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As with previous releases of ArcGIS API for Flex, you can use this API to create interactive and expressive web applications that leverage ArcGIS for Server resources. Learn more about developing web applications with ArcGIS API for Flex at the ArcGIS Resource Center. Today I’d like to share a few excerpts from my book 10 Core Practices for Better Writing. We use the terms first draft or rough draft when we are initially writing a piece because almost every single project is going to go through multiple drafts.
Some writers use their initial draft to get ideas out of their heads and onto the page (or the screen, as the case may be) as quickly as possible, without worrying about the details. Other writers prefer to labor over each sentence while composing a first draft, which means fewer revisions later but more work during the initial writing. If you have already developed your project, then revising as you go might be a good approach. Some writers are compelled to edit as they write because poorly written sentences and typos weigh on them and make it difficult to move forward, or it might seem as if trying to get it right on the first draft will save time later, which is unlikely. The writing happens fairly quickly, but since I’m working on short pieces, I can easily keep all the ideas for each piece in my head as I’m writing. If you’re revising as you write, these problems get compounded and can seriously hold up your progress. Most writers seem to get the best results by plowing through the initial draft and then revising several times.
With the draft-first-revise-later method, every revision makes the manuscript better, resulting in a clean, polished project. As a fashion blogger, I take photos of my outfits and then share them on social media on a regular (if not daily) basis.
I used to come back from a photo session and find I’d forgotten to showcase a full body look or a details shot. If you are able, take photos with your DSLR, and when reviewing them on the photo editor, edit the brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Unless you have hours to spend setting up your shot, you’ll likely get some crooked photos and bad crops in your straight out of the camera shots.
For the photos above, I used the BeFunky Chromatic 4 and 5 filters and lowered their intensity just a bit. I see a lot more richness to the blacks, brightness to the whites, and tones in my hair in the edited images.
Blur Images In Three Easy StepsCreate depth of field, tilt-shift effects & surreal beauty. All of the advice, tutorials, masterclasses and ideas on this website are available to you at no charge. If you feel that the site has helped you then any contribution you make, however small, would go towards its ongoing maintenance and development.Thanks for your help.

This sample, on the Editing samples on the ArcGIS Resource Center, demonstrates how you can build a feature sketching application using ArcGIS API for Flex. These applications support all map projections and dynamic and cached map services from ArcGIS for Server. Esri offers numerous samples and several sample servers to use when getting started creating with ArcGIS API for Flex.
Regardless of how you feel about revising your work, one thing is certain: if you want to produce better writing (and become a better writer), then revisions are absolutely essential.
In fiction, this could mean changing characters’ names, realigning the plot, or resequencing the scenes.
We all have bad habits, and as you go through multiple revisions, you’ll start to notice negative patterns in your own writing.
You can study the craft of writing, learn grammar, collect writing tips, and practice writing every single day.
For example, if you’re working from a detailed outline and have a good sense of what you want to communicate, you can focus on wording, grammar, and punctuation as you work through your first draft. Going over each sentence and paragraph several times before moving on to the next could very well be just as time consuming as going over an entire draft multiple times. When I’m working on a more elaborate project, like a book, there’s a lot more going on, so I prefer to draft first and revise later. If you’re simultaneously working on grammar, spelling, and punctuation or fine tuning the most minute details of every scene as you write the first draft, you’ll find yourself stopping every few words to make changes and fix mistakes, and you’re likely to lose your train of thought.
You can swap short pieces like blog posts or entire chapters from novels you’re working on. She writes fiction and poetry and is the founder and editor of Writing Forward, a blog packed with creative writing tips and ideas.
When I first started writing my blog, I struggled to learn the ropes of flattering and effective outfit photos.
Years of practice have definitely honed my posing, photography, and editing skills and there’s definitely a formula to it! I always like this triple threat as it accents the clothing and detail shots and makes your photos look more professional. Nothing looks worse than a crooked horizon or photo where your chin is cropped out! In the before photo above, the lines in the garage door behind me throw off the entire shot.
The naked eye can see many more shines, sparkles and contrasts than the camera and an uploaded image can. I am using Photoshop for most of my works but for simple editing task, Pixlr have been really good to me.
Make sure that your kids are choosing a quality website that can offer them enthralling and the newest collections of online games.

You can incorporate graphics that allow users to draw on a map or click on pop-up windows for additional information. In other forms of writing, revision might entail major structural changes (moving chapters around) or a content overhaul (adding, removing, or changing information). I start by outlining so I know what I want to say, then I draft paragraphs, revising each one before moving on to the next.
For example, in a novel there’s a lot to think about: characters, plot, setting, scenes, action, dialogue, description, themes, and story arcs.
When you’re deep in a scene, you could lose the entire flow because you’re worrying over minutia that could be dealt with later.
Read through the entire piece once, then go back through a second time and make major changes to the structure and content. Before you hand your pieces to each other, do your best to edit and proofread your own work. The API includes classes and methods for GIS tasks such as querying, locating addresses, finding attributes, identifying features, routing and other network analysis operations, and performing geoprocessing operations.
Even if you have a basic sense of your story, once you start drafting, you’ll encounter all kinds of problems. Move sentences and paragraphs around, make better word choices, fix issues with plot and character or concept. Make sure you use the track-changes feature in Microsoft Word so you can see what changes you make to each other’s writing (you can also do this activity with printed copy and a red pen). I’ve heard writers say they do revisions for particular elements: one revision to fine-tune the plot and characters, one to strengthen the scenes, one for dialogue, and so on. Then go through a third time and check strictly for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and typos. You could have grammar weaknesses, holes in the syntax, gaps in continuity, and a host of other problems that occur in writing. Eventually, I started catching myself, not during the revision process, but during the initial writing. Use highlighting to mark sections you’re not sure about (such as whether you’re using a word properly or whether a sentence is technically correct).

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