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Microfilm conversion is a multi-step process.  At Advantage Preservation, we begin by auditing a random selection of the client's film and running a project test to determine the scope of work and the best methods for accomplishing the clients desired end result. During scanning, variances in film density are automatically adjusted and manually verified. Larry, we are so pleased with the digitalization and search capabilities that Advantage has provided for The Hennessey Clipper.
Larry Eckhardt from Advantage Companies was a huge help when our library embarked upon our first digital project. Our library contracted Advantage to digitize about 90 rolls of microfilm that contained our parish newspaper, police jury minutes and census reports.
I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank each of you for the fine work you did on the Levaquin trial. The process starts by generating a sine wave on an Arduino with some direct digital synthesis.
The signal from the AND gates is then fed into the mixer and sent out to the analog input of another Arduino. A hack worthy of MacGuyver, but the tone of the write-up seems to suggest the author doesn’t understand whats going on much more than Brian does.
So there is a sine wave for bass, a PWM square wave for midrange – and harmonics for higher frequencies. The idea back then was to use the analogue mixer to create midi controller messages, NOT to mix the actual production audio signal on the mixer.

This is a very nice hack and I am sure it has quite a bit of educational value for those wishing to pursue it.
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When a vibrating object moves through one complete back-and-forth motion (one cycle), the vibration becomes auditory. As part of this consultative approach, all scanning samples are saved in a template and examples are sent to our client for approval. Delivery is completed as specified.  We can transmit images through secure and encrypted FTP protocol or record the data to CDs, DVDs or External Hard Disk Drives. We now have this material on a website that is linked to our library website making it available not only in our libraries, but worldwide. At first glance, this idea seems extremely practical – mixers are a great way to get a lot of dials and faders in a cheap, compact, and robust enclosure. This Arduino converts the audio coming out of the mixer to frequencies using a Fast Hartley Transform.
He’s connected the MIDI out to Abelton and can modify MIDI parameters using an audio mixer. Analogue mixers could be bought for a few bucks, cheap audio cards the same – but digital mixers were very expensive.
However it is another example of using way to much kit to create a minimally useful output.

The signal comes from the load cell, is converted to digital for the readout, converted back to analog after some processing, sent to a board three inches away, converted to digital, maybe some more processing, then sent out as a 4-20mA signal to a SCATA system, where it is converted back to digital. Upon approval, scanning begins with inspection of the film to identify scratches, tears, reels without headers, etc. With a binary representation of what’s happening inside the mixer, [Andy] has something that can be converted into MIDI.
This build might not be the most efficient, but it does have the best name ever: digital to analog to digital to analog to digital conversion.
According to the schematic [Andy] posted, these signals are going into two different gates, with the other input of the gate pulled high. It is a simple mater to replace joystick controls with rotary or linear controls and you get a couple of buttons to play with to boot.
We are also very happy with the quality of the digital images produced by the Advantage Company.
If anyone knows what this part of the circuit actually does, please leave a note in the comments.

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