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Let’s see how exactly it is that these applications work and what kind of features each one of them has to offer. Free Flipping Book Publisher is a flipbook creator software that lets you load up text documents (TXT and RTF) and after that convert their pages into pages of a flipbook. Flipbook appearance is changeable either by selecting different templates (dozens are available), or by tweaking it manually using the left sidebar. 3D PageFlip for Photo lets you load up photos and then turn them into flipbooks that have a 3D effect, instead of just giving you a static birds eye view. ToolWiz FlipBook is a much more simpler flipbook creator software than all the others that I tested. If you’re looking for a simplistic flipbook creator software for your Windows 10 powered machine, then I suggest that you have a look at ToolWiz FliBook. Here’s a list of 4 calendar creator software for Windows 10 which can be used to created personalized calendars that can be printed and put up on a wall. TKexe is a calendar creator software for Windows 10 that takes the calendar creation to the next level. This next calendar creator software might be a bit of a weird choice, but it’s actually the most feature rich calendar generator that I tested. Where this calendar creator for Windows 10 differs from TKexe is in the selection of layouts and the quality of the built-in templates.
Easiest Calendar Creator is a complete opposite of the kind of applications that I was talking up until now. What it does do is generates simplistic text calendars for basically any year after the year 1759.
All 4 of the calendar creator software for Windows 10 from the list above has it advantages and disadvantages.
Here’s a list of 4 free font creator software for Windows 10 which you can use to create your very own fonts. First thing that you’ll see after starting a project is a table that contains an alphabet for the selected language. BirdFont is another font creator software that works under Linux, Mac and Windows, including Windows 10.
To create fonts on Windows 10 using this font creator, each letter needs to be selected and a custom font character drawn for it.
Type Light really is true to its name seeing how its one of the most lightweight font creator software for Windows 10 that I tested. What this means is that you can’t create those smooth curves like you can in the previously mentioned applications.
Here’s a list of 4 t-shirt creator software for Windows 10 which you can use to create t-shirts. Free TSHIRT Maker is a dedicated t-shirt creator software for Windows 10 that’s very easy to use and comes with a collection of stickers and clipart that you can use when creating t-shirts. Desktop T-Shirt Creator is a Windows 10 t-shirt creator software that’s made using Adobe Air, and you will need the latest version of Air in order for the application to work properly.
Sidebar on the left has a selection of templates for not just t-shirts but also vests and long sleeved shirts. With Graphic Design Shop we’ve reached the part of the list where applications that technically speaking are not t-shirt creator software start.
Not all of the 4 t-shirt creator software from the list above are for t-shirt design per se, like Free TSHIRT Maker, but they can all be used as that. Here’s a list of 4 installer creator software for Windows 10 which you can use to generate install wizards for applications that you yourself create. CreateInstall Free is a feature rich installer creator software which has a step by step graphical setup of the installer parameters. On the image above I have the quick mode running, where you just need to go through the steps outlined in the left sidebar. At almost every step of the setup guide you’ll be able to preview how the setup looks like, see image above. One feature that’s available which is interesting to me would be ZIP to EXE conversion, which allows you to convert ZIP archives into self extracting installers that use the default minimalistic setup scheme of Nullsoft.

