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Inside the Edit might very well be one of the best online courses around for people looking to learn the creative aspects of editing. Luckily, new educational pricing from the company means that students can now save 75% on the course. Our new student price of ?1,000 [$1637] is available to anyone in a degree-granting or certificate-granting course. And here's a look at some of the footage from the uncut documentary film that accompanies the course. Last month, we interviewed Paddy Bird, the creator of Inside the Edit, and a world-renowned non-fiction editor in his own right. 0 How to Craft a Film Industry Freelance Career1 Want to Learn the Dark Art of Creative Editing? You wouldn't believe what students pay at specialized, pseudo-vocational schools for the arts.
What they need to do is lower the price to a couple hundred dollars and start out by losing money and then when they prove themselves raise the price. I dunno how they expect anyone that's ALREADY paying for a degree to drop 1,600$ on something that isn't gear or tangible.
It's sad in a way, for the instructor and those who put a ton of hard work into creating this excellent looking course. Many of those who would love to be a part of this are those who are not in film school, ironically.
Even though there are many great resources for learning, I haven't found many that focus strictly on editing.

I know there are many good websites for learning, I haven't seen many that concentrate this much on editing. Well this editing course is pretty helpful in the sense that it has put together scattered information into one place, and this small yet powerful video is recommended to anyone seeking to learn editing for real. I need this article to complete my assignment in the college, and it has same topic with your article.
In the summer of 1996, a few months after I finished my MFA at Ohio State, I got the luckiest break of my writing career: I landed an editorial job at Story, the fabled literary magazine that prided itself on discovering great new writers, from J.
I say it was the luckiest break of my career because even though I’d been writing fiction for eight years, editing stories taught me how to write them much better. In putting together One Story’s first online course, Become Your Own Best Editor, I thought a behind-the-scenes look at the editorial process—using actual marked-up manuscripts—would be as instructive for other writers as it was for me. In addition to drafts of “The Remains,” the ten-day course (March 21-30) will include daily online lectures, assignments, and a message board where you can share ideas and manuscripts with other writers who are committed to becoming better editors of their own work.
We are also introducing volume license pricing for educational institutions, broadcasters, post houses and production companies to cope with the serious lack of pro level creative training within the post-production sector. And, due to an unprecedented demand, we are also pleased to announce an extension to the Early Bird offer of ?3,000 [$4911], so anyone who missed out can still buy The Creative Editing Course at the 25% discounted rate. We talked about what sets his Inside the Edit apart from the multitude of editing courses and books on the market today. These are for profit, private institutions, where the admissions test often consists of filling out a tuition check. Unfortunately (and fortunately), the internet has opened up so many resources that paying anywhere near this amount (as a non-student especially), is extremely difficult.
Often times the most driven, hardworking, non-filmschoolers are the ones who will appreciate this the most, as the expensive film school option is not an option.

This helps lot me to continue my education as I begin college in the fall and has also helped me acknowledge what really matters in education. My job at Story also gave me insight into what I could expect when the day came that I’d be working with an editor myself. Like the unanimous verdict in the last article about this course, whoever in that company decided the business model of invoking a $5000 USD price tag on this downloadable online tutorial really squandered a great opportunity, in effect killing the cash cow before it even began. Salinger and Carson McCullers in the 1930s and 1940s to Junot Diaz and our own Hannah Tinti in the 1990s.
Laura was great to work with, a writer who was open to feedback and who improved upon our suggestions, making her story even better than we envisioned. The authors appear to have done a stellar job at crafting the course, so I am inclined to think there is excellent content. Maybe offering it at an affordable price will give them a greater return with more enrollments. Moreover next year I’m going to the college and will have even less time to keep up with everything.

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