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Easy Hi-Q Recorder is so easy to use, all you have to do to is click Record to get started!
Media Player, RealOne Player, Winamp, QuickTime or any other media player, games, Midi, Software synthesizer, etc. Use it on your Laptop or Notebook to record important meetings, classes, seminars, your voice notes and more. There is a built-in VCR-like timer so you'll never miss one of your favorite broadcasts again! If you're having trouble recording in Windows 8, 7 or Vista, please visit our Windows 8, 7, Vista Recording Problem page. FREE Hi-Q Recorder is so easy to use, all you have to do to is click Record to get started!
Precision CD WAV MP3 Converter is a combination audio file format converter, a digital audio CD ripper, (extractor) and a digital audio WAV recorder. RAM, hard drive, Internet speed, network, security, Windows, Internet Explorer, MS Office and many other applications. Buyers of Apps for Android™ can upgrade for free through the Google Play™ Store any time an update is available. Registered users of Windows software can upgrade to the latest version of any purchased product absolutely FREE! Done, take a few minutes mixing programs, Program4PC’s DJ Music Maker creativity and the right software, you. Well, if you are searching for some awesome softwares for Screen Recording, you are at the right place.
Screen Recording aides you to perform screen captures and record the screen to make effective and good quality videos  instead of recording with a camera. Key features: Camstudio allows to choose the region of the screen to be recorded and let the users to opt suitable type of cursor. Jing screen video recorder free download is a basic software but offers basic video recording bringing in different animations into video and recording of still images to share them on different parts of web. These are the top best tested and verified softwares compatible with all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 for Screen Recording. This lightweight tool records all the video and audio activities on the screen into AVI video files with its SWF Producer. It not only provides mere recording of software but there are a variety of effects to be picked from.

It is a better option for people who are keen in recording their screen and does not care too much about other unimportant features and functionalities.
With its amazing built-in features, it is very easy to make up professional tier of videos, games and various applications. Ice Cream appEnjoy screen recording technology like a scoop of ice cream, as you mellow down with Icecream screen recorder.
The makers of this app deal in a hell lot of other kinds of software, but screen recording actually marks their expertise in the business.Capture the entire screen or a portion of it, irrespective of whether you are doing so on a running video or a still window. Screen recording has never been so easy and has pushed many to take up a new source of passion.
Record webinars for demonstrating subjects, capture your gameplay for streaming on YouTube channel, even record chat videos for a memorable moment and a lot more with hassle-free handling.As a tip for better video capturing, try disabling your screensaver before you begin recording. The quality gets even cleaner when you use Ice Cream app for eliminating the cursor and desktop icons from the captured media. The compatibility of these features enables its users to run demos on iPhone, create a YouTube ready tutorial video, prepare descriptive video training and jaw-dropping presentations.Being a professional screen recorder, it easily records the entire content running on your Mac, as it readily handles video camera, microphone, and your computer audio. Due to its mass appeal, the application can be downloaded in major languages from the following link on iTunes.3. ActivePresenter supports the standard HTML5 edition, which allows it to integrate with LMS (or Learning Management System).It is this LMS that provides TeamViewer with a speedy functioning throughout the administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, and logistics. These educational samples can then be easily imported for an extensive use in the training facilities nad evaluate participants on the basis of their performance.Many a companies are benefiting from the intuitive tools for carrying out Soft Skill lessons, application simulations, and executing active product demonstration.
These slides, screenshots, and well-edited videos can then be shared on social video portals for running new channels.If you are so much into being a tech-savvy person, then simply record the screen and share it with other sources. The output video can be produced in the format of your choice like, AVI, FLV, MP4, while the files can be shared in PDF, Docx, PPTX, and XLSX.4.
One of the finest brainchildren of Apple, Voila forms the perfect companion for screen recording and video editing purposes. It empowers you with its troubleshooting tools and makes the entire process easy to grasp.The software specializes in working over dynamic multimedia presentations, video tutorials, extensive screencasts, DIY videos and a lot more. This way you can capture anything on your screen and customize it with a versatile list of tools, to own the clip at every depth.As a screen recorder, Voila allows you to capture multiple regions and windows in the same click. It doesn’t matter if you wish to capture freehand or a scrolling view of the regions within a web page, Voila has got it all covered.
When it comes to audio recording, you are free to choose your source between the computer, or microphone in the case of a live recording.

The final output that you can expect is a standard quality AVI format video, with inbuilt SWF producer for manipulating all the essential aspects.The level of control that you own over the video becomes evident when you work out on every essential aspect of the Streaming Flash Videos (or SWF). It acts as a one stop shop for all recording relevant needs and sorts the long list of work in a more accessible way.CamStudio comes decorated with a well-organized panel of the toolbar that has all the essentials integrated within and includes functions like Autopan, annotation, and other drastic effects. SnagitThe interactive Snagit tools improvise your work potential by allowing users to add quick changes from the options menu. Record any image as a screenshot and hover the cursor over it to view a magnified image in the pop-up window.
A preview window is also generated to display the final image of the screen, which can then be turned into a URL for an instant sharing.Follow through five simple steps and have the handy URL to yourself in no time.
Juice up any screenshot with a couple of highlights, interesting figures, adding texts, and mark special zones with the markup tool.It’s like the MS-paint, which runs on Windows and can also resize images to match criterias. I really found Snagit as a top of the class app because it delivers for things even beyond screen recording.
Screenium 3Your chemical for carrying out all sorts of experimentation with recorded media, Screenium 3 gets you exactly what you look at.This master screen recorder turns records into screencasts at a bare expanse of time. Record at the rate of whopping 60 frames per second and get the optimum environment for creating video tutorials and interactive recordings, quite a package I must say.Its extensive list of tools could prove to be quite fruitful for YouTubers who post gameplay strategies on their channel. Screen record your computer game and share it instantly on all networking sites for a viral response. The capability of Screenium 3 to operate with 4K and 5K video technology is what provides it with an upper hand in any competition.Experience an ultra-smooth video capturing with the various convenient tools present within Screenium 3. It comes with three recording modes, that can capture full-screen, selected region or a specific window. Or, you can similarly use iSight-footage for doing out of the box things like adding audio comments and hiding screen sections. So, instead of going to the incognito mode and trying a video editor separately, you could actually try using Screenium 3 as a no-hassle workshop.The application was founded to perform in a highly optimized manner while operating on Mac, and was built capable of handling 4K and 5K recording at full frame rate.
This versatile editor will help you execute your project with great ease, for both video and audio.Add multiple audio filters for a refined sound quality, then trim the clips in sync with the dubbing and mash them up with transitional video effects for a beautifully furnished project.

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