagnostic and prescriptive insights into which brand attributes, which creative messages, and which media drive a brand’s KPIs most effectively and efficiently, that’s the stuff of true competitive advantage. The Integrated Communications Evaluation system we offer is a survey-based modeling approach that establishes a robust link between individual marketing touchpoints—the media, the experience, the creative execution, the message—and changes in your target’s relationship with your brand to help you improve the ROI of marketing campaigns. Identifying the brand attributes that most contribute to a target customer’s consideration, purchase, and sharing behaviors. Pinpointing the combinations of messages, creative executions, and media that drive perceptions of those attributes most successfully. How each element of the campaign—the media, the message, the creative—has driven the perceptions of critical brand attributes. What messages, in which channels to increase investment in to yield a higher return and those to withdraw from to eliminate waste. The end result of an integrated communications evaluation engagement is the ability to find and understand the effects of marketing activity on your target’s attitudes towards your brand. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. As retailers figure out how to incorporate the ever-changing omnichannel and added extra credit card processing security, they will also need to think about the Internet of Things [IOT] and how it fits into the retail experience and marketing budget.
As a retailer, you probably are aware of this behaviour known as 'showrooming.' Showrooming is one of the most consequential consumer behaviours a retailer can observe. With children in tow, having to divide attention between a childa€™s needs and the shopping chore could result in forfeiture of a sale.
Customers dona€™t care if their digital shopping behaviour is disruptive - they want what they need when they need it.
The use of digital engagement and entertainment in-store will help increase dwell time and satisfaction of the shopping experience.
Instead of being 'victimized' by digital disruption in-store, retailers are focusing on creating an unexpected pleasurable disruption to the human experience by designing a welcoming place. Relaxing environments and immersive experiences help customers feel engaged and even cared for. Source: InfoTrends Customer retention is the key, and now more than ever it is important to develop a longer-term relationship with customers to bring them back into the store.
According to JWT, in a survey of American and British adults ages 17-69, 71% of customers desired immersive brand experiences.A  Some retailers are taking advantage of this desire. These retailers have reimagined the in-store problem and turned the problem into the solution by understanding the behaviour of their customer and transforming their behaviour through in-store creative experiences and entertainment. Best Buy was in fear of losing customers as their customers used their retail shops to come in to try out products, and then buy them from Amazon. TescoA eased the grocery shopping stress of time-strapped customers by making the grocery store more accessible. The digital theater Gucci Milan provides all the excitement of the runway while giving Gucci customers an immersive brand experience. In the UK, McDonalda€™s created interactive 'Happy Meal Play Zones', associating their food with fun and playtime. Research:A There is plenty of data from your store that will help to identify gaps in your relationship with your customers. Define:A Insights from your research will help you examine the problems that need to be solved, and determine the types of content and experiences that will help your customer out.
Revise the strategic planning process to incorporate research that cross-references in-store and digital, define your personas based on their behavior with digital, solve problems to make your customers happy, measure and adjust to make sure your investment is helping you engage customer, make them happy, ensuring a greater life time value. For more examples of in-store retail examples from the UK see Katie Traynor's post on Omnichannel retail examples. Thanks to Tery Spataro for sharing her thoughts and opinions in this blog post.A Tery is widely known for helping brands understand the role technology plays in marketing, innovation and retail environments. To add to your point about supply chain benefits of warehousing and shipping direct also creates infinitive assortment giving the customers more choices. There are some marketing benefits to this and there are even more supply chain benefits — reducing the amount of inventory that has to be pushed to the end-points (retail stores). Without this a business will invest considerable time and money in marketing campaigns that don’t work.
Only by knowing and truly understanding the needs of potential customers can you select the right marketing activities, channels and messaging that will engage them and deliver results. Reviewing existing customers and looking for similar characteristics will enable you to segment the different customer groups you currently sell to.
Armed with this knowledge you can select relevant channels and develop marketing messages that resonate with them. Obtaining information about their needs, tastes and spending habits will help you identity new customer segments that are likely to purchase from you and the kind of marketing and sales activity they will respond to.
It is also a great tool to identify any internal issues that might need to be addressed, such as pricing, customer delivery or internal sales processes, prior to launching specific marketing activity to your relevant target audience.
