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In ALfheim Online, Klein's appearance is mostly the same as his appearance in Sword Art Online , except that his hair is dyed red in ALO.
Originally, Klein was a new player who spotted Kirito as a beta-tester, and requested help from him. Klein is also a "bachelor" and is shown trying to get together with various women in the series, such as Asuna and Freyja, and even Kirito's sister, who he'd yet to meet. He was first seen posing with his friends while a female news reporter was reporting about Sword Art Online and how only 10,000 copies were sold. Afterwards, he and Kirito are recalled to the Starting City, where Kayaba Akihiko announces that Sword Art Online has become a death game and a reality, shortly afterwards the avatars of players, including Klein's, are transformed to look like the real bodies of the players. After the tutorial, Kirito took him to the streets of the city, telling him that they needed to get to the next village together. They met each other by chance on various occasions throughout the two years in Aincrad due to both of them being in the front lines later on in the game.
Klein and Kirito later met up on the 74th Floor, when Klein and his guild encountered Kirito and Asuna in a safe zone in the Labyrinth.
Klein later met up with Kirito and Asuna on the 75th Floor for the boss battle, and they fought against «The Skull Reaper».
Klein was present at Andrew's Dicey Cafe to celebrate the «Aincrad Capture Commemorative Party», and was later also present during the unveiling of a content update in ALO, the «Floating Castle Aincrad», which introduced «New Aincrad» to the ALO universe.

Klein was seen watching Kirito's battle during the «Bullet of Bullets» tournament at Asuna's rented house in Yggdrasil City.
Klein was one of the players invited to join Kirito's party in an attempt to clear the Inverted Ice Pyramid. In the 4-koma Klein is much more prominent and he tends to bug Kirito with messages or calls.
It uses the CSS3 text-shadow property to create 3D text effect and show you the magic of 3D. You can use your stylish text with various software and web sites like Windows Live Messenger(MSN), Facebook, Twitter and etc. This Keep Calm Generator allows you to make your own Keep Calm Posters, Cards, iPhone & S3 cases, T-Shirts, Aprons, Postcards, Coasters & Mugs or Download Artwork and print your own. Early in the official version of the game, he noticed and identified Kirito as a beta tester, and asked to be taught the basics of fighting. But Klein refused the offer by saying that his friends must be in the plaza and that he needed to be with them.
The first of such known encounters was when Kirito went to the Wolf Plains to do some overnight leveling, as he spent most of the day helping his Guild, the members of the Moonlit Black Cats level up at a fast rate. Another meeting was a few days before Christmas, when they met at the Ant Hill on the 46th Floor, which was the most efficient leveling area at the time.
After the battle, Heathcliff's identity was uncovered by Kirito and Heathcliff paralyzed all the clearers, except Kirito.
Upon seeing «Death Gun», he reacted by saying he knew the person from SAO as one of the members of the red guild, «Laughing Coffin».
During the adventure, he helped Kirito obtain the Holy Sword Excalibur by setting Freyja, who later turned out to be Thor, free. Together they managed to help stall a guild for 3 minutes in order to allow Asuna and the Sleeping Knights to fight that floor's boss. These can include premiums for health insurance and your contributions to a retirement account. These free online word art generators will surely help you when looking for word art for decoration, logo design or anything else. He cares deeply for his friends and always wants to be by their side fighting alongside them when they are in danger even to the point of getting angry when Kirito was fighting Death Gun, saying he should've converted to GGO as well. It is later revealed this coldness is due to Kirito feeling guilty for leaving Klein behind at the beginning of SAO.

Soon after understanding the basics, he attempted to log out so that he could eat his pizza, but noticed that there was no log out option. He suggested that they could all go together, but noticed that Kirito felt worried about the idea, so he dismissed it. Then again during Christmas, when he tried to convince Kirito not to battle Nicholas The Renegade alone, but Klein eventually let Kirito go while he and his guild kept the Divine Dragon Alliance from taking on the boss.
After the platoon departed, Klein, Kirito, Asuna and members of the Fuurinkazan decided to follow the platoon in case they got themselves into trouble.
Before Kirito began his duel with Heathcliff, he apologised to Klein for leaving him on the first day. Thor rewarded him with Mjolnir for his assistance, which he then gave to Lisbeth as he did not use blunt weapons. In the case of direct deposit, the bottom will not be an actual check but will show what was deposited into your account. Learn how your credit history – your history of paying your bills – can make a difference!
He gets angry when people get into situations that can get them killed since he wants to protect as many people as he can.
Klein does not care about this and the two make up as Klein is shown to be the person Kirito relies on the most, beside Asuna. Soon they parted ways, with Kirito heading to the next village and Klein returning to the plaza.
When Kirito came back, he gave the item of revival to Klein, telling him that to use it on the first person he sees dying. After seeing that the platoon had engaged with «The Gleam Eyes» and that crystals could not be used within the boss room, Klein and his guild helped get The Army members to safety. In response to that, Klein told him that he would not forgive him for it until Kirito bought him a meal in the real world to make up for it.

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