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A bunch of video-related products have launched recently, including Easy Sketch Pro 2 and VideoMakerFX.
It has a weird name, but it’s a pretty cool video creator software for both Mac and PC, brought to us by Nick LaPolla, Todd Gross, and Andrew Darius.
With this software, you can create a professional looking video in minutes complete with HD video backgrounds, kinetic text, cartoon animations, whiteboard sketches, and more. The one time price of $47 is only valid until March 6 – then the doors will close, and when they re-open in April it will have a yearly fee. Explaindio Video Creator comes with a library of 26 slide packs, which each contain multiple animated slides. There are also 10 call-to-action animations you can add to your slides, as well as 5 other animations like rain or snow. The whiteboard video section also has a library of 29 image packs, packed with a wide range of images to include in your sketch videos. You can also choose between 31 different hands to draw your sketch videos, and 55 hands to drag images or text onto the screen. I later realized that VideoMakerFX is not really capable of making whiteboard videos at all – the only way to do it is by using a slide pack that contains only 6 different slides. The first 3 are slides of different durations (10 seconds, 8 seconds, and 6 seconds) where you can insert some text and a hand will write it for you – except not really, because the hand just moves jerkily across the canvas in a zigzag motion without actually following the text.
The last 3 slides are fly-in slides – a hand will slide text or an image of your choice onto the screen, either with a border or without one. VideoMakerFX also suffers from various glitches that can make it difficult to create a video and can really mess up the final rendering.
Explaindio can make the same variety of videos that VMFX can, along with whiteboard videos on par with ESP2.
For example, I love the increased control features that Explaindio has compared to VideoMakerFX. You can also add a delay before or after each element is sketched or added in the whiteboard slides, and you can set the duration of each sketch so that it’s not too fast or too slow. Another great customization feature for the animated slide templates is the ability to change the color, size, and position of each object in the slides. If only it was also possible to change the position of the text blocks, it would mean we could completely customize the templates to look exactly like we need them to.
One thing I don’t like about the whiteboard videos is that often with text, instead of writing the letters in a solid line like someone would in real life, the hand will sketch the outline of the text first and then it will magically be filled in. Join my newsletter below to get free gifts, tips, tutorials and reviews delivered straight to your inbox! Anvir Task Manager is freeware utility software that gives users a comprehensive set of tools to put them in full control of their computer. Panopreter Basic reads text, txt files, rft files, web pages, and Word documents with natural sounding voices, and converts the text and files into spoken audio files in wav and mp3 formats. EfficientPIM is a full-featured personal organizer software program that can help you manage your life. Efficient Address Book is a professional, elegant and handy contact and customer information management application. Efficient Calendar is a reliable and powerful software for adding and managing various events, notes, reminders and more. Kaspersky Rescue Disk is a free and safe program to remove viruses from a computer without the risk of getting infected!
MetatOGGer can rename, tag and sort Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Speex, MP3, Musepack, Windows Media, WavPack and Monkeys Audio files.
Throw away the traditional paper sticky notes and start using the powerful and unqiue Efficient Sticky Notes! Media Player Classic Black Edition is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows.

DVDStyler is a DVD authoring application that makes possible for video enthusiasts to create professional-looking DVDs.
MediaMonkey is a music manager and media jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users. Now Explaindio Video Creator is launching on 11 November, and it looks like it might contain all the features of the other two video creators combined. Todd Gross has been behind some of the most successful launches in the video marketing industry this year, and Nick LaPolla is the creator of Simple Video Pro 2, which I reviewed previously on this blog.
Note that this price includes a commercial license, unlike ESP2 which will charge you an extra $69 for it after your initial purchase!
There are slides available in various different styles – simple, elegant ones that can be used for any niche, slides with cartoon characters in different careers, kinetic typography slides, etc.
There are all sorts of images for marketing like arrows, callouts, banners, graphs, social media icons etc. You can choose a different hand for each image, and the hands can be flipped and tilted so that the drawing angle never looks awkward.
All the hands are high quality – no fuzzy edges like some I saw in the Easy Sketch Pro videos. The comparisons I make in this review with ESP2 are based on the research I did when trying to decide which video creation software to buy for myself, and then again when I was trying to decide if I should buy Easy Sketch Pro 2 when it was released.
After watching the ESP2 promo videos, it looks to me like the only feature ESP2 has that Explaindio doesn’t is the sketch-to-video feature. You can add a delay to the slides at the main focal point so that people have enough time to read or see the slide properly, and at the end. I imported my slides from VMFX and it worked perfectly – in fact I could even move and resize the elements like in Explaindio’s own slides, which is awesome! It gives you detailed information about every process that is running, and about applications running automatically on Windows startup including all hidden applications. With EfficientPIM you can keep track of contacts, appointments, tasks, to-do lists, and much more.
The product can help you manage the information of even thousands of contacts rapidly, better create and keep networking, build customer relationships and always focus on key persons.
It saves your time by allowing international holidays and major holidays of some countries to be imported directly. You can browser you collection by artist, album and genre and also perform keyword searches to find the song you are looking for. Kaspersky Rescue Disk is designed to scan and disinfect x86 and x64 compatible computers that have been infected.
The application has many useful features various Internet download content, browse, manage them. The program translator Dicter always helps to complete the transaction in a single click of mouse from any application Windows. You are able to provide an application specific mappings, which means one application can use the mouse differently from another.
With Efficient Notes, you only need to manage your memos, notes and desktop sticky notes in one interface and one file.
MetatOGGer is the first tag editor with a vector-based interface based on sur Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Your private information is fully protected - the main login password is encrypted by the irreversible SHA algorithm, while the password information itself is encrypted by 256-bit AES algorithm, the encryption strength of which is among the highest in the world. By default, output files are saved into the program's folder in My Documents, and they retain the name of the source video.
Stick your notes on the desktop and you can read important information at any time on the screen. Media Player Classic - BE is based on the original Media Player Classic project and Media Player Classic Home Cinema project, contains additional features and bug fixes.

It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface.
Multiple calendar views, such as Day, Week, Month and Year views as well as list view are available so you can better arrange and track your appointments and events.
If you have music files with incomplete or missing tag data, MusicBee can automatically download the tag data for you, along with lyrics and cover art.
The application should be used when the infection is so severe that it is impossible to disinfect the computer using anti-virus applications or malware removal utilities (such as Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool) running under the operating system. This is useful for games which do not inherently support the extended mouse buttons, because you can map keys to each button.
With its unique and powerful flash full-text search technique, simply enter a word in a note and you can locate this note quickly! Our password keeper also offers many special features such as password management in hierarchical grouping, adding attachments to password entry, setting record importance, displaying record list in card view. The BE mod (Black Edition Mod) is a skinned version of Media Player Classic Home Cinema, much better looking than the plain old MPC. It looks up missing Album Art and track information via Freedb and the web, and includes an intelligent tag editor and an automated file and directory renamer to organize your music library.
The software also supports batch file conversion, a wide variety of languages and voices, and Unicode fonts. The program identifies a track by its digital sound signature, so it does not depend on a complete set of existing metadata. In this case, disinfection is more efficient because malware programs do not gain control when the operating system is being loaded. The software allows various background colors, with optional gradient effect, to be set for the desktop notes. MPC-HC BE Mod is usually newer because they use the latest SVN the most up-to-date version of the code. Its player automatically adjusts volume levels so that you don't have continually fiddle with the volume control and supports hundreds of Winamp plug-ins and visualizations; or if you prefer, it can use Winamp as the default player. Panopreter Basic is compatible with Microsoft SAPI 5 (Speech Application Program Interface) or later text to speech voice engines. With Efficient's personal organizer software all of the things you need to manage are located in one, easy-to-use interface.
Other features include smart playlists with the ability to discover and play new music from the web, advanced tag editing, folder monitoring, synchronizing with portable devices, library backup, sound visualizer, iTunes import and secure CD ripping with embedded cuesheet AccurateRip validation. In the emergency repair mode, you can only start objects scan tasks, update databases roll back updates and view statistics.
The new version also present advanced mode that allows you to translate not only the selected text, but also work effectively as any other interpreter. You can insert various items such as tables, pictures, emotions, lists, URLs or even attachments in notes (or memos) and you can set the background color and background picture of each note separately.
You can also play DVD discs and Internet streams, supports an impressive list of features and options. So you can download several video files from YouTube or download YouTube playlists during one session. You can also customize the font of each note and set it to be semi-transparent so it will not fully cover up your desktop background or icons. To fully protect your privacy, the software encrypts the login password with the irreversible SHA algorithm and also encrypts data files.

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