The extent to which this needs to feature depends very much on your target market and industry.
According to some statistics as much as 82% of their shopping time is spent online, from healthcare to clothes, tickets to holidays. Social Media Platforms are becoming more and more where they locate and interact with friends, build relationships, make and share recommendations and ultimately locate and engage with brands. Without a clear set of objectives for the campaign, relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and the processes in place to track and measure the results, there is no way of knowing how successful a campaign is and whether the business is getting a return on its investment. Or if they do, they don’t regularly review the results or proactively use them to help shape their marketing activity.
For many businesses, especially those not selling directly via their website, their potential customers make contact via phone. Having every enquiry recorded and tracked back to a specific campaign and then linked to actual sales will enable you to make informed decisions, not only about the performance of specific activity but to help shape future campaigns. The next stage in the process is to create a series of KPIs that enable the business owners and senior management teams to more easily review progress at a high level. Bell, Telus, and Rogers all have the same value propositions, but what differentiates them are their plans and services. Visit your theme settings page from within your admin panel for more info and other settings. Most people think Snapchat is for teens and sexting, but smart brands are leveraging this smartphone app to reach a very coveted market segment: the youth segment. While on Pinterest, you have the resilient power of the Pin, where you get exposure independently of when you uploaded the media, on Snapchat the content uploaded disappears almost instantly.
Of course, if you are willing to target an audience younger than 13, and are COPPA compliant, you can go for SnapKidz, a lightweight version of the app designed for children. Create and post engaging visual content always keeping in mind that the content will be viewable for up to 10 seconds and then it will be deleted.
Keep your customers coming back for more of your outstanding, casual, fun and humorous content and earn more opportunities to execute your Snapchat marketing strategy.
If you’d like to make your content more visually appealing,  especially for “Special Text” and “Replay”, select use smart filters under Settings. It gives special consideration for niche media by assessing its effects on a brand’s KPIs separate to its reach to determine and evaluate its performance. It also does not require large and expensive sample sizes in order to produce robust results. You will have advanced knowledge of not only how different media performed at driving KPIs, but also which perceptions they effected to identify the campaign’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to guide future planning. Some retailers are using digital in-store to enhance the shopping experience of their customers. In their daily journey, they are shuttling between their homes and work in a constant connected state.

All this restlessness could leave the connected customer feeling as if the pleasure of shopping in-store is waning.
In addition, they want a stress-free environment, with an infinite assortment of readily available deals, coupons and discounts, the ability to shop with mobile, build a gift registry with ease, browse online or in-store for the best opportunities, and an atmosphere that inspires and stirs their imagination. Some retailers realize that focusing on the needs of their customer will help improve the overall in-store experience and customer engagement. Creating these experiences will lead to a better connection between your brand and customer. Instead of becoming Amazona€™s testing ground, Best Buy used the customera€™s showrooming behaviour to create the Best Buy showroom. Customers swipe through life size video look books with an infinite assortment of Gucci styles.
Children are entertained by Gucci Teddy Bear, who dances to beats and sounds created by children who interact with the wall.
This assessment will help you with the information that you can use to determine the type of experience to create for your customer. Each experience will measure differently and need to be overlapped against dwell time, sales, time spent in-store and brand awareness.
Wielding over two decades of experiences in marketing as a digital strategist, Tery takes a deep look into understanding why, what and who.
Retail must evolve to serve consumers’ needs that cannot be served via the online or digital experience. In other words, you deliberately get people in-store to touch and feel the product (like sofa, HDTV, etc.) and then you get them to buy online and have it directly shipped to them.
Concentrating the inventory in regional warehouses and then shipping direct to consumer once they have purchased is more efficient and less costly. If your customers are consumers these similar characteristics are likely to include age, gender, income, products purchased, average order values, whereas if they’re businesses it could be industry sector, size or geographical location.
Because more and more of their customers are using the web to research and locate products and services they want to purchase, as well as to engage with and ultimately buy from businesses that supply them. The internet is so engrained in their personal shopping habits that even when looking to find a product or service at work it is the first place they go.
