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If you were in charge of the economy, you’d probably care that it could produce a lot, that it had high productivity, that it provided lots of jobs, and that these jobs offered decent pay on average. The French call the thirty years after the war les trente glorieuses, reflecting the shared economic prosperity of the period. Our argument, in brief, is that digital technologies have been able to do routine work for a while now. As a result, I don’t see the four lines in the graphs above re-converging any time soon. Over the past couple days this argument has gotten some attention and support from Paul Krugman, a Nobel-prize winning economist, New York Times columnist, and incredibly popular and prolific blogger.
There’s no question that in some high-profile industries, technology is displacing workers of all, or almost all, kinds. Still, can innovation and progress really hurt large numbers of workers, maybe even workers in general?
The national discourse needs to acknowledge the Great Decoupling, and also acknowledge that it’s not going to be reversed by a couple quick policy fixes or even, I believe, by deeper changes to our educational and entrepreneurial systems. Here's a resume sample for Marketing and Product Management with focus on project coordination and team leadership. This and other resume examples in this collection were created using professional resume formats from my Ready-Made Resume program. Filed under Marketing Resume Samples, Project Management Resume Samples and tagged Age Discrimination, Combination Resume Samples, Promotions, Same Career Path.
You might well care about other things, too, but if these four indicators were all headed in the right direction over time (in other words, UP) you’d be pretty happy.

Why have the things that workers care about – jobs and wages – become decoupled from the the other things that  economy-watchers care about? This allows them to substitute for less-skilled and -educated workers, and puts a lot of downward pressure on the median wage. It didn’t seem crucial back in the 1990s, and not enough people (me included!) have looked up to notice that things have changed. For example, one of the reasons some high-technology manufacturing has lately been moving back to the United States is that these days the most valuable piece of a computer, the motherboard, is basically made by robots, so cheap Asian labor is no longer a reason to produce them abroad.
What’s striking about their examples is that many of the jobs being displaced are high-skill and high-wage; the downside of technology isn’t limited to menial workers.
The pace and scale of this encroachment into human skills is relatively recent and has profound economic implications. This impressive resume shows a strong thread of success throughout the job seeker's advancing career. By creating a list of his job titles under Almost Nike, Harry makes his promotions and his loyalty to the company very clear. Harry wanted to add two experiences without listing dates because they happened so long ago. In the Education & Training section, Harry continues to promote his strength in leadership by listing a Team Leadership seminar he'd attended.
Provided budget management to accounts, ensuring that key items were advertised; wrote and presented marketing briefs on ROI for senior executives. Median household income became decoupled from the other three stats and grew more slowly than they did.

So far, explanations for this unhappy phenomenon include tax and policy changes, and the effects of globalization and offshoring. As computers and robots get more and more powerful while simultaneously getting cheaper and more widespread this phenomenon spreads, to the point where economically rational employers prefer buying more technology over hiring more workers.
It has echoes of old-fashioned Marxism — which shouldn’t be a reason to ignore facts, but too often is. Perhaps the most important of these is that while digital progress grows the overall economic pie, it can do so while leaving some people, or even a lot of them, worse off. After you've read his resume, take a look at the cover letter Harry used to apply for an Executive Marketing position. He follows up on that with mentions of leadership in his Summary of Qualifications and Professional Experience sections.
So, he created a section called "Previous experience includes" at the end of his Professional Experience section. After 2001, though, it wasn’t even generating enough of these, and employment growth started to lag badly behind GDP and productivity growth (on all three graphs here, GDP growth is charted on a separate axis because it grows more quickly than the other three).

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