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Well there are many online services that will provide remote technology support and advice for your company for a monthly fee. NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk offers the Small Business Plan with unlimited support for a broad range of computer and digital devices including PCs, wireless routers, printers, scanners, smartphones, digital cameras, and more.
PlumChoice provides another similar service and your local IT consultant is always a great resource for tech support and help!
How to sell more books: 10 Questions You Need To Answer Honestly If You Want To Sell More Books.
My Amazon #1 bestselling book, How To Market A Book covers everything in details but the following checklist will also help you identify your problem and solve it quickly. I have also included lots of links so you can find all the extra material on this (ever-growing!) site. 99% of indie authors will not have print distribution in physical bookstores, and I would postulate that all the success stories we have heard in the last 2 years about indie authors and huge sales have come from ebook sales, not print.
There has been an influx of ebooks (and print books) self-published in the last year, as well as traditional publishers beginning to re-issue backlists digitally. Do research your genre on Amazon and take screenshots of books that stand out in a good way. If you don’t have a budget for this, then work extra hard until you have that extra money.
I am passionate about the value of editing and editors, especially for new writers, or books in a new genre.
You should edit your books until you can’t stand them any longer, and then you should consider hiring a professional editor to help you take it further, because you cannot see your own words after a point because you know the story so well. If you can’t afford a pro editor, then you can try using a critique group of readers within your genre, or join a group like the Alliance of Independent Authors to network with other like-minded authors in order to network and potentially barter your skills. But definitely do not publish your book if only you and your best friend, or your Mum, have read it. You need some distance from your book in order to do this, but consider where your book fits within the online bookstores.
It’s also important to match reader expectations and the promise of what your book delivers with what your book is actually about.
There is no point having a book with a swirly, girly pink chic-lit cover in the horror section of fiction. There are some scammy sites out there that will tell you to aim for the categories that will rank the best in order to have a Bestseller on Amazon. You can choose a category that fits your book AND is easier to rank in, for example, I use categories Action Adventure and Religious Fiction. If you’re struggling with this, choose 3-5 authors your book is like, not what you want it to be like, but what it is really like.
If you want to see a fantastic example, check out CJ Lyons Bloodstained which continues to rock the Kindle charts.
You can format your sales description with colored headlines and other funky HTML by using Author Marketing Club’s Premium service (which also includes a fast-track way to find appropriate reviewers). It’s important to say on pricing that no one has a clue how to price ebooks and authors are having success at many different price points.
However good your book, however marvelous the cover, your first novel is unlikely to sell at that price. The 99c price point still has some power even after the algorithm changes but you might go somewhere in between, changing your price with promotions as well. Sure, there are some breakout successes, but most indie fiction authors making decent money right now have 5 or more books. The more books you have available, the more virtual shelf space you have, the easier it is for people to discover you.
I was as guilty as anyone of trying to hype my first novel, because it took so long and I thought it was a precious snowflake.
I am also fascinated by the rise of novellas and serials as a way to create more books, more quickly. Again, there are no rules and in fact, everyone has different results from different marketing tactics.
If you need some starter tips, you should definitely be building your email list from your own website and also from a signup at the back of your book. I also believe that social media can sell books, but it is a slow build over time and you have to have other goals than just book sales, e.g. The biggest leaps I had on the Amazon charts were from paid promotional pushes on sites that market direct to Kindle readers. Free is still a great option, especially if you have multiple books, as it means people can discover your work with no risk.

There’s been a lot of scandal about the sock puppet reviews but reviews are still critical because they give your sales page social proof and they feed into the book site algorithms. I give away a lot of free books to people who might like my genre and ask that they leave a review if they like it.
Remember that not everyone will like your book and not everyone will leave a review, or a good review, but it is a start.
Especially when this site has over 700 free articles on writing, publishing and marketing and there’s 75+ hours of audio for you to learn from for free. I have to believe that for you because I believe it for me, and I have left a stable job and steady income to take a chance on being an author-entrepreneur. I look at authors like CJ Lyons, Scott Sigler, Chuck Wendig, Joe Konrath, Bob Mayer and so many others and I know they are working their butts off every day writing and getting their work out there. These guys are pros and they know it takes hard work to get there and hard work to stay there. So please, if your book is not selling any copies at all, go through this checklist and honestly evaluate what you have done and how much effort you have put in.
Images: Bigstock Help button, Bigstock Buy Me button, Bigstock price tags, Bigstock hard work ahead. I’am astounded and dismayed at the lack of your responders rewriting their post before sending it. For me the title and the authors name has to be eye grabbing along with an interesting unique idea or topic.
I am a Caribbean author about to publish my first novel and have found your post so informative.
The best I can tell you to do is get out there and contact all the talk shows and send them one copy of your book and see if they will have you on their show. Also make bumper stickers with the name of the novel on it and sell them at book signing and give some out to friends and ask them if they would do you a big favorite and put them on their cars.
If you want your book to make it at all you are going to have to spend at less 2 hours a night doing marketing not watch TV ever night, I’m not saying you do watch a lot of TV but lot of people do this. However, one of the hallmark traits of successful people is to be OK with asking for help when they need it. While it’s true some folks might be unable or unwilling to help, it all comes back to the bite-sized sales approach I mentioned a few months ago.
Anticipate needing help if you’re venturing into new territory where you have limited knowledge and prior experience.
Before you tackle the problem yourself, you can use the bite-sized sales approach to ask for help. For example, I was recently approached by a startup founder to teach a 30 minute course online based off of material I had previously taught. Join 5000+ techies & receive a little inspiration in your inbox weekly, to help you create, innovate & do your most meaningful work! If your family or the family of someone you know is needing help, you can begin the process by contacting the┬ácounselor where your child attends school. Or maybe you envy your other business owner friend who has a computer consultant stop by their office every month. The affordable service provides unlimited help and support for diagnosis and resolution of setup, security, performance, maintenance and data transfer problems – assisting just about anything connected to the PC.
I decided against print but in 2013, I changed my mind, returning to print editions for all my books.
If people make it to your book sales page and your cover is terrible, they will not click the Buy button.
Then hire a professional cover designer, give them that information and work with them to create a professional cover. Seriously, I believe this is non-negotiable if you want to stand out in the crowded market.
You may be horrified by what you find but better now than when it’s out there in the world. You might not want to put it in a box or a genre or a category, but you have to because that’s how readers find it.
Have you optimized your Amazon sales page with a hook, quotes from reviews and other material? Some are just the back blurb with no review quotes or other things that might draw a customer in.
People will not buy your book if your description is badly written or hard to understand because it’s an indication of the quality of your book.
Check out this great article on The Passive Voice and the comments below to get an idea of the widely different levels of pricing and success.

For non-fiction authors, you can expect to make your money on back-end products and services and not book sales anyway.
I still believe you have to hustle those first thousand sales with everything you have, but my sales and income jumped when I released the second novel with very little fanfare because I already had an established presence on Amazon and they do a lot of marketing for you when you have multiple books, e.g. Hugh Howey is a great example of someone who wrote novellas in different series and then continued the direction of the stories for the novellas that took off, Wool being his most famous and lucrative. Some hit a mega-success with none at all, but I do think that you need to hand-sell your first 1000 readers because they won’t just appear out of nowhere. Fantasy author Lindsay Buroker talked about this in our interview where she revealed that the first book in her series is permanently on free with her other books at $4.95.
This is hard work if you do it manually, but you can use the Author Marketing Club’s Premium service to short cut the process by finding reviewers for books like yours.
I’ve been on this path since 2007 when I decided to write my first non-fiction book, so I am 5 years into working my butt off to change my life.
The recent success of Sean Platt & David Wright in landing a Serial deal with Amazon is because they work incredibly hard at writing all day, every day to produce new content for their market.
I’m just about ready to publish, but I want to make sure my manuscript is as edited and polished as it can be before I do. I tried to send them to different publishing houses without much success, therefore my interest in becoming and indie author.
This improvement is not only in my grammar skills, but also in details that I can add to make my style better and create a better product.
Since I want to write the best possible book according to my abilities I know that the sacrifice is worth it.
Asking for help seems like a sign of weakness, you feel like you’re burdening someone by taking up their time, or worse yet you might have overlooked the importance of building up a support system.
This actually makes it harder for someone to help, because the helper has to first get you out of the mess you’re in, before they can propose a solution for the root cause of the situation.
To sum it for new readers, the bite-sized sales approach means you start by having conversations with people to understand why they might object or push back.
He identified my strength in teaching, provided a clear alignment of interest with my startup Femgineer, and the ASK was small enough that I said yes.
With every help desk subscription comes a one-time setup service that includes the NortonLive Easy Support Tool, a security assessment and PC performance tuning. The ebook market is growing globally as new countries come online and even within markets like the US and UK, ebooks are becoming more widely accepted. This is my only non-negotiable recommendation for authors, because you never know what will happen with all these sites we depend upon for sales.
You can do this by making your book free on Smashwords and eventually Amazon will price match it.
This is easy if you have built up a list from the last book, or if you have built a platform and in fact is one good reason to do this. At the beginning I thought writing was going to be my way out of the office, now I’m taking to be smarter and professional. It also creates anxiety for the helper, they fear making the situation worse, before they can make it better. You can then proceed to carve out a piece of your problem, by using their key strength to solve it, and show alignment of interests.
Bright Futures Joplin has a very targeted mission of things that we’re able to assist with.
If they disappear, or the terms we publish under change, then your email list of fans and buyers is all you have. The whole author platform thing is massively useful in so many ways but it is only one aspect of book sales. Your guidelines are excellent for persistent writers who wish to enjoy reasonable sales proportional to the hours invested in labor.
Seems like a lengthy process, but it’s got a much higher success rate especially in environments where people will easily reject new ideas or have many constraints. We understand that there are a great many other issues that impact our kids, so often the way that we help is┬áby connecting families with community resources that they didn’t realize were available to them. Even though we can’t always be the primary source of assistance, we strive to connect families to resources that might better serve them.
However, that is coming from someone who does not read tons of books and most super charged readers discount the in between reader.

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