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Whilst the premise of native advertising is that it drives greater engagement as a result of being integrated into the core experience, consumers aren’t necessarily as enthusiastic about it as publishers and marketers. Whilst publishers and advertisers are jumping aboard the native advertising train – the lack of industry guidelines and codes are creating quite a stir. Whilst trust and credibility should be considered when assessing native advertising, the Contently research shows the likelihood consumers will interact with native advertising is still quite high, much higher than the potential interaction with display advertising. For those looking to go native, the IAB has produced a playbook on native advertising covering placement options and key considerations when buying native advertising.
The award-winning Infinity Blade II game for iOS is now free for a limited time on the App Store.
Now you can choose from multiple classes of weapons, armor and spells, each with specialized capabilities such as Dual Wielding, Two-Handed and the standard Weapon & Shield class.
Jump into ClashMob, an innovative new gaming experience that allows you to earn rewards by participating in massively social, asynchronous global challenges.
Those of you looking to pick up some accessories for your iOS devices may want to jump on the limited Memorial Day sale by the folks over at ZAGG. Of all of the major music streaming services available today, Spotify is arguably the most popular one. Pandora announced last month that it has over 75.3 million active users, but did not note how many of those are paying subscribers.
Spotify’s success has made other major companies very interested in the music streaming business. Rumors of the next iPhone packing NFC flood the blogosphere every year, but we have yet to see any idevice include the technology. With the next iPhone rumored to be sporting a 4.7-inch display, many concept designers and artists have been working on mock-ups to guess what the iPhone 6 will look like. The popular Kik Messenger app for iOS has just been updated to include a section for messages from new people. Famous iOS developer Sentry has posted a new vine teasing his latest jailbreak tweak, Apex 2. The latest ad from Bentley showcases the beautiful Bentley Mulsanne in all its glory, and it was shot with an iPhone 5s.
The popular photography app, 500px, has just been updated for IOS, bringing an improved interface for uploading photos. This version includes an improved interface for uploading, letting you upload multiple photos at once.
Sonny Dickson, who has a decent track record when it comes to Apple leaks, was able to get his hands on these iPhone 6 mock ups and sent them over to Dom Esposito of 9to5 for a cool video overview. Microsoft announced last month on April 3rd that the popular Microsoft Office app for the iPad had been downloaded over 12 million times only one week after its launch. General manager Julia White announced the news today during a keynote at the TechEd customer conference in Houston, Texas.
If you haven’t already, head over to the App Store to check out Microsoft Office on the iPad.
Fast forward to where we are today and one could argue networks like Facebook have probably compromised their site experience and potentially their audience in the longer term in the relentless pursuit to deliver shareholder return.
Courtesy of Apple’s Free App of the Week promotion, the $7 game will be completely free for one week, ending next Thursday. Post your progress to Facebook and Twitter feeds and recruit friends to your own “Mob” to earn special perks, unlock new achievements, and gain rewards! It was one of the first companies to offer the type of streaming service where subscribers would have unlimited access to an entire catalogue of music for a monthly fee.

Spotify now has more then 10 million paying subscribers and over 40 million active users, with a reach of up to 56 different markets around the world. Pandora had around 2.5 million subscribers last year, so unless the company saw a huge leap in numbers, Spotify probably has them beat in terms of paying customers. Google announced their All Access service last year, which is almost identical to that of Spotify’s, and rumor has it that Apple is acquiring Beats Electronics specifically for their Beats Music service. While nearly all of Apple’s competitors have been including NFC in their flagships for years, the Cupertino company has refused to do the same.
The company signed a licensing agreement with a customer in Q4’13, who we believe is Apple, related to its emerging ID business. We’ve seen a number of pretty impressive designs but thanks to some leaked schematics, we may have nailed the actual design of the upcoming idevice. The new addition is definitely welcomed and makes managing your messages a much easier task. You can see their photos and other 500px activity, as well as their contact info and even which photography gear they use. You can now see all the public sets that a user has created, in a beautiful mosaic-like layout.
But, in the case of RatedRR’s latest video, the destruction of an iMac with a 20mm anti-tank rifle is actually pretty entertaining.
Now, it appears that the Office app has crossed another very impressive milestone: 27 million downloads. But they proved it worked which is why we are now seeing many major publishers around the world creating innovative new products to capture the shift in spend towards native advertising.
A recent patent filing by Apple revealed potential use of NFC and secure element, which we think could be embedded.
The most recent reports and leaked pictures suggest that the iPhone 6 will indeed pack a 4.7-inch display, rounded edges, and a thinner profile. Banner ads Mobile advertising is evolving and app publishers would be wise to pay attention to the emerging trend towards native ads and adjust their monetization strategies to the currently prevailing climate in the marketIn the generally accepted narrative about financial opportunities for mobile developers, ads have a central place.
It is nearly common belief that inclusion of several ad placements within an app is a sufficient way to secure future income, but there is much more to this aspect of app monetization than could be contained in such a simple formula. Some apps earn a lot of money from mobile ads while others fare far worse, depending how exactly the ad strategy was formulated.For example, there is a large disparity in yields between different types of ads – traditional banner ads are increasingly being replaced by so called “native ads” which are better suited to mobile platforms. Also, ad revenues depend on a number of factors related to implementation, from placement and display frequency to amount and quality of traffic the app receives. Understanding the difference between traditional banners and modern native ads and selecting the best format for your business purposes are important for continued profitability. Here is a direct head-to-head comparison between the two formats:Defining characteristicsIn terms of strictly technical characteristics (delivery networks, display mechanics, click activation) all mobile ads function more or less similarly. It is mostly on the level of content organization where the two types become nearly opposite to one another. Banner ads have fixed content that is “context-blind” and simply pops up at a predefined place in the app, with little regard for surrounding messages. At the other hand, native advertising is developed specifically for the platform it will be displayed on and matches native content in visual style and overall “look and feel”, which allows users to consume ads without too large interruption in normal flow of attention.You can think about banner ads as door-to-door salesmen who can sometimes be disturbing if they arrive at the wrong time. Within the same analogy, native ads would be more alike to a cousin who explains his business idea after a family dinner. It’s clear that both have commercial interests in mind, but in the latter case the resistance against the sales pitch will be significantly diminished.
It is very human to accept anything that looks familiar and this principle holds true on the level of visual recognition of elements – our attention simply gravitates towards known patterns.Advantages of both native ads and banner adsThe main reason why native advertising is so popular at the moment is that it generates clicks at unprecedented rate.

