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PLM software suppliers in Germany see strong growth continuing despite expectations of an economic slowdown this year. At a meeting in February of the sendler\circle, an association of PLM service providers in Germany, company representatives said growth in the industry is only held back by a shortage of qualified engineers.
PLM suppliers expect double-digit growth in Germany, which would exceed expectations for the IT industry as a whole. Sendler\circle said the PLM industry is benefiting from the same trend that characterizes the IT services sector as a whole. Members of sendler\circle are ACATEC, AUCOTEC, Dassault Systemes, edmPRO, EPLAN, IBM, ICP Solution, PROCAD, PTC, SAP, Siemens PLM Software, TESIS PLMware and xPLM Solution.
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It cited continued strong corporate investment in new software to make processes more efficient and offer better customer service.
Its quick and accessible, can be used by lots of people and, like Google's other productivity offerings, allows simultaneous co-authoring of documents.Another benefit of slides is that it is simple to use. Google takes a stripped-down approach with its productivity offerings and Slides is no different. When people purchase or rent videos or music songs from iTunes Store, they own the right to play the contents on the authorized PC or devices. IE8??? overflow? IE7 ???? ?????, ??? ?? ??? ????? ????? ??? ??? ? ????? ?? hasLayout ??? ??? ?? ??? ????? ? ????. It provides all the functionality that users need to make a professional presentation, but few bells and whistles that will serve to complicate or slow down matters.
But they can't copy or share them with others or even play them on non-Apple devices, like Android.
Presentations are automatically saved to a user's Google Drive account at regular intervals, meaning there's no chance of work being lost due to a computer crash.
If changes have been made that need revising, then users can use Slides' revision history functionality to reinstate an old version of the document.
Users can set presentations to be accessible offline, so that they can edit or present without needing an Internet connection. Presenting can be done from within the browser, or presentations can be downloaded in PowerPoint format. It is aimed very much at sales people and allows users to present remotely over the Web, monitor the response of individuals to presentations and track the success of presentation content.Presentations can be created in ClearSlide and shared throughout a company.

For sales people who are calling prospects on the phone, it's possible to simply fire over a link and present a ClearSlide presentation via screen-sharing. When following up prospects via email, a link to the hosted presentation can be included without having to send a large attachment.Once a prospect has opened a presentation, it's possible to see what they have looked at and what they have clicked on. In this way, future pitches can be tailored towards them and content can be adjusted for presentations to other prospects.
In addition to providing detailed analytics for reports, ClearSlides can be integrated with company CRM systems to add data against different companies and contacts.Clearslide is also available as a mobile app on Android, iOS and Blackberry, enabling your device to be used as a remote when making presentations in-person. For example, it's often the case that presenters may want to switch between a slide deck, web pages and YouTube videos. The company actually describes its product as a "presentation launcher" rather than a means of creating a slide-deck.Once users have downloaded SlideDog, they can create a new presentation and drag and drop different files and media into it. The platform is compatible with a wide range of content types, such as PowerPoint and Prezi presentations, web-pages, .pdfs, images, videos and spreadsheets. The software acts as a playlist, allowing users to cue-up and order content to play through as required. The results should be a seamless presentation with content that works and no need to switch between different applications.

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