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If your activities are not very processor-intensive, then you won’t notice a huge difference. As is often the case with OS upgrades, there are going to be some third-party developers who procrastinated on testing their software to ensure compatibility with Snow Leopard.
Apple has promised that after installing Snow Leopard, the OS will note which applications are incompatible with it.
Another small but good change: When snapping screenshots, the images are assigned a file name containing a time stamp of when they were taken.
The most significant refinement to built-in software occurs in QuickTime, now dubbed QuickTime Player X.
Snow Leopard is less bloated with system files than its predecessor, so after upgrading to it, you’ll get some free space. Separately, Lifehacker has confirmed that it was able to erase a hard drive and install Snow Leopard. Of course, using the $30 upgrade to go from Tiger to Snow Leopard may violate Apple’s terms of service. This upgrade won’t deliver any radical interface changes to blow you away (not that we would want it to), but the $30 price is more than fair for the number of performance improvements Snow Leopard delivers. If you’re an Apple fan kicking off this read with skepticism, wipe that smile off your face! The software is admittedly in alpha, and its poor performance acts as clear evidence of that (more on this below), but its arrival has been most welcome in OS X circles. Thanks to a straightforward interface, Android App Player makes it a breeze to launch a title and have a go at it to see what the other camp is babbling on about. You can either launch the App Player itself, click on any of the included apps in the specially-set folder in your Dock, or you can even access the titles from Launchpad, OS X Lion’s own application launcher. Just as if you were using a Droid, the interface lets you browse through your included apps in a clean home screen, with the option to drag down the Notifications pane to see if there’s any change with the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or Pulse News. When you launch an app, you go full screen with the mouse turning into your finger, ready for some emulated touch. Simpler titles, like Zebra Paint (screenshot below), make for a good test subject if you’re considering to get your kid a Droid.

Android App Player does a splendid job at showing you the advantages, as well as the kinks of rocking in an Android environment.
A bug causing App Player to interpret upward scrolls as taps (action) makes for a lousy experience. Based on our tests, here’s a list of things you should know about the OS before installing it on your machine. For example, when you wake up a MacBook from sleep, the AirPort connection will only take about a second to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network, compared with a few seconds on Leopard.
Most applications working on Mac OS X 10.5, aka Leopard, will most likely work in Snow Leopard. It’ll still work, but just not as fast as it could be if it were optimized for 64-bit computing.
Adobe, for example, has already stated that Creative Suite 3 has not been tested on Snow Leopard and may have compatibility issues. On the test machine we saw, none of the apps became incompatible after upgrading from Leopard to Snow Leopard.
The player interface gets a makeover — a gray-and-black gradient (see screenshot at right). The requirements are as follows: You must own an Intel Mac equipped with at least 1GB of memory, and the install requires at least 5GB of free hard drive space for the install. However, there don’t appear to be technical reasons preventing a Tiger-to-Snow Leopard upgrade. That means if you backup your files on Tiger, you should be technically able to buy Snow Leopard for $30, install it on a clean drive and then migrate your files over. We were unable to confirm this with Apple, which did not respond to our queries about Snow Leopard pricing. However, the emulator does a great job at giving you an idea of what this game would be on a tablet device where both your hands are free to touch the display. On one side, it enables developers to put their Android applications into the hands of broader audiences, perhaps even convincing some to get a Droid for the full experience. Even if only 50,000 of our users download and use your app, that’s 50,000 more than zero.

Even though your clicks may result in unexpected commands at times, keep in mind that everything in there was made with touch in mind.
BlueStacks should take care of this annoyance soon if anyone is ever going to make it through a complete test of any app. We tested movie exporting in iMovie and photo editing in iPhoto, and both apps ran much more smoothly than on Leopard. Leopard was a 64-bit system that also supported 32-bit software, and Snow Leopard is still compatible with 32-bit applications. We were able to test Adobe Photoshop CS 3 on Snow Leopard and thus far have had no problems. Clicking a Dock icon and holding it down will show only the windows of the selected app, which could be useful if you’re a digital clutterbug like I am. Other than that, there are new tools including movie recording from your webcam, audio recording from your microphone, and screencasting. And of course, you’ll need a DVD drive to be able to read the disc and run the installation. Again, you’ll likely have to download newer versions of third-party software that are Leopard — or Snow Leopard — compatible. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. The App Player is also alpha, so don’t tax it too much for trying to do its job in this ruthless world of ours. Apps coded by third-party developers who opt to rewrite their software with 64-bit support will also be snappier. We also tested QuickSilver, App Zapper, Adium, Tweetie and Evernote, and all seemed to work fine.

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