Due to aforementioned ability to slip through user’s defenses, native ads stand a much better chance of getting noticed and driving the user to take action. This is very favourable for advertisers as it allows for campaigns to have a massive immediate impact, while publishers can collect higher totals from their ad network partners.
Users also benefit from a less intrusive experience and show an affinity for apps that feature a smooth interaction flow and good usability.
In other words, native ads are currently looking like a far superior format in many respects and this is appropriately reflected in the dramatically rising budgets for this promotional channel across all industries at the moment.Yet, it would be premature to completely discount banners as a viable advertising format. Studies show that native ads are still trailing behind banner ads in terms brand recollection after viewing, which means banners remain preferable for image-building campaigns that don’t rely on immediate animation of customers for success. Banner advertisements also require less creative skills and technological tools to create, which may render them more attractive for entry-level developers who lack the resources to integrate more advanced types of ads. So far, banners have proven resilient to competition and they still account for a relevant part of mobile marketing spending.Limitations of each typeEffectiveness of mobile ads is difficult to assess properly, since both short-term and long-term impact need to be taken into account. This is one area where native advertising faces a huge question mark, simply because the technique is used on a mass scale for a very brief time. There are concerns about possible negative impact on user confidence arising from gradual merging of editorial and sponsored content that is a logical consequence of native approach. While some of the challenges can be answered with ethical policies and clearly visible designation of paid contents, this is uncharted territory and it is entirely possible that users will grow cold on native ads after the exposure becomes too intensive.Traditional ad formats are less risky in this regard, but they are facing serious problems of their own.
Static banner ads are increasingly becoming obsolete as the users are moving towards interactive multimedia , so apps featuring old-school ads could be seen as backwards and unsophisticated. There is a fine line between visibility and visual aggression in mobile advertising, and traditional ads are often struggling to walk it without straying away too far from the ideal path.Future trendsDevelopers must think in advance when they are building their new apps, since the products will be expected to survive several years in the open market.
For this reason, it is necessary to think in advance and make early decisions that could pay off handsomely down the line. Given that native advertising enjoys all the momentum right now, prudent decision would be to give serious consideration to start experimenting with a native SDK from a reliable provider. Introducing native ads now could be far more financially rewarding than doing it after the competition forces you to, especially if your app is content-rich and thus naturally receptive to this advertising method.Fine-tuning your ads even further to match user’s interests, displaying multiple variations of the same ad and selling native ad inventory in a more systematic manner are some of the hot trends that are worth monitoring. All signs are pointing towards increased personalization of content marketing as the general direction the industry is heading in, with most relevant ads finding their way to users most likely to act upon them.
Native ads in their current shape could thus represent an embryonic form of a much more context-sensitive medium that will be used for funneling commercial messages in the future. As with all other technologies, early adopters stand a solid chance to gain advantage by positioning themselves ahead of the curve and providing their users with more user-friendly interfaces with native ads seamlessly blended in.Final verdictIf “native ads vs. At some point during the previous 12 months, even the most suspicious industry observers admitted that average results of native campaigns are consistently outperforming older formats. It may take a while for the market to completely adjust to new reality, but this process is well underway and even the largest mobile publications are rushing to switch to native as we speak. There is no doubt that all developers have a strong financial incentive to make the switch as soon as possible and make native ads a centerpiece of their monetization plans.A large percentage of mobile apps are still based on traditional ad networks, mostly because some developers are unaware of the new opportunities. It is difficult to imagine that traditional display advertising would completely disappear, although evolution of mobile advertising is certain to alter the way it is executed.
Some types of apps could still benefit from banner ads and the decision to replace them with contextually adapted messages should be made rationally, not automatically. E-Mail Address Recent Posts Advanced Revenue Optimization With eCPM Floors Extract data using Avocarrot’s Reporting API Native Video FAQ For Demand Partners Avocarrot launches native mobile video ads for higher eCPM and optimized fill rate.

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