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We can start by analysing demand from a purely microeconomic point of view: a single individual, let’s say her name is Joan.
From a macroeconomic point of view, the demand curve is just the aggregation of all demand curves from all buyers in a particular market. On the other side, supply is the set of offers made in the market for the sale of goods and services. Let’s see how the supply curve can be built, starting with an individual’s offer, let’s say his name is Robert. Again, the market’s supply curve is just the aggregation of all supply curves from all sellers in a particular market.
The demand and supply curves define the market clearing, that is, where the demand of the products meets its supply.
It is possible for disequilibrium to occur when the amount demanded does not equal the amount supplied. When analysing demand and supply and their respective curves, it is important to distinguish between two aspects: movements along curves and shifts in curves.
A movement refers to a change in either the demand or supply curve, which occurs when a change in the quantity is caused by a change in price and vice versa. Demand curves may shift for multiple reasons, for example, an increase in the consumers’ level of income would increase the aggregate demand of a normal good for each price, and hence shift the demand curve to the right (left figure).
The law of demand tells us, that ceteris paribus, the lower the price, the greater the quantity demanded and vice versa. Xavier is willing and able to pay the most for the initial units of the good or service, but is quickly satisfied. With a pure private good, the Market Demand Curve is the horizontal summation of all individual's demand curves. So that at each price, the market quantity is the quantity Xavier will purchase plus the quantity Yves will purchase plus the quantity Zelda will purchase.
The relationship between price and the quantity demanded by the entire market is the market demand curve. Productive FlourishingStrategies, tools, and insights to help you start finishing your best workNew Here? Building and growing your business depends on you understanding what your market is wanting and needing.
A business that only focuses on what the market is currently demanding, though, will lose to entrepreneurs who have the foresight to both see what people think they need and what they actually need now and in the future.
This is an age-old problem, though, and it comes down to selling them what they want so you can deliver what they need, all without it being a true bait-and-switch. Obviously, since this is a discussion on strategy, I can’t tell you in a post what you should do in your business. Do you have any business activities that don’t address what your market is demanding? How does your vision for where you’re taking your market relate to their current demands? But usually something way more awesome shakes out when you have some idea of where things will end up. I think i have a bit of that syndrome in me as i do tend to try everything that catches my fancy at the moment, but i’m trying to keep my focus this year.

Anyway – I love this post because you are so on the mark about discerning where your market is heading. The market is growing every day and I think your market projection idea is something we should follow. I believe that in order to be successful in your market, you must have a clear idea of what you want your business to look like. Pulse #70: What’s the Relationship Between Your Patterns and the Quality of Your Experiences and Work? The Guided Business Review is a series of carefully crafted questions that come from my years of working with business owners and leaders that’ll help you assess what’s working in your business and what’s not. The concept of market is usually defined as a number of buyers and sellers of a given good or service that are willing to negotiate in order to exchange those goods.
The demand curve shows the quantity of a specific product that individuals or society are willing to buy according to its price and their income.
The supply curve records the location of the points corresponding to the amount offered for a particular good or service at the different prices.
Robert is willing to supply books for $10 or more, this is, Robert won’t supply any books for $5 (point a). Let’s say the market for books has only two sellers: Robert and the librarian next door, Gregory. At this point we have what is known as, an equilibrium point, with its corresponding price and quantity of equilibrium. An increase in the price of a good or service would cause a movement along its demand curve, decreasing the amount demanded. While Zelda is more frugal, but when the price is very low, she is willing and able to buy the most. Most of the advice is about syncing your business offers and marketing around what people are demanding. Those latter entrepreneurs become the industry leaders, where the businesses who just focus on market demand are always a step behind where their market is and several steps behind where the leaders are. Whereas market demand is about the past and present of your business, market projection is about the future of your business and industry. A prospect with that particular psychography has a bit of the Shiny Bauble Syndrome, for he’ll spend a lot of time pursuing attractive opportunities without actually committing to any of them. If your desire to take them somewhere is predominantly based upon where you want your business to go, you need to reassess.
What competencies, capabilities, and solutions are you wanting to deliver to your market in the future?
It’s an interesting time to scramble to meet current demand, yet envision where your business and market demand will be in the future.
Listening to your clients and your work and your mojo and seeing how they all dance together. Because, when you do, you not only know what instruments you need, but what to play now and what to play next.
By being able to forecast changes in your market you can be there for the new demand as it arises, and in marketing the first in time wins big. However, a market might be unpredictable some times and making a projection that could be wrong is something we should keep in mind.

If you foresee the market direction wrong it will do you more damage than good as you will loose valuable time for things that will not bring you back your investment.
Be the first to get new tips, resources, and articles, as well as access to our free library of resources. This curve shows an inverse relationship between price and quantity demanded giving it a downward slope. If the price of a book is $35 or more, Joan won’t demand any (point a), given her preferences (basically, she would rather spend her money on something else). This curve shows a direct relationship between price and quantity supplied, giving it an upward slope. However, if the price of books goes up to $10, he will be willing to sell one book (point b). In situations in which the quantity demanded is higher than the quantity supplied, the market is suffering from an excess demand.
In the case of supply curves, as we previously saw, an increase in price would also increase quantity. When a shift occurs, the curve moves, meaning that for each price there will be a new different quantity being demanded or offered. Other variables that can shift the supply curve include technological progress, expectations, number of sellers, etc.
Here is the concept of market segmentation enters and solves the problem by splitting all market in groups therefore any projection may be more accurate.
The real businessman knows that the biggest opportunity cannot be bought, but something he can only create himself. The reason why this happens is known as the law of demand: ceteris paribus, and considering ordinary goods, the higher the price the lower the quantity demanded, and vice versa. The reason why this happens is known as the law of supply: ceteris paribus, and considering ordinary goods, the higher the price the higher the quantity supplied, and vice versa.
It’s important to understand that movement along the curves does never actually change the equilibrium point, as movements along the curves do not affect it.
This curve shifts can occur in two directions, upwards and downwards, or if preferred, rightwards and leftwards. I think the reason most businesses focus only on the current demand is because that is the easy part. Prices will have to gradually adjust through different market mechanisms until the equilibrium price is met. In the adjacent figure we can see a price increase (let’s say, because an increase of VAT), which causes a movement along the demand curve. Notice that the supply curve goes up and seems not to have limits, an assumption made for simplicity’s sake. It’s worth mentioning that, for simplicity’s sake (though violating monotonicity), we consider that the demand curve ends at the axes. Of course Robert will have troubles to supply more than a certain amount of books, but let’s keep it simple and not think about the upper end of the supply curve.

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