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Find out how we can help your advertising strategy across various types of television advertising such as national networks, local cable, syndicated shows, and more. In our weekly series with, we highlight the best TV ads of the week measured by digital share of voice.
Lost Remote: How have advertisers been leveraging digital share of voice data from Sean Muller: Advertisers use digital share-of-voice data to understand how their TV ads are performing compared to their competitors.
LR: As more budget shifts from linear to digital, how should advertisers reshape their video advertising strategy? Muller: Generally speaking, there isn’t a big shift in budget between linear TV and cable to digital.
Muller: First, when you have a large social reaction, you have a big amplification effect on your TV ad.
LR: What should we be looking out for in the digital video advertising space that not many people are talking about right now?
Muller: Digital video has a real opportunity to reach into TV, but only if TV ads and video can be measured in an accurate, timely and consistent manner across screens.
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As always, advertisers spend on TV because they want to market to certain TV-watching segments of audience. And, as TV shifts toward programmatic buying, information like this becomes even more valuable.
By performance, we mean the earned digital activity generated by each ad across social, online video and search.
But there are two challenges: One is that you need the real time data on ad performance to support programmatic decisions. Second is it means your creative is resonating in some capacity, be it negative or positive.
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But as ad creative becomes, well, more creative, and viewers treat this creative as sharable content, an advertiser’s budget can go a long way.
This helps them understand which of their creatives are working, and also understand on which program and TV network those creatives are performing the best, and then make adjustments accordingly. Everyone’s talking about what shows are being watched on TV, but not enough dialogue about what ads are being watched.
In addition, a higher credit score can help you with credit card rates, auto loans, and help you get that job you wanted. The real question is not whether budgets are shifting from linear to digital, it’s is whether it is shifting from premium to short form, and that’s not happening. I think you’ll see the implementation of programmatic buying grow progressively, first in the cable space, then later to the national TV networks. None of this is going to happen overnight, it’s going to be a progression over many, many years. You need to look for TV to be measured more like digital video, in terms of viewability and accuracy.

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