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When Father's Day ends and your dad returns to his never-ending to do list, help him get organized with the Things application. The Speak Irish app: Providing over 300 words and phrases with an audio recording for each, this language application will have you speaking Irish in no time. The Official GAA App: This app helps you keep up to date with all GAA happenings over in Ireland. RTE Radio 1 App: Keep up with all the craic and news from home with this streaming application. The Feis-O-Matic App: For the Irish dancer on the go, this app keeps track of upcoming feisanna and their details using your iPhones location.
The Irish Slang Dictionary:This handy reference tool promises no more difficulty in understanding your Irish friends. In early life, people brought bible with them when they go to church or kind of prayer meetings.
Bible +1 is another free bible reader which has fully formatted text and multiple versions. After throwing your laptop, charger, and spare battery into your travel bag as you head out the door, suddenly you dona€™t feel so mobile anymore.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
This is a new app which is aimed at the romantically inclined and was launched earlier this year with a lot of fanfare and publicity. After trawling the internet for some of the of the odder things people can do with iPhone 4.. But if your dad has an iPhone, we've got you covered with our guide to the perfect apps for fathers of all ages. This 51.7 MB app comes with 5 different languages like English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese and it compatible with almost all Apple products. This 42 MB bible Trivia game app is the most fun app and you’ll have studying while playing the bible. It’s really useful in kids life and I strongly recommend you to download this app and make your kid to read this bible every day.
This 35.2 MB great bible app comes in different 31 languages which is really useful for any people from anywhere. One solution is to rely more on your iPhone for basic business tasks, such as grabbing data from your companya€™s computer systems, managing a Web site, and even viewing, editing, and storing Word and Excel files. Though various applications offer to bring the desktop Basecampa€™s functionality to the iPhone, Encamp stands out as the quickest and most flexible iPhone Basecamp app of the lot.Encamp gives you access to all of Basecampa€™s core features--such as projects, messages, to-do lists, and milestones--in an interface that loads information quickly (even over EDGE). The FlightTrack Pro app checks FAA airport delays and closures, airport arrival times, and temperature, and it tracks your flights worldwide. If you receive a Word document by e-mail, the iPhone can read it but not edit it.Quickoffice for iPhone fixes that major shortcoming, providing a comprehensive suite that can view, edit, and exchange Microsoft Word and Excel documents on the go. ClockIn is a simple and efficient program that allows you to monitor the time you spend on a project and among multiple clients.With a few taps, you can punch in and out, and have the app track your shifts (and even if you close the app, it remembers whether you punched in or out). Evernote lets you gather notes, voice memos, ideas, or snapshots on your iPhone, and it syncs them with your computer (PC or Mac). It gives you the real feel of the car which can never be possible through a paper brochure. The interesting part of the app is that it keps getting updated constantly as real-life couples can submit film and photographs as a personal testament to their evolving relationships. This user friendly app enables you to browse through an extensive catalog of superyachts for sale or charter.
You get to watch behind-the-scenes videos of fashion shoots and interviews with Gucci ambassadors.
The app reads like an intimate diary of the lives of six women and the emotional connections they share with their D-Bag.
Prioritize tasks that have to get done today, tomorrow or "someday," and wirelessly sync the data with the desktop application.