If these calls are not being recorded and linked back to the marketing activity that generated them, you will never get a true indication of the success of that activity. Over time this information will build into a valuable resource to help identify trends and feed into the wider business strategy. KPI or key performance indicators are a way of giving an overview of the activity in an easy to read and understand way. Their new service that is yet to be launched will help spread news about their new promotions while connecting their advertisers to their customers. To interact with customers directly, to know the opinions of their target market, and to put customer’s opinions into consideration is a step forward for Rogers, a step ahead of the other top mobile phone companies.
After the visual content has been viewed, it disappears from the receiver’s app, unless the recipient takes a screenshot of the photo and stores in on its mobile device. While on Pinterest, you can feature your product and its uses and it’s a platform developed for social commerce, on Snapchat you capture the viewers’ attention 100% for the duration of the Snap.
Snapchat is all about being casual and relatable and more time should be spent into planning that into production.
These week-long Snapchat scavenger hunts in which it randomly gives away free grub while engaging with consumers on Snapchat. Snapchat uses the location services on people’s smartphones to allow them to add their snaps to a local Live Story.
One particular characteristic of the “Discover” content is that users can share a snap or swipe up for more details. Small biz are barely understanding FB and Instagram, I think Snapchat is a really long way for small businesses to use.
You will also have a comprehensive sense of how each media channel performed relative to category and overall benchmarks. But implementing these devices could be costly and time-consuming, especially if they fail to produce results for the retailer. In their busy and connected lives, time-strapped customers' dwell time may decrease when other distractions or dissatisfaction occurs. Capturing the attention of the time-strapped, bargain-hunting, child-toting and, in some cases, man-toting, connected customers will be a challenge for retailers who dona€™t provide ways to improve these shopping conditions for their customers. Best Buy implemented strategies from price-matching to customer service improvements that converted more shoppers into buyers. A 92% of five to nine-year-olds who tried the zone said they enjoyed playing on the interactive floor media, 78% of parents liked the digital play area, and 87% of five to nine-year-olds said they want to visit that McDonalda€™s more often.A (Brandchannel, 2012). A The good news is that there are dashboards that help track dwell time and customer engagement.
Shea€™s created tech marketing strategies for automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, education, energy, entertainment, health care, insurance, pharmaceuticals, non-profits and retail brands. Simple processes such as asking every enquiry how they heard about your business or using different phone numbers for specific campaign materials all help to monitor the success of marketing activity. With phones being the device that people always carry around, this marketing strategy is effective for Rogers to directly interact with customers.
They posted a story every day inviting consumers to participate in a daily challenge for a chance at winning $50 of free food from GrubHub. Only the best Snaps within the digital boundary, or “geofence,” Snapchat adds around an event are picked and shared as a Snapchat “story” with all Snapchat users.
Consider giving those customers with children an opportunity to shop freely by providing an in-store play area and babysitting services for their children.
A In my next post, I will focus on key performance indicators that measure the use of digital in-store performance for these new experiences. Tery has brought digital to life in physical space, having worked with Bloomingdales, Michaela€™s craft stores, Sally Hansen, Novartis, Whole Foods and Nine West. Perhaps with more advancement like these, more customers will choose Rogers over Bell and Telus. With well over 100 million users, a vast majority residing in the United States and between the ages of 18 and 25, Snapchat has a significant potential to radically affect the next Presidential election. Consumers are asked to follow GrubHub and send a Snapchat back to GrubHub with the daily challenge, and ten winners are randomly selected each day. It’s a wonderful way to get exposure for events, guerrilla marketing efforts, and so much more.
A Internally, the customer may debate things like the difference between shipping costs versus the cost of gas and driving time, even trying to figure out how to economize their activities. Reimagining the in-store retail experience and catering to the needs of the customer can transform the retailer into merchant. And this is a great aspect of Snapchat for business that needs to be leveraged on Snapchat marketing campaigns. Don’t you think free food giveaways in exchange for a follow and a pic would work with Millennials?
At any point in the customera€™s journey this shopping behavior could occur, even when they are in-store. Through the years she has lectured at universities and international conferences, providing valuable industry thought leadership, and has been quoted in books and articles about business and marketing.

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