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Just yesterday I discussed in an article about Cisco Quad that it is very hard it is to determine who the leaders in tech will be in the future. The way the system works is a Cablevision IO TV customer could decide they want to join an e-mail list of an advertiser to receive selected coupons and offers.
The end game for Cablevision is to allow advertisers to sell products directly from their TV sets and if the company is successful it will pit it against other online commerce companies such as Amazon, potentially Google and more. Yes Virginia, cable companies are innovating\nJust yesterday I discussed in an article about Cisco Quad that it is very hard it is to determine who the leaders in tech will be in the future.
Television advertising is a powerful and effective way of communicating sales and marketing messages to the viewer. TV commercials ensure you profit from a wide exposure and create awareness about your company.
While still expensive compared to other forms of promotion, TV adverts are not as pricey as many people think. The first thing you must do is to find a station and channel that fits your particular target audience.
The competition for the target audience of these companies is very competitive and you only have to look at how many times the advertisements are repeated to realise they work. At SLS Advertising Services we can advise you on how to get your TV advertising off the ground, give you ideas on what kind of a campaign that will be benefit your business and put you in touch with production companies who will create the final advertisement.
Also notable is the appearance of four different communications companies on the list — though that may soon be only three if Comcast finalizes its purchase of Time Warner Cable. Most companies increased their Q1 TV ad spending in 2014, no doubt due to the Winter Olympics. After dropping 13% from Q4 2012 to Q4 2013, Verizon spent 25% more on TV ads in Q1 2014 than it did in Q1 2013. New on the scene is Italian auto company Fiat, which ramped up its advertising earlier this year. The DRTV Centre, the leading direct response television advertising agency, discusses the 10 main areas that often concern advertisers who have never used TV before.
TV ads are almost always listed top when people are asked to name their favourite advertisement. TV costs split into two distinct categories: the cost of TV production and the cost of TV space. We always urge first-time TV advertisers to be cautious and insist that their test budgets for both production and TV space are modest. TV spots can be planned most cost-effectively if advertisers take real care in defining the key target audience. David Pearson, CEO of The DRTV Centre explains: “TV advertising is still the most powerful advertising medium. For further information, call David Pearson at The DRTV Centre on 0800 180 4250; or email david(at)drtvcentre(dot)com . Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Should doctors be advertising on TV?A  Do TV commercials that advertise medical services compromise the integrity of the medical profession?A  Does TV advertising for elective procedures actually work? Through our professionally produced TV commercials, we have successfully grown the practices of cosmetic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, bariatric surgeons, ophthalmologists, orthopedist and orthodontists nationwide.

Let Consolidated MD create television commercials for your hospital, healthcare corporation or practice.
As your Executive Producer, Consolidated MD will write the script(s), Direct, hire the Director of Photography (videographer), secure the talent, hire the studio(s), do the editing, etc. Outdoor outperforms: Shares of Clear Channel Outdoor and Lamar Advertising have surged during the past few months.
Sharp "Focus": Chinese electronic display advertising company Focus Media has been a huge hit with American invesfors since the company went public last year.
As the upfront ad buying period approaches, marketers and the broadcast networks debate whether 30-second commercials are still effective.
Univision is up for sale, but other Spanish-language media companies might be takeover targets as well. Overall music sales may be declining but kiddie rock is gaining popularity among children and parents alike.
Advertising revenue for the outdoor category, which includes billboards as well as ads on bus stops, train stations and other public places, were up more than 8 percent last year according to research from the trade group Outdoor Association of America (OAAA). Radio operator Clear Channel Communications (Research) spun off its billboard operations, Clear Channel Outdoor (Research), last November and the stock is up nearly 30 percent since the IPO.
Industry insiders and analysts say there are several good reasons why an outdoor ad renaissance could just be beginning.
For one, billboards, unlike other "older" forms of media, have not faced the same pressure from the Internet, iPods, satellite radio, TiVo and other technology. In fact, technology is actually something that could help Clear Channel Outdoor and Lamar in the near future.
That's a far cry from the old vinyl billboards that only get changed every couple of weeks (or sometime months).
Kit Spring, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus, said investors realize that digital billboards could lead to even bigger sales gains going forward, since the outdoor companies will be able to charge more premium rates for a digital sign. Spring added that investors are probably noticing how well a company called Focus Media (Research), which offers electronic display advertising in China, is doing and factoring that into their expectations for Lamar and Clear Channel Outdoor. Focus Media's sales more than doubled in 2005 and the stock, which went public on the Nasdaq in July, has surged nearly 240 percent from its offering price. But even with digital billboards looming on the horizon, outdoor advertising is still expected to remain a relatively cost-effective way for marketers to reach a large audience of people. For this reason, outdoor is expected to remain attractive to advertisers, even for companies in struggling industries such as the automotive sector. What's more, as the Internet becomes a more important promotional tool for car companies, Stuart Kagel, an analyst with Janco Partners, said that billboards can serve as relatively inexpensive ways for auto companies and local dealers to drive traffic (pardon the pun) to their Web sites.
On this basis, Clear Channel Outdoor trades at a multiple of about 10 and EBITDA is expected to increase in the low double digits in percentage this year and next.
Moran thinks these valuations are reasonable, especially since Lamar and Clear Channel Outdoor are both expected to post revenue gains of about 7 percent this year, sales growth that outshines the expected annual increases of between 2 percent and 4 percent for most radio companies this year.
And today when I learned that Cablevision added e-mail opt-in for its television advertisers, I got to thinking about how this will change the world for companies like Groupon, Yahoo and Google. A screen overlay is presented on the program they are viewing until the transaction is complete.
The campaign garnered 3,000 email opt-ins with 24% redemption rates, according to a statement from Cablevision – says DM News.

And today when I learned that Cablevision added e-mail opt-in for its television advertisers, I got to thinking about how this will change the world for companies like Groupon, Yahoo and Google.\nThe way the system works is a Cablevision IO TV customer could decide they want to join an e-mail list of an advertiser to receive selected coupons and offers. For example, you will find that most daytime lifestyle channels are filled with adverts for loan and insurance companies a€“ and with good reason. P&G also owns Old Spice, which is responsible for one of the most popular TV ads of all time.
L’Oreal was the only company in the top 10 of 2013 to see a significant decrease in ad spending in Q1 2014, spending 15% less than they did over the same period last year. This could be testimonials from existing customers, for example, or independent product tests. As a small advertiser it’s probably best to avoid the big name media agencies used by multinational clients. Very few of the marketing people you are likely to come into contact with have much broadcast experience. Outdoor advertising has enjoyed a comeback even as other traditional media companies struggle to attract marketers.
That outpaced the growth rates of other traditional forms of media such as network TV, radio and newspapers. When you're driving on a highway, the only way to not see a billboard is to not look out your windshield. Both companies are testing digital billboards, LCD screens that can change advertisements instantaneously through Internet connections. In addition, he said that the lower cost to maintain these billboards -- billboard operators won't need to have people climb up and manually change the advertisements on a regular basis -- could lead to higher profit margins. So the billboard companies should get a very attractive return on investment," Spring said. Lamar trades at about 11 times EBITDA estimates for 2006 and analysts are forecasting EBITDA growth of 9 percent for 2006 and 2007. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes.
Other industries such as cosmetics (L’Oreal), insurance (Berkshire Hathaway), and pharmaceuticals (Pfizer) were also represented.
But advertisers who have never used TV before are understandably daunted by the hurdles they perceive. Smaller media specialist agencies are often able provide the best value airtime deals for smaller clients. In truth, getting your company on TV is nowhere near as complex (or expensive) as you might imagine. So it’s common sense that your message should be simple and concentrate on one persuasive benefit. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

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