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Crop yields worldwide are not increasing quickly enough to support estimated global needs in 2050, according to a study published June 19 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Deepak Ray and colleagues from the Institute on the Environment (IonE) at the University of Minnesota.
Previous studies estimate that global agricultural production may need to increase by 60-110% to meet increasing demands and provide food security. The analysis maps global regions where yield improvements are on track to double production by 2050 and areas where investments must be targeted to increase yields.
Ray DK, Mueller ND, West PC, Foley JA (2013) Yield Trends Are Insufficient to Double Global Crop Production by 2050.
The Green Revolution has stagnated for key food crops in many regions of the world, according to a study published in the Dec. Growth in global agricultural production is expected to slow in the coming decade, the UN food agency and the OECD said in a joint report Thursday, warning threats to food security remain. An international team of scientists has developed crop models to better forecast food production to feed a growing population a€“ projected to reach 9 billion by mid-century a€“ in the face of climate change. Mitochondria are membrane-bound components within cells that are often described as the cells' powerhouses. Red knots migrate between their breeding grounds in the Arctic and their wintering grounds in West Africa. Sharks, skates, and rays can detect very weak electric fields produced by prey and other animals using an array of unusual organs known as the ampullae of Lorenzini.

Following another's gaze is a hallmark of human learning and socialization from infancy to old age. Perhaps instead of working towards more crop production we should work towards better birth control in developing countries?
As the first reviews of the regular GLC-Class are beginning to come in, Mercedes is already hard at work developing the chopped version, which has been spotted on a few occasions around Stuttgart.
If you search online car ads, most of the X4s that are for sale in Europe are equipped with 2-liter diesel engines. Air suspension will be accessible to those seeking a nicer ride, and the AMG Sport package will take care of the thrill seeker demands.
Observed area-weighted global yield 1961 - 2008 shown using closed circles and projections to 2050 shown using solid lines for maize, rice, wheat and soybean. The authors explain that boosting crop yields is considered a preferred solution to meet demands, rather than clearing more land for agriculture. Yesa€”if we're smart about it, suggests a study published in Nature this week by a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota and McGill University in Montreal.
That shows the competitive nature of the industry and also the fact that these SUV-coupes are something huge. But just in case you want to know what the GLC Coupe will look like, here’s an accurate rendering from RM Design.

At these rates, production of these crops would likely increase 38-67 percent by 2050, rather than the estimated requirement of 60-110 percent. They add that additional strategies like reducing food waste and changing to plant-based diets can also help reduce the large estimates for increased global demand for food. Reports suggest the lighter chassis has made a world of difference compared to the GLC, and the latest 9G-Tronic gearbox is creamy-smooth.
At launch, it should also be available with two versions of the latest twin-turbo V6 engine, producing 333 or 367 PS. The dashed line shows the trend of the ~2.4 percent yield improvement required each year to double production in these crops by 2050 without bringing additional land under cultivation starting in the base year of 2008.
The top three countries that produce rice and wheat were found to have very low rates of increase in crop yields.

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