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With security systems installed, you are eligible for discounts if you have one or more services through Nortex already. Our home automation experts will come up with the best solution to meet your family’s needs. Integrating your home security camera systems with lighting and shade control creates a more secure solution for your home.
Ready to get started on your home security system with security camera system and wireless security alarm?  Click here to fill out our Consultation Request form or call 703.499.7676 today to speak with our home automation experts! Commercial, Government, and public facilities require more vigilant protection than ever before. Our professionals establish real-time monitoring, effective controls, swift response capabilities, and significantly improved levels of security across entire organizations.
With an ever-increasing need for total situational awareness to ensure the safety of both officials and civilians, having the right company to install the most technologically up-to-date digital CCTV is paramount.
Orion installs CCTV digital surveillance systems in all types of locations, most notably in politically and geographically challenging locations, and in vulnerable public areas. Orion Management’s certified technicians and professional engineers design and install intrusion detection solutions worldwide in U.S. Orion Management is the State Department’s trusted technical security installer and integrator. Working with Siemens USA, Orion solidified and upgraded all technical security systems at over 60 U.S. We have extensive collaboration relationships with government labs and industry for IA research.
A Practical Approach to Modeling Uncertainty in Intrusion Analysis Xinming Ou, Raj Rajagopalan, and Sakthiyuvaraja Sakthivelmurugan Technical report, Kansas State University, Computing and Information Sciences Department.
John Homer (PhD): Attack graph-based techniques for enterprise network security management. Hussain Almohri (MS): Security Risk Prioritization for Logical Attack Graphs (hyperlink), Dec 2008.
Bart Carroll: An analysis of tools that check for web-script vulnerabilitiesA study of botnets using low-interactive honeypots. Our systems are designed so that they are easy to use and understand to make securing your home, office or shop as easy as pressing a button. Of the many security alarm systems available, our system of choice is the Bosch Solution range of security alarm products. With our extensive knowledge of different security products we can also service and repair other makes of alarm systems.
Protecting your home and your family with home security camera systems is a great way of watching out for the ones that you love. You will find that if you and your spouse both work and your children are in school, that’s the most comfortable time for your home to be broken into.
It’s every parents responsibility to ensure that their family is as safe as they can possibly be at all times. You and your family will find comfort in knowing that you have extra added protection at your home to keep you safe and secure. No price is to high too pay for the security of your home and your family, but you won’t even have to break your budget to have a security system installed at your home. Your family is going to thank you for caring so much about them that you would go the extra step to keep them safe and sound. Combining home automation and home security systems provide complete peace of mind with fully customizable settings and simple controls.

Lower the shades, turn on outside lights at night, control your security camera systems, and more. Voice commands, automatic timers, security camera systems and more ensure that you are protected at all times, but can easily disarm wireless home security alarms when needed.
You can set the outside lights to turn on at night, or use motion sensors and only turn them on when an intruder is detected. With more decentralized and technologically advanced threats to Government facilities, transit systems, airports, public areas, and commercial buildings; physical security must be provided by specialists who understand that all components of a security solution must be cohesive, rather than fragmented.
Orion Management, LLC surveys, designs, installs, integrates and maintains access control systems and perimeter protection within the U.S. Orion Management delivers CCTV products, services, installation, and remote monitoring, using sustainable digital video surveillance system technologies tailored to the client’s needs.
Our capabilities and performance allow both the Federal Government and commercial customers to capture images, archive large amounts of data, and monitor activity off-site. Our total turn-key solution covers system design, poles and cameral mount designs, DVR systems, procurement, logistics, construction, installation, integration, and maintenance.
Embassies and consulates throughout the world, including: European cities, transitional countries, and active warzones such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Ou and the Argus Group work on the analysis of computer system attacks and security metrics.
We work with Idaho National Laboratory to apply attack-graph research to critical infrastructure protection. It encodes expert knowledge in the form of Datalog clauses and uses a logic engine to analyze the configuration of an enterprise network to find potential multi-stage attack paths in the system. Give yourself the reassurance that your family and possessions are safe with a Bosch security system.
We use the same quality products that are used in monitored systems, making it a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade to a monitored system should the need arise. When you choose to have a home security system you’ll be able to monitor everything that goes on around your home.
Having home security camera systems will allow you to keep tabs on your home even when you can’t be there. Everyone will be able to sleep a lot better at night knowing that there is a security system in the house. The peace of mind that you are going to have from having the system at your home is going to be well worth the money that you spend on the system.
Everyone will feel more at ease and relaxed knowing that their home is equipped with one of the best home security camera systems available to protect them.
Whether out of the country or out for a run, our home security systems work seamlessly with other systems to keep you protected. Let us integrate your home security systems, lighting and shade control to create a total package that will keep even the most skilled criminals out of your home.
Create away presets for your wireless home security alarm that lower the shades during the day to keep out peering eyes and turn on inside lights during the evening to give the appearance that someone is home.
Our sophisticated surveillance systems deliver lasting, adaptable solutions to personnel safety, operations management, investigations, and other potential risks such as intrusions and casing. Army Corps of Engineers officer and architect, was called upon by the State Department to fortify the U.S. Orion works with the most advanced and appropriate technologies to establish security at these diplomatic facilities. We are working with Defense Research and Development Canada-Ottawa on effective techniques for prioritizing security hardening in enterprise networks.

It has scalable polynomial time complexity and provides the capability to specify a wide range of security reasoning knowledge in a generic language. Should someone break into your house while your not at home, you’ll have it all recorded on your security system. The monitoring devices are some of the best with the latest in technology to make sure that you and your family has all of the protection that you deserve. You may also be able to save money on your home insurance by having a security system installed in your home.
When you leave for work in the mornings, you can leave knowing that your home is being monitored with one of the best home hidden cameras systems available.
Using the latest burglar alarms, security camera systems, and wireless home security alarms keep you protected. Orion’s experience includes access control for video-based solutions, biometric-based solutions, and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) based solutions.
Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in the aftermath of the tragic embassy bombings in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi. We are collaborating with HP Labs to investigate reasoning techniques for intrusion analysis from large amounts of system monitoring data. It can output an attack graph showing the causality relationship among configuration settings and potential attacker privileges. The cost of the security system is going to be a lot cheaper than having to replace everything in your home that has been stolen by a burglar. It will help to alleviate some of your stress at work from worrying about what’s going on at home.
Orion integrates access control systems with intrusion detection systems to establish and maintain increased security for sensitive areas.
Our focus is on the defense aspect of the cyber warfare, and our philosophy is that successful cyber defense can only be achieved through automated coordination of various observation and action points in an enterprise environment. Such an attack graph can be further utilized in computing security metrics and automated decision making on how to best address the discovered security problems. Our research aims at providing the enabling technologies for such automated correlation and analysis, with solid theoretical foundation and empirical study.
Ou's MulVAL attack graph toolkit is being widely used and extended by researchers in both academia and industry, including Stony Brook University, University of Illinois of Urbana Champaign, NATO, IAI Inc., Motorola, etc.
The group is named after the giant Argus in Greek mythology, who has a hundred eyes that constantly watch for enemies. It has been invited to participate in the AFRL evaluation of state-of-the-art attack-graph tools.
He has been invited as field experts to attend workshops hosted by NSF and ARO to explore future directions of research in security configuration management and situation awareness.
He was one of the invited speakers in the Configuration Management workshop affiliated with LISA, a large conference for system administrators.
He has been invited to give speeches in MITRE, Telcordia Technologies, Carleton University, HP Labs, DRDC-Ottawa, and INL. Ou has given speeches to CERNER on potential security problems in medical plug-and-play devices.

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