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WordPress themes and plugins sometimes need to download files from third party servers, like images, documents, archives, and more. There are two functions we could use — media_sideload_image and download_url to grab a file from a URL.
As mentioned at WordCamp San Francisco 2011, this is actually one of Andrew Nacin’s favorite functions, that developers seem to be overlooking. If you save that and browse to your admin dashboard, you should notice the Twitter logo appear there at the top. The function works perfectly fine with images and as you’ve seen is really easy to use, straight out of the box.
The trick here is to figure out the file name since download_url returns one with a .tmp extension.
So as you can see, we’re using the download_url function to grab the file, we then create a $file_array which is then used media_handle_sideload. Don’t miss the checks for is_wp_error, those are quite important since they get rid of the temporary file when things go wrong and return the WP_Error object for further investigation if needed.
Would you have to install a wordpress site within the existing parent site (so that you essentially have two sites) or is there another way?
Hi Danny, subdomain and subdirectory are both fine as long as each runs it’s own WordPress installation.

Methemer, you might want to take a look at the set_post_thumbnail function which is supposed to do what you’re asking for :) Good luck and thanks for your comment!
Thanks for this, exactly the info I needed for a proprietary cms to wordpress conversion script. A pop-up window will open that allows you to navigate your computer for the desired media files. The file will be uploaded and when complete, you will see something that looks like the picture below.
You will now see your social media icons (or whatever media you uploaded) in the WordPress Media Library. About the author: I’m a techie, a gadget geek, a former programmer, and all-around technology nut. DisclaimerThroughout the site I may recommend products I use personally or have used in the past.
A Flickr image browser is a great example, where you wouldn’t want to hotlink to the images on Flickr, but rather download them to your own. It’s used mainly by the Press This bookmarklet but theme and plugin developers can get it to good use in their own creations.
You should probably think of something more clever, like download when a button is pressed, etc.

But sometimes you’ll want to download something more than just an image, perhaps a Zip archive or an MP3 file. I know you might say it depends on the theme you are using but I was wondering if there was a better way to do this since I think it’s probably pretty important.
Follow our RSS feed, Twitter and Facebook channels and never miss a WordPress goodie again! Note that file_get_contents is not the way to go, so in this post we’ll talk about two more WordPress friendly ways.
The media_sideload_image function returns an img element ready to be used in your HTML but you don’t really have control over the attachment post itself, except that second argument where you can specify which post to attach it to. Finally we’ve got an $id and an $attachment_url that could be used for whatever purpose you might think of. Do keep in mind though that this might not work on some server setups where requests to third-party servers are denied, while the majority will work just fine.
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