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A charter bus headed to a casino crashed in South Texas on Saturday, killing eight people and injuring 44 others in a one-vehicle rollover, officials said. We are seeing reports of a deadly bus crash in Texas that has killed eight people and injured over 40. MANSFIELD, Texas (AP) - A Siamese cat recently cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest living cat did not live to enjoy the title.
A driver of a pickup truck in Fresno, Calif., pulled in front of a speeding Amtrak train Friday, causing a fatal accident. A southern Indiana man was arrested on Thursday in connection with the making of an internet video that included threats against Donald Trump and his family. President Maithripala Sirisena, returning to the region from Britain, was expected to arrive in New Delhi in time to join Prime Minister Narendra Modi for dinner. In an essay published Thursday in Politico, the former chief of staff for John Kerry explained the perils of running what he called a "zombie campaign. Extra - Saved from the Spill: National Geographic is once again at the forefront in documenting conservation efforts. A remarkable dog helps to solve a supernatural mystery and locate a missing cat in this playful family-oriented comedy from the people who brought you The Dog Who Saved Christmas.
Apparently, the bus was on the way to a casino near Laredo, Texas and was occupied by a large number of senior citizens. The force split the truck in half and killed all three occupants, The Associated Press reported, but there were no serious injuries to the train passengers.

Gita Prakash (left), who runs a family clinic from her home in New Delhi, examines 10-year-old Sonu Kumar Chaudhary as his father, restaurant delivery man Dilip Kumar Chaudhary, looks on. On Saturday, the two men plan to participate in Kumbh Mela, a Hindu religious ritual of plunging into a river believed wash away sins. When Zeus and George (Gary Valentine of ''The King of Queens'') decide to investigate a creepy neighbor (Lance Henriksen of Aliens), they discover a scary dog (voiced by Mayim Bialik of ''Blossom'' and ''The Big Bang Theory''), a haunted house and form a surprising partnership with a familiar pair of bumbling burglars (Dean Cain and Joey ''Coco'' Diaz). The bumbling crooks find work picking up dog excrement in the park, and the larger of the two crooks (who's also prone to flatulence throughout the film), at one point smears what could be either mud or dog poop on his face.
Can Zeus bust some ghosts, find a missing cat and face his biggest fear, all in time to go trick or treating? With oil actively gushing into the Gulf s waters, National Geographic Explorer and wildlife expert Mireya Mayor, together with adventure underwater cameraman Andy Casagrande, join the extensive mission to save struggling creatures at the center of the crisis.
As George (Gary Valentine) and Zeus (voice of Joey Lawrence) investigate a particularly suspicious neighbor (Lance Henriksen), they encounter a terrifying canine (voice of Mayim Bialik) and stumble across an old dark house.
There's mild farcical violence throughout, a brief scene with sexual undertones, and typical Halloween scary fare like lightning, bats, cobwebs, tarantulas, etc. Men watch the fires of a cremation along the banks of the Yamuna River against the backdrop of the Wazirabad Barrage and floating industrial waste. Circuit Court of Appeals says her husband died Thursday following complications from lung disease.
Elisa Donovan (''Sabrina the Teenage Witch'') and Curtis Armstrong (Revenge of the Nerds) star in this all-new thrills & chills adventure from the creators of The Dog Who Saved Christmas and The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation.

Scientists and historians line up to tell the amazing, untold story of how beer helped create maths, poetry, Pyramids, modern medicine, labor laws and America. Dive into the sludgy mess across the Gulf region with Mireya and Andy as they work to rescue pelicans, sea turtles, dolphins and many other creatures that use the Gulf as a migration superhighway. Just when it looks like theyve gotten themselves into a tight jam, however, the sleuthing pair find unlikely allies in the form of two incompetent burglars (Dean Cain and Joey Coco Diaz) with a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Along the way, they investigate the science behind the toxins and the anticipated impact they will have on coastal life for years to come. And theyll need all the help they can get, because a local cat has gone missing, and no one seems to have any idea where it has disappeared to.
From the marshlands of Louisiana to the beaches and coral reefs of Florida the beloved home state of both Mireya and Andy watch their race to protect the injured creatures from an uncertain future, and follow their investigation after the oil spill was ultimately contained. This is chemical waste from factories that have sprung up across the city, manufacturing leather goods, dyes and other goods.Raw sewage spills directly into the Yamuna River at the northern edge of New Delhi.

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