So it’s hard to accept that people in this current world can bring a bible with them. You can even connect to your church’s proclaim presentation and receive signals sent straight to your mobile device. This perfect bible app requires IOS 6.0 or later versions and it is compatible with almost all Apple products. For road warriors, the iPhone isna€™t just about games--it can be a powerful business tool.
To use iTerminal you'll have to fork over $25 per month for an account with the firm, and each transaction will cost 30 cents plus 2.29 percent of the total. The appa€™s dashboard shows you the latest activity overview, while the project tab displays all your active and archived projects.In the latest Encamp update, you can also view files attached to your Basecamp projects, such as PDFs, images, and Office documents. FlightTrackPro will also check for your gate numbers and flight cancellations, and search alternative schedules.
Then mbPointer connects to your PC via Wi-Fi and acts as a remote control for your presentations.
The app, made by Inblosam, gives you access to a wide range of Google Analytics reports on your iPhone.Getting started with Analytics App is as easy as entering your Google account credentials. At-a-glance information about the current shift remains at the top of the screen for your convenience, and you can filter reports based on a clienta€™s name.The app can manage multiple clients, and it stores their names, Web sites, and e-mail addresses. Very useful for creative minds, Evernote keeps your ideas organized and easy to review later.The best thing about Evernote is the harmonious synchronization it provides, as it adds all of your iPhone notes and items to the servicea€™s Web version as well as to its PC and Mac applications. You have a variety of apps, right from yacht brokerage to Hublot novelties to an app that allows you to design your dream super car.
You see a cinematic trailer first and then a drop down menu allows you to explore all facets of the luxury sedan. The app also allows you to mix and match in terms of exterior and interior color and wheel mount selector.
The app provides tips for love-struck couples as Tiffany is considered to be an expert on the subject. The app allows you to zoom in and examine the styles on offer including Solitaire 1895, Ballerina, Declaration, Honeymoon, Emblematic rings and Exceptional rings. One of the best and needful feature of this app is that you can pick up right where you left off in a resource of any of your devices. You can immediately go in to the subject you need with the navigation bar where you can navigate by book, topic, passage, search and more.
Since its a audio base app, the size of this app is 870 MB which is bit higher than other ordinary bible apps. More than one million people download this app and at least 90% of them rate this app with 5 stars. It sends you a reminder everyday and you can get powerful inspirational and uplifting verses. With Applea€™s release of the iPhone 3GS, the handset gains better security and improved real-time e-mail delivery, both appealing features for business users and their companies' IT departments. Encamp does not store project data on the iPhone, though, so the application always requires an Internet connection to access your Basecamp data.
But this app is much more than just a PowerPoint remote--it also lets your iPhone serve as a regular touchpad for your PC, allowing you to perform mouse movements (including scrolling and middle-button clicking) with your finger on a virtual pad. Analytics App offers 47 types of reports in a neatly organized interface, including custom reports for multiple accounts. Who hasn't arrived back at the office with a pile of disorganized and creased business cards? Alternatively, the cheaper Documents 2 ($3.99) is also an all-in-one mobile office suite, only with fewer features. The app also offers a voice-recording module and takes advantage of the iPhonea€™s camera to snap photos of things you want to remember.Time for a break from work? All the new novelties by the Swiss brand can be seen in panoramic, 360-degree viewing angles.

The Watch finder function lets you navigate through the entire collection to zero in on the watch that fits your exact specifications.
The Love is Everywhere section allows you to insert a heart at a desired point on a map which is significant to your love story. A very useful feature of the app is that by placing an existing ring on the screen, you get to match it to the ring sizes available at Cartier. The app provides a concierge type service and helps you charter a yacht from any company around the world. The application also has store locators to guide you to the nearest store when you want to buy a Toda€™s bag. There is a question and answer section inside the bible, so you can ask any doubts and the community will answer your doubts.
Through interactive adventures and beautiful animations it attracts the kids and they would like to explore the big stories of the bible. If you really needs to download a bible app on your phone or iPad or whatever, I personally recommend you to get this app. The app supports all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
The app takes over from there, and your flight itinerary will automatically appear in your FlightTrack Pro account.
Simple and efficient, the a€?Todaya€™ report is one of the highlights, showing you the traffic statistics for the day without your having to fiddle with date ranges. Having access to the ultimate social network for professionals straight from your iPhone means you no longer have to swap business cards with people--you can just add each other on LinkedIn, on the spot.
Try the iPhone apps described in the slide shows below to stay challenged, entertained, and dreaming of summer vacation.
One of the functions allows you to display the time and date on virtual Omega Ladymatic and Hour Vision watches. You may save your dream ring in your wish list and then visit the nearest Cartier boutique to turn the dream ring into reality. The app highlights all the major yacht exhibits and events with all the relevant information and a map of the layout.
It can work with the display turned off, so you don’t need to worry about battery life. More than 1 million people download this app and 1000s of tweets and face book shares every day. Aside from the fees mentioned above, iTerminal is itself a free application, and the service doesna€™t require any contracts or termination fees, making it ideal for businesses that have never accepted credit cards before.
For less-frequent fliers, a cheaper ($4.99), more-basic version of FlightTrack is available.
And to read descriptions and reviews of thousands of iPhone apps, be sure to visit PC World's brand-new App Guide. You are invited to choose a color and sound depending on your mood and the app suggests the Hublot model that would best fit your aural and chromatic inclinations at that time.
For frequent travelers there is the Little Black Book section that lists out stylish hang-outs in more than 30 cities. The images you create can be saved as a wall paper or can be shared with friends like virtual postcards. Best thing of this app is you don’t need internet connection after download this app. The wallpaper selection boasts of high power celebrities who have been Omegaa€™s ambassadors including Nicole Kidman,A Cindy Crawford, Zhang Ziyi and George Clooney.
There is Frida’s Favorites also that lists out the best restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels.

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