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The Wichita Eagle reports that the effort involved a job fair Saturday morning at the Spirit Employment Office. Jim Hans, director of operations for Spirit’s 737 fuselage program, says the company has a $46 billion backlog. Spirit also builds parts for Boeing’s other commercial airliners and some Airbus jets. CNC mill turn is a time saving method for production jobs, which in turn, saves our clients money. Hawker Beechcraft distributed 60-day layoff notices to 350 salaried employees Friday and confirmed a timeline by which it will eliminate about 800 union jobs. Hawker Beechcraft, which employs about 6,000 people in Wichita, initially announced the nonunion layoffs in September. The market for new production aircraft is not improving as the company hoped, CEO Bill Boisture has said. He said Friday in a letter to employees that the company has taken a number of steps in the past 12 to 18 months to reduce costs.

Boisture said that the 800 Machinists union layoffs, announced last week, will be completed by August and the work will be transferred to third-party suppliers and the company's plants in Mexico. Earlier this week at the National Business Aviation Association convention in Atlanta, Boisture said the 800 jobs would be eliminated in the next six to 18 months. Boisture also said in the letter that the Hawker 200 light jet, introduced at the convention, will be assembled in Wichita.
Last week, the Machinists union, which represents about 2,600 employees, rejected a seven-year contract offer from the company that would have cuts wages by 10 percent and increased health care costs, among other things.
Boisture said Hawker Beechcraft's senior leadership team has reduced its base salary by 10 percent. In the past year, the company has made a major investment in training its factory work force, using the new training center, he said, and quality has improved and scrap and rework have fallen as a result.
Hawker also trained 500 people in what it calls a Super Vision program, which has improved teamwork on the shop floor. Hawker Beechcraft issued layoff notices to 130 hourly employees in July; the company laid off 245 employees earlier in the year.

In addition, earlier this year it said it would close its Salina plant, with half the work going to the company's plant in Mexico and the rest to outside suppliers and vendors. The company is taking action to make the company smaller and more agile to deliver quality products faster, Boisture said. As for more layoffs, that wasn't addressed in the letter and the company wouldn't comment further. Spirit builds the fuselage and other major components of Boeing’s best-selling single aisle passenger jet. He said the market has been flat to slightly down, and conditions suggest an upturn is at least a year away. Interior installation, paint and delivery will be done at Hawker's plant in Little Rock, Ark.

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