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YouTube is the biggest platform which was accommodated some billions of hours of video content in its platform.
We’ve been working with the search marketing team at BodyLogicMD, a provider of bioidentical hormone therapy, to use video snippets and geo-targeted pages to stand out in the SERPs and ultimately drive leads.Body Logic's Strategy for Ranking in Search with Video SEOPersonally, I’m a rich snippet fanatic, because they demand user attention. Pete have shown that searchers pay more attention to video thumbnails than they do to “traditional” results.

In order to compete with them, BodyLogicMD created pages that target local terms and represent specific doctors within those cities (Here’s an example for Chicago). When people are searching for broad medical head terms we can serve them a video of a local expert who can answer their questions and provide the medical services they may need in their immediate area.
Now, this is one of the main keywords for the bioidentical hormone therapy page, easily one of the most important pages on the site.

From the start, we made the conscious decision to implement video directly into the copy of this page.

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