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Social media is no longer a word or concept that is associated with only the millennial generation.
The future of technology is not only evolving with the way we communicate with others, but it is also evolving with the way that society functions and the government governs. Social media has become a common tool of our communication and has had an everlasting effect on our social skills and the way we communicate with others. About UsAssociation Acumen, LLC is a full service association management firm that manages all aspects of an association’s programs and services for state, national and international organizations. Curt Finch is the founder and CEO of Journyx, a company that offers time-tracking and resource management software. Social media has emerged like an errant piece of debris from a tornado, and has smacked the world of business in its metaphorical face.
According to a study [PDF] by the workplace psychologist group OPP, 39% of leaders said they still rely on gut instinct when making hiring decisions, and a quarter admitted that whether they liked someone personally was a major influence.
Social media tools and applications can offer a glimpse into these more personal aspects of an applicant beyond traditional hiring materials. On the flip side, Gerry Crispin, who co-authored the CareerXroads survey, levied some skepticism on the numbers he found for companies using social media. Regardless of the confusion surrounding social media (which, by the way, should be expected given its rapid escalation in importance), there are proven techniques and applications in place, should a company wish to expand its hiring arsenal to the social sphere.
The truth is, even if a company doesn’t actively include social media in its hiring strategy, it still plays a role in determining the talent pool. Since most companies would like to have a large pool of talented applicants from which to choose, it behooves them to spend some time creating a dynamic social footprint. Doyle also points out that employees who post positive things about their employer on personal social platforms make the company very attractive to prospects. For companies ready to dive headfirst into social hiring, there are a number of applications and tactics that make navigating the occasionally chaotic waters of Facebook, LinkedIn and their ilk more manageable. So, harness the power of social media to reach talented people and land key hires within a company — that is the perfect scenario, right? CrowdHired: CrowdHired works through social crowdsourcing which, aside from being an overused buzzword, offers a dynamic approach to finding employees.
CrowdHired works well by eliminating the need to dredge through a large number of potentially unqualified applicants, and instead operates through the popular method of using recommendations to find the top people. Unrabble: Unrabble attempts to alleviate the issue of applicants submitting resumes that are, shall we say, a bit fluffed up.
Social media offers a whole slew of new and exciting avenues for hiring, but it will not always provide the best solution for every company. The video also talks about how you can actually monetize your social media efforts and easily form relationships and collaborations to build your business. It’s a concept and communication line that has spread into other generations like the baby boomers and generation X.

Passports, credit cards, and commercial inventory now have chips the size of a grain of salt that track our locations and purchases. Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter are new ways in which we share our thoughts, passions, and events within our personal lives. We learned that the younger generations rely on technology and social media more than ever to communicate. Depending on who you talk to, this emergence of no-holds-barred communication has resulted in either the apocalypse for privacy and internal practices, or the advent of a new dawn of profitability and success. These findings demonstrate that traditional hiring metrics, including quality of the cover letter and interview, compete in importance with the personal preferences of the hiring manager. A survey by CareerXroads, a company that’s been tracking hiring sources for the past 10 years, found that 57.1% of respondents report that social media plays an important role in their direct sourcing program. In an interview conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, Crispin states, “Some of the respondents stated that social media played a part in only 2-3% of their new hires, and other respondents reported that social media sites were used in 50-60% of their hiring decisions. For this reason, she encourages companies to allow employees to access social media during work hours, as they are more likely to post about their company then.
That being said, sometimes the most effective strategies occur when a company creatively uses the tools at hand.
First, the company found an employee that matched its criteria by examining his social sites online. Here are some of the most innovative tools I’ve found that can help you navigate the social hiring landscape. The process is fairly simple: An employer selects advocates from his existing contacts and submits a bounty, or payment, that will be paid to both the advocate and the employee hired as a result of the recommendation. The bounty simply adds an extra incentive for advocates to get on board and really recommend the best of their contacts. It adds a tab that says “We Are Hiring” and allows applicants to view openings and apply directly from there.
Instead, it institutes a relatively simple system of social “bragging” that requires proof to substantiate the claim. That being said, a company that integrates social hiring practices into its repertoire will undoubtedly be able to reach many applicants who might otherwise have gone unnoticed or undervalued. While we publish a huge range of job listings, we've selected some of the top social media job opportunities from the past two weeks to get you started. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. It’s a concept that has taken our ever evolving communication world and spun it into the next dimension.
Software has been developed that helps with facial recognition of individuals and is used by security and police agencies throughout the world to help detect criminals on the run.
Corporations and businesses now use social media as a way to target an advertisement to different demographics and promote their businesses to a larger demographic.

In any case, the plethora of social networking sites has led to a reevaluation of business practices. Second, employers base hiring preferences on the applicant’s personality, sometimes even more than on the hard skills an applicant brings to the table. A 2011 study undertaken by Jobvite goes further, stating that 89% of companies planned to use social media in their hiring process that year, and that 64% of companies directly used social media to hire an applicant in 2011.
For instance, publish engaging content focusing not only on what your company does, but how the company culture operates, to give insight into the inner working of the business. The advocate then recommends individuals from his network who he thinks would be a good fit. Each time an applicant “brags” about an accomplishment (increasing sales, successfully revamping a site, etc.), they must also provide an introduction to a contact on Facebook or LinkedIn who will vouch for him.
Social media has become a pillar in which the corporate and social world interacts, but in the future it could be the sole way we communicate when it’s not face-to-face.
All of these technologies are helping further develop the capabilities in which our society functions and protects its citizens. Governments and security agencies have stepped up their knowledge and tools to keep up with our ever evolving world.
It's no mystery that the area with the most important long-term implications for an organization is recruiting and staffing employees.
Much buzz has been made about businesses screening the social profiles of prospective employees, but it goes both ways.
Even though he was not interested at first, its knowledge of his persona enabled the company to obtain a perfect hire. If the recommended person wants to apply for the position, he chooses whichever of his social networks he thinks will represent him best. A company that uses this app can encourage employees to place the “We Are Hiring” tab on their profiles as well. While the system isn’t foolproof, it offers a convenient alternative to wading through the piles of resumes from apparent miracle workers who single-handedly saved their company from financial bankruptcy, yet mysteriously received little enough compensation that they are now applying for another job. We won’t be able to stay away from new social trends and new technology no matter how hard we try.
One of the biggest and oldest problems for companies revolves around acquiring a talented and creative team — and digital gives the old, traditional methods a new spin. The app also matches the skills from listed positions to profiles of friends within the employees' networks. It tracks referrals so employees can be rewarded if their recommendation results in a hire.

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