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Globalization has resulted in production that relies on international supply chains stretching around the globe. The Oblates are in dialog with companies from a wide range of sectors from electronics (General Electric Company) to retail (Wal-Mart).
Theatre production companies in Toronto sustain the city's growing list of festivals, from newcomers like the Progress Festival to veterans like the Toronto Fringe. With their youth outreach initiatives, paid professional training program, and year-round repertory season dedicated to old and new classics, Soulpepper is one of the bedrocks of Toronto's theatre scene.
Buddies may be coming along in the years, but it's still the original bad-boy of Toronto theatre.
Tarragon, one of the hubs for contemporary playwriting in Canada, has a mandate to create, develop and produce new plays and help them thrive.
The Canadian Stage is one of the leading contemporary theatre companies in the country with a mandate to foster emerging performance styles that integrate theatre, dance, film, and the visual arts. With Jordan Tannahill, the "it boy" of Toronto theatre, as one of its two curators, Videofag is enjoying the limelight as the company to watch for experimental new work. Not all musicals are like cotton candy, delicious, but with no substance or nutritional value.
Ravi Jain's Why Not Theatre has an international outlook with collaborations, productions and workshops from diverse cultures and artistic practices. Crow's is a company that harvest productions the way a fine winemaker cultivates a full-bodied red.
From site specific productions staged in alleyways and sheds that catch you off-guard, to sizzling shows that seduce audiences with promises of love and lust, this theatre collective is consistently a hit with both audiences and critics.
With their masterful production of Lorca's Blood Wedding, a collaboration with Modern Times Stage Company, Aluna Theatre proved that it's in a league of its own when it comes to bringing culturally diverse productions to Toronto stages. Although they mount only 1 production each year, The Company Theatre produces innovative, creative, thought-provoking plays with an amazing ensemble of Canadian actors. Freshdaily is Canada's source for hyper-local arts, music, film, fashion, food and news coverage. Disclaimer: Comments and entries represent the viewpoints of the individual and no one else. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.
The prohibition was against the production of alcohol for a reason, and it was not to wipe out the little guys so the big guys could swoop in. Well technically, when they started up the first set of engines, corn was a clear winner for bang for buck, oil was the clear winner for the monopoly slave masters.
Knob Creek and Woodford Reserve are probably the two worst bourbons a marketing firm has ever brought to market. I'll take an authentic Kentucky or Tennessee bourbon anyday, you know the ones I'm talking about. A homie bought me some go-to-the-back-of-the-restaurant-and-the-guy-will-pour-you-some-in-a-bottle Pisco from Peru in '07. Irrespective of global monopolies that I have no control over; I don't have a still in my yard.
History may not repeat but it rhymes so loud sometimes that Einstein would be rolling in his repetitively insane grave. So how big of an impact on fundamentals should we expect from the move in oil price so far and where is the true tipping point for the sector?
Energy issuer leverage has increased faster than that of the rest of the market in recent years, but this trend has largely exhausted itself in recent quarters. Perhaps the most unsustainable trend that existed in energy going into this episode shown in Figure 6, which plots the sector’s overall capex expenditure, as a pct of EBITDAs. The next question we would like to address here is to what extent the move in oil so far could translate into actual credit losses across the energy sector. It gets worse, because energy CapEx is about to tumble, which means far less exploration (and US fixed investment thus GDP), far less supply, and ultimately a higher oil price. As the market adjusts to realities of sharply lower oil prices, it is important for to remember that the US HY energy sector is a higher quality part of the market.

As oil prices continue to fall, we review the likely supply response of tight oil supplies. Third, expected improvement in service costs will be another important determinant for the breakeven price of tight oil supplies. This bitch is going to $35-$40, then will see how the bankrupt, over leveraged, USD, fake recovery in energy crowd, sleeps at night!!!
So Americans want to be in the global energy production game in the 21st century, well, boys, your there, what's your next move?
Same for the Chicoms and Russkicoms, Indiacoms, and Braziliacoms; except for the goat soccer. All their cultures, of corruption, are incompatible, with each other and the Western work ethic. It is also important to remember the economic benefits derived from dropping oil prices since the entire world IS slumping right now economically. I hope at $58, that Cramer gets on CNBC and has another complete meltdown, screaming and crying about how, "no one knows what's going on out there", and the .gov needs to do something, "people are getting killed"!!!
OPEC may have decided they are happy with a price that sits below shale production cost for a while. The high price of cement in Saudi Arabia is due to a lack of cement factories in the country, according to Abdullah Radwan, chairman of the contractors’ committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI). His claim comes following reports of around 500 trucks queuing outside a Yanbu cement factory, some of whom said they had been queuing for up to five days in an attempt to receive deliveries. Radwan told Arab News that the cement factory is under intense pressure because of its close proximity to clients in Jeddah, Makkah and other cities in the western region.
A source at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Yanbu told a local newspaper that, “Quantities of cement bags are largely available on the local market.
Yanbu residents and truck drivers said queuing was a common occurrence and called on the authorities to find a solution.
Multinational corporations produce products in low-wage countries, particularly apparel, electronics, footwear and toys.
We work with fellow ICCR members to press for implementation of policies to insure better working conditions and wages for workers as well as improved environmental conditions. These companies are the lifeblood behind the big and small theatres that showcase the sometimes profound and other times profane productions in Toronto. With a roster of 14 shows presented or produced for the 2015-16 season, this company dominates the commercial theatre scene with productions like Matilda (July 2016), the runner-up for the 2013 Tony Award for best musical or Ayad Akhtar's Pultizer Prize-winning play, Disgraced, about Islamophobia (March 2016). In the past few years the company has been getting more heavily involved in the music business by forefronting music in their productions like Spoon River and creating an annual Concert Series.
The company offers programs for play development, youth education, as well as courses and lectures. The company has an international outlook that can be seen in their Spotlight on South Africa festival (April 8 - 25), originally planned to mark the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Nelson Mandela.
Through staged readings, workshops, writers' retreats, residencies, and festivals, this theatre has lived up to its mandate to solely develop Canadian work and act as a community hub. These guys are leading the pack with works that blur the lines between video, film, new media, and live art.
The kind of song and dance pieces produced by Acting Up will not only having you tapping your toes and humming under your breath, but they'll get you thinking. Why Not is one of the few company's on this list that fosters shows that look and sound like the real Toronto. They are all about thoughtful, challenging pieces that are developed as long-term projects that are given ample gestation periods to grow.
As Figure 5 demonstrates, growth rates in total debt outstanding among US HY energy names have been only slightly higher relative to the rest of HY market.
The graph averaged 150% level over the past four years, clearly the kind of development that could not sustain itself over a longer-term horizon. Higher credit quality will help many of them absorb an oil price shock without jeopardizing production plans or ability to service debt.
A shock of that magnitude could be sufficient to trigger a  broader HY market default cycle, if materialized.

Admittedly, cost of supply curves do not tell the whole story about where prices might bottom. But, if prices do remain lower and fall to $70 for all of 2015, half of proven and probable (2P) remaining US tight oil reserves would be challenged.
Oilfield services sector cost inflation has plateaued and stands to improve further in the coming years. Sure consumers pay less for gas but you are out billions in taxable income and put thousands on unemployment. Refai and Hamed Al-Jehani, also Yanbu residents, pointed out that the plant works at full capacity, but the problem reemerges throughout the year. To change this, we call on corporations to improve working conditions in supplier factories. They're also responsible for the work that goes into mentoring, workshopping, and fostering the productions and artists that make Toronto stages a live-art destination.
Videofag serves up a much needed dose of the unexpected with a heavy dollop of irreverence. Their success can be measured by both their awards and their sold-out crowd-pleasing shows. These productions are not the kind that light up and burn out, they're created to live beyond their premieres as co-production and remounts.
Prohibition reigned in the transformative period of getting an entire people to abandon alcohol fuel and switch to oil, namely Rockfeller's Standard Oil (or rather, the companies it split into).
These sick fucks crave power above all else, because when you can create money out of thin air, there's nothing else to really covet any more--except power. It is almost certain in our mind that with the current shakeout in this space further incremental leverage will be a lot harder to come by going forward. Our 45%-full sample of issuers reporting Q3 numbers has shown this figure coming down to 110%, a move in the right direction, and  yet a level that suggests further capacity for decline. Their capex rates, expressed as a pct of EBITDAs, have already declined from an average of 150% over the past four years to roughly 110% today.
The near-term (6-month) effect would be marginal, but fewer new volumes would be added in 2H15 and in 2016. Adding production from infill drilling, drilling in new areas, and enhancing recovery rates from existing wells would add output but require different levels of capex.
So Shale industry going under is bad for consumption genius because people have to draw upon debt to maintain consumption levels.
This chart also shows, perhaps better than any other we have seen, the extent to which current economic  recovery in the US has in fact been driven by the energy development story alone. But if prices remain at these levelsthrough 2015, it could compromise the significant potential new volumes that are needed to offset declines from existing wells.
The cement factories cannot provide them with high quantities at low cost,” Radwan said. If you don't have a still, just ask your neighbor, he will likely have one hidden in the garage or garden shack. Similarly, their interest coverage stands at noticeably higher levels, even having declined substantially in recent years (Figure 4).
This in turn should work towards slower rates of supply growth, and thus ultimately towards supporting a new floor for oil prices. Again, we are going to present detailed evidence behind these assumptions in the next week’s report. Thus, we expect downward price pressure to mount unless OPEC supplies less or demand rebounds.

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