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AVS designed and built a system that controls and monitors the audio and video products used in conferencerooms and lobby areas in the U.S. When video sources such as laptops or DVD players are connected and powered on, the system for that room automatically turns on and routes the device to the display(s).
Wall-mounted LCD displays with built in ATSC tuners, and wall-plates equipped with one computer (VGA) and one composite video input (both with audio connections) that connect to the displays are used throughout USGBCs facility. There are three medium-sized and one large conference room each of which can be used as one large room or be divided into two smaller rooms using a removable wall. The sixth floor Medium Conference Room and two Medium Conference Rooms on the fifth floor all have identical functionality.
Audio and video being played in the Large Conference room can also be shared via the displays in the two 5th floor medium conference rooms, as well as the Lobby and Cafe Area areas. In divided mode, the flat-panels are the designated displays and the projection system is the designated display in combined mode. The Small Conference Room on the sixth floor has a single 52-inch LCD display with integrated speakers, that play the associated audio, and a wall-plate that connects to the display.
Both the game room and the cafe area each contain a 52-inch LCD display with integrated speakers. There are 52-inch LCD displays with integrated speakers located in the Lobby Area and in a hallway near offices to display various media and information.
The Leading Practitioners' Resource for Product & Technology Development92 Crescent Street.
R&D investments continue to be under more scrutiny as sluggish economic conditions stall and the pressure to do more with less persists across multiple industries.
What the Kennametal Value Business System (KVBS) - a set of six processes, associated tools, and metrics used throughout the company to manage strategic planning, portfolio management, lean, talent development, customer excellence, and new product development.
About Millipore’s current metrics system and their approach to developing clear decision making linkages between their stage-gate process, project, and portfolio reviews, as well as the importance of embedding these into company culture.
How Amway approached its implementation of profitability, consumer focus, open innovation and human capital development metrics. Streamlined Schedule: The conference agenda has been specifically designed to provide robust learning and networking opportunities in a compact agenda to minimize your time out of the office. Pre-Conference Tutorials: Take full advantage of your time at the conference and register for one of two pre-conference tutorials.
Metrics Panel Session – Bring your toughest metrics questions to the table and find out how leading practitioners and top experts would address your metrics identification and implementation challenges. Special Team Discounts: Teams of 3 or more may deduct $100 per person from the conference fee. Keynote Address: Metrics that Matter--What Global High Performing Innovators are Measuring and Why, Dr. Case Presentation: Fostering Joint Accountability with Aligned Objectives and Linked Metrics, Patrice Gausselin, Sr. This conference is highly recommended for anyone charged with boosting innovation and return on R&D investment.

I discovered many contradictions in the presenters’ information, but in the end all agreed on the criticality and the need for learning and knowledge gained measures.
It is very valuable to meet with Product Development Experts (both consultants and companies practicing PD) in formal presentations and informal settings. After three participations to this conference, I can honestly say it is more than a refresher. This event was timely and I appreciate the thoughtful, relevant content from each of the speakers.
Excellent conference for the executive who wants to know more about how to raise the bar for product development and innovation performance.
The conference will be held at the: The Hilton Walt Disney World Resort, 1751 Hotel Plaza Boulevard, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830.
When conversation takes precedent over connectivity, a basic conference table is the smart choice. The system uses ENERGY STAR compliant products whenever applicable, and when an ENERGY STAR product was not available, automated power management was used to power down devices when not in use. Crestron's RoomView Monitoring software was used to view and control the power aspects of all rooms along with the scheduling of room usage from a single location. Once the device is disconnected or turned off, the system automatically powers down the display(s) and the related equipment to conserve power usage. A central RF signal distribution system was deployed to allow for Cable TV to be sent over standard RG-6 coax cabling to each flat panel display or equipment rack. The audio system is configured into two zones - one for each side of the room through eight ceiling-mounted speakers.
Each side is able to route any source connected to either of the two input plates on that side to the display. It has a 6000 lumen projector mounted from the ceiling and a 161-inch diagonal motorized projection screen on one end.
Eight-inch wireless touch panel interfaces are located on each side of the room to control system functionality when in divided mode. Wall-plates connect source media to each display, including an HDMI connection to allow for attaching a video gaming console such as an Xbox or Wii to the system. Twelve ceiling-mounted speakers in the lobby and cafe areas are configured into two separate zones, and are controlled from the receptionist's desk.
This highly acclaimed annual event will bring together top innovation and product development metrics thought leaders and advanced industry practitioners to discuss the current trends and latest thinking on what key measures should be included in your company’s metrics dashboard to accurately assess the impact of innovation and product development on growth and profitability. The sessions are limited to just 35 participants and are included in the cost of your registration. Learn what metrics they would recommend (and why) to measure return on R&D and innovation investments.
Using the Four Panel Approach for your R&D Scorecard, Brian Krichbaum, Process Coaching, Inc. Networking with this group of people now and in the future will pay for my time and the trip many times over.

Revisiting the metrics you use is a must and a conference gives you the best benchmarks you can find.
This conference consistently surprised me with the quality of the speakers and the two or three presentations that were truly seminal. The overall organization of the event was particularly impressive - from the website and email communication to keeping the agenda on time and coordinating Q&A.
Wide variety of leading companies were there and gave credibility to the speakers messages.
Provocative concepts for fundamentally changing the games of innovation and product development excellence.
Conference tables offer the same remarkable beauty and durability as ACT and Mini ACT tables, only without the wiring options.
Conference tables can be specified with a black or silver edge inlay for an additional cost.
These systems are connected to the buildings automation system to provide the ability to detect occupants in any room to prevent the shutdown of a display while the room is in use. The two medium conference rooms on the fifth floor have the ability to share sources for audio and video with the Large Conference Room, Lobby and Cafe Area areas. A wired 6.4" touch panel interface, installed at the reception desk in the lobby controls all system functionality in the Lobby Area, as well as audio in the caf area.
If your company is like most, innovation is likely a top priority but few metrics are in place to effectively measure its payback.
Filled on a first-come, first served basis – register early to ensure your seat at the table! I am walking away with tools and knowledge that could never have been acquired through experience alone. A connection to room motion sensors allows each of the systems to shut-down after a set interval of no action within the room.
An in-wall 12-button control panel located on each side of the room, controls functionality when in divided mode, and an eight-inch wireless touchpanel, with a table top docking station, controls system functionality in combined mode. When in combined mode, all four input plates throughout the entire room are available for routing to the displays.
According to a 2008 Boston Consulting Survey*, only 35% of executives are satisfied with their company's current innovation measurement practices.
In addition, most companies surveyed use five or fewer metrics to track their innovation efforts.
The audio system plays source audio selected via the touch panel interface on all speakers in both zones. Finding the right metrics to effectively monitor and measure innovation effectiveness and new product development performance is critical; failure to select and implement the right measures can mean missed opportunities, misallocated resources and poor decision-making.

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