Inno Setup is another scripting based installer creator software where to create installers you’ll need to fiddle around with simplistic syntax, see image above. This time I’m going to go with the simplicity of CreateInstall Free and Install Creator 2 and recommend that you try them first if you have no experience using these types of applications. A flipbook is a great way how to present information in a nicer package than the usual image slides or text documents.
Half a dozen flipbook templates are available, and you can tweak things like tilt angle, flip interval in auto flipping mode, base color and more. It has a wizard like setup, but the wizard consists of just 1 step, the one that can be seen on the image down below.
In fact if you look at their screenshots, you’ll notice that the applications have identical interfaces. Having calendars on the wall might not be that common now that we have calendars on various tech devices and gadgets, but customized calendars are where exceptions are made. Day of the year or chronological day numbers according to the Julian calendar can be shown on the calendar. They are mostly divided up into 2 categories, templates where each month goes on its own page, or where all 12 months are on a single page.
On top of the already mentioned, page per month and 12 month per page layouts, there is also 3D calendar printing that creates those triangle shaped self-standing calendars that can be found on desks. You can see from the image above that this calendar creator software does not have any kind of fancy effects, or printing templates. Basic idea behind this calendar generator is to use the calendar info generated by the Easiest Calendar Creator and embed it into better layouts, that you create yourself. Easiest Calendar Creator is for example too simplistic for my taste, but Easy Print Calendar on the other hand has pretty much everything you need for generating and printing simplistic yet nice to look at calendars. Your job is to double click on each character, each letter and draw your own version of it, like I’m doing for the letter A on the image above.
Similarly to FontForge, after starting BirdFont, you’re going to have to open up an existing font or create a new one. Drawing toolbox has a decent selection of tools that allow you to create paths, multi-point Bezier curves, freehand drawing is supported, as are shapes. Given it has such a small size you can’t really expect much when it comes to features. Unlike some of the other applications that I mentioned, Free TSHIRT Maker is specifically made for creating t-shirts. After that, everything you need for making the t-shirt design on your own can be found in the sidebar on the right-hand side. Also worth noting is the fact that this software is tied closely to its website, Sonic Shack, for selling custom print t-shirts, which doesn’t work anymore, but the software worked OK for me.
Built-in gallery of stickers and clipart makes it easy to add additional effects to the t-shirts that you’re designing. As you can see from its name, this is more of a general graphics manipulation tool, something like GIMP.
Installer creator will take all the files important for the proper functioning of the application, place them in desired install directories, make the necessary registry changes, present the user with prompts and then create desktop shortcuts so that the application can be launched. Setup requires you to configure things like installation files (select them and their destinations), dialog settings, registry changes, shortcuts, uninstall parameters and more.
Step by step setup guide will ask you the usual, to select the source directory (where files that make up your application are located), select the destination directory (where they are going to be installed), etc. After completing all the steps, you’ll be presented with a prompt for saving the installer executable, EXE. It doesn’t have easy setup guides like the two previously mentioned installer creator software but rather uses scripting with its own minimalistic syntax for creating application installers. It basically boils down to filling out info like application name, adding list of files that you want installed, where to put them, etc.
Software that I tested will help you create flipbooks as either standalone executables, HTML pages or iOS and Android apps. TXT documents are supported as input, while only standalone EXE applications can be created as output.

During the calendar setup process, their print size can be set manually, or you can chose from standard paper sizes like A3, A4, A5.
Calendar elements can be adjusted manually, up to a point (left-right movement of images is limited for example). If nothing else then just to give documents or graphics that you create your own personal touch.
After installing and launching this font creator on Windows 10,¬†you’ll be asked if you want to open an existing font or start a new project.
In either case you’ll see a table made up of letters of the selected language alphabet. One major drawback of this Windows 10 font creator is that it only supports raster graphics.
There is a reason though why I included Graphic Design Shop on this list, its got a database of templates and clipart which can be useful for creating custom t-shirts.
Definitely go for Free TSHIRT Maker if you are not experienced with graphics tools, but would still like to make a custom t-shirt design of your own.
Those who want something a bit more advanced should go with Inno Setup, which uses scripting, but it’s easy, not too difficult to understand and you get more control over the installer.
Appearance is configurable either via templates (for the lazy) or custom tweaks can be done using the left sidebar. In the background on the image above you can see how the standard calendar layout looks like.
Size of the created calendars is customizable, so that they are optimized even for larger prints. HP Photo Creations is also great, has lots of pretty calendar templates, but it’s too bulky for my taste. Tools for drawing fonts include the usual graphics toolset, freehand pen tool, paths tool, shapes, etc. Available tools include things like pen tools, brush tool, text boxes, shapes and the aforementioned clipart library. Leave a comment down below and tell me what you think the best flipbook software for Windows 10 is. Using this software you’ll be able to draw each letter of an entirely new font, save it, use it on your system or share it with others so that they use it on their computers. Type Light is great for those who don’t need the advanced functionality found in the two applications that I previously mentioned. Custom shirts of your own will help you stand out more and of course get your message out there. Use whatever suits your needs and let me know how the installer creation went by leaving a comment down below.
Also worth mentioning is the planner layout printing support, where a planner layout (with empty boxes for writing in appointments, tasks) can be printed.
Lots of settings for tweaking is available, so it might take some time to get familiar with TKexe, but it’s worth it if you ask me.
Majority of world languages and character sets are supported by all of the applications that I tested.
All the way at the bottom you can see that layers can be managed, like you do in more advanced graphics tools.
Finished designs can be exported using the usual formats, JPEG, PNG, BMP or they can be printed.
Easy Print Calendar is simple, but at the same time offers a surprisingly decent amount of features. Finished designs can be exported as actual t-shirts (like you see in the editor) or alternatively only the design that you made (for printing).

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