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This Athena 300 watt micro atx power supply model MP4ATX30 is not only powerful, but it is also compatible with a wide range of HP computers. Fortunately for Apple the Dual DVI MiniDisplay adapter problems only affect those of us with 30" monitors. All of those are a hassle and involve hands leaving keyboards searching for small plugs (there's a good chance you'll knock Apple's magnetic power plug loose) or long waits. After you've slept the display, you can almost immediately just move the mouse to wake it up. The biggest time saver: if you think that you will be able to make this work perfectly yourself, give it up.
If you are shopping for a new 30" monitor to use with Apple computers, I highly recommend buying one of those which comes with displayport in. Personally, I find it incredible that Apple can't or won't fix this problem for their 30" monitor users.
I have my HP L3065s calibrated with basICColor and an Eye One 2 and they reach photographic standards. I’m not concerned about photographic calibration, but in my previous job worked with a lot of folks who did worry about that quite a bit.
For my Synergy set up, I think I had my PowerMac G5 as the master, the Mac Pro and the HP box (Windows Vista, later Windows 7) as slaves. People need this adapter for monitors with 2560 x 1600 pixels (30″ cinema displays or in my case HP LP3065).
Anyone had experience with their Kanex MDPC30 and a Hazro HZ27WC 10-Bit, 27″ inch display ??
Several VBus® accessories can be connected, the sum of their current consumption can be up to 35 mA.
The number of VBus® accessories that can be connected to one controller depends on the sum of their current consumption and on the current supply of the controller VBus®. The VBus®-Repeater amplifies the VBus® signal of a controller and supplies a current of 200 mA in total to modules connected.

The cLCus certification confirms that the controller meets the demands of the UL 60730-2-9 and CSA - E60730-2-9-01 standards.
The cLCus certification confirms that the controller meets the demands of the UL 60730-1A and CSA E60730.1 standards. The reason for this is because the MP4ATX30 has an integrated HP video power that enables the power supply to provide power to the video card through the HP motherboard.
Sadly I have to re boot or put my computer to sleep at least three or four times a day because it goes out and comes back with the dreaded TV Snow we all hated as kids when the cable went out. Flickering every few minutes, with the screen lost in blurry double vision every half hour or so.
Which I did, several times (I recommend keeping at least one Apple keyboard around for this sort of troubleshooting: I had to pull mine out of the closet). I could even turn my HP LP3065 display on and off without getting a fuzzy distorted picture. I've even tried plugging the Dual DVI MiniDisplayport adapter's USB connector into another USB hub.
It makes them look incompetent and I'm sure it's costing them a lot of sales (I didn't buy one of their high end notebooks as a consequence).
If you do want to go Apple (and we do), plan to avoid going with 30" monitors or buy Dell until this adapter issue is fixed. I’d look at selling off that Cinema Display to somebody who has a Mac Pro and getting another HP LP3065.
With one of my LP3065’s ordinary ones work, on the other I need the latest double insulated heavier duty dual DVI cables. Now I’m really glad I bought the ATEN (I got the four station nice metal DVI version for about $120 and it looks solid and saves what sounds like days of troubleshooting). I see my strategy of pulling back and using a 2008 DVI MacBook Pro as my primary computer for 1.5 years was a good one. There are plenty of other connectors on the power supply that make this 300 watt micro atx power supply compatible with almost anything that requires a micro atx power supply.

The strange thing is that those who've turned their Mac Minis into either Windows XP or Linux rigs do not have trouble with the adapter. The cost of this adapter and its lousy functionality were the primary reasons I didn't buy the high end 13" Macbook Pro when it came out in October. It took about 4 cycles to get everything updates, but most of the changes were with iLife and iLife applications and Digital Raw compatibility. That's gone now and I get the fuzz whether I switch off the monitor and turn it on again or switch between displays.
I chose the lower left corner as it's the one I visit least and it's never too far out of the way. Not exactly productive but a lot better than reaching for the plugs on the back of your computer. I'm an old Mac hand so I was able to find the resources necessary to get this issue partially under control. I did that for about six months but found that occasionally Synergy would disappear or crash my system so move to an external ATEN KVM four port switch (I’ve only ever used three) but with the dual dvi swap happening with HP switch. Displayport adapter… horrible washed out, dim, bad white balance, fringing on the screen edges, and the blue is sort of turquoise.
Thus, controller access, system parametrisation and data read-out can be effected from every workstation of the network.
But on a Mac Mini do plug in the USB connector to the USB plug farthest away from the MiniDisplayport.

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