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The Super Bowl is one of the biggest global events for both the sporting world and for brands.
When such large sums of money are being invested into Super Bowl ad campaigns, going viral is pretty much a must, so we decided to use social media analytics to take a look at the lessons brands can learn from what worked and what didn’t work at Super Bowl 50.
On Twitter, the story was much the same with social media analytics showing that hashtags for the Super Bowl were launched well in advance of the big game with Doritos in particular launching their ad competition at the very beginning of the year.
The Super Bowl is increasingly becoming like Christmas, with no time too early for brands to begin promoting their commercials. This year’s Super Bowl commercials were a mix of the funny, like Heinz’ Meet The Ketchups ad, the inspiring – Mini’s DefyLabels campaign – and the downright weird…#puppymonkeybaby? Esurance’s #EsuranceSweepstakes was by far the most used hashtag with over 2.5 million mentions over Super Bowl weekend and even though the idea for the campaign was simple, it was backed up by consistent, often humorous tweets from their Twitter account. Mountain Dew’s #puppymonkeybaby was the second most used hashtag with Avocados from Mexico’s #AvosinSpace not too far behind.
Simply driving a large volume of conversation or views may not be the be all and end all for brands when it comes to viral marketing, but adding a touch of humor can even make a serious message travel further.
Before Super Bowl 50, the hashtag #RIPTwitter began trending with the social public feeling that Twitter’s struggles to drive revenue and innovate effectively would spell the end for the social platform.
But when it comes to live events, Super Bowl 2016 showed Twitter is still the platform of choice for viral marketing.
Looking at brand hashtags alone, there were over 3 million mentions of the various campaign hashtags and over 6 million mentions of the main Super Bowl hashtag #SB50 on Twitter over Superbowl weekend. Where Facebook excelled was in the week leading up to the Super Bowl, rather than during the game itself. The Super Bowl is most definitely a multi-channel experience – whether you’re watching for the game or the ads. To discover how to improve your marketing efforts using social intelligence, have a demo with one of our expert consultants. This article was written by Richard Sunley from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Download HOW's Best of Interactive Design Awards to see the best of all past winners from HOW's renowned Interactive Design Awards competition. Inside you’ll find a variety of methods for attracting users to a site, converting them to valuable customers, and maintaining a profitable relationship with them. From web banner ad sizes to the 4P’s of marketing, this comprehensive guide to marketing and conversion is one you won’t want to miss!
How you communicate during each phase of the customer cycle can have large and lasting effect on the amount and value of users that come to a site. Viral marketing works because such pieces provide some sort of entertainment value beyond the thousands of ordinary advertising messages consumers are bombarded with on a daily basis. Social marketing is similar to viral marketing in that it spreads organically through word of mouth—but social marketing usually involves a direct benefit to the user.
One of the best ways to maintain a relationship with a customer is through effective email marketing. Get this free eBook for an in-depth look at web marketing, tips for using banner ads, examples of effective viral marketing, and so much more.
Enter your email to subscribe to the HOW Design newsletter to get even more tips & advice from the pros. Viral marketing online is a decade old this year and it's getting hideously same-old, same-old boring. Enter your email below to join thousands of marketers and get FREE weekly newsletters with practical Case Studies, research and training, as well as MarketingSherpa updates and promotions. SUMMARY: Viral marketing online is a decade old this year and it's getting hideously same-old, same-old boring.
Happy tenth birthday to viral online marketing.On July 4, 1996, Hotmail founders Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia launched what's widely credited to be the first on-purpose Internet viral marketing campaign.

Get the latest research on email, lead gen, and social media along with MarketingSherpa updates and promotions. The views and opinions expressed in the articles of this website are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect in any way the views of MarketingSherpa, its affiliates, or its employees. While it’s just two teams that go head to head on the field, for global players from Amazon to Coca Cola, the Super Bowl is a chance to show off the full scale of their marketing arsenal to a global audience. If anything, not making the most of Super Bowl build up buzz is now a significant missed opportunity in terms of building brand awareness on social.
But looking at the videos and hashtags that generated the most conversation, it was humor that drove the most instant discussion. On the day of the game itself, Twitter produced over 400,000 retweets from brand Twitter feeds (and this is excluding Esurance’s massive campaign) compared to just under 100,000 shares from brand Facebook pages.
Social media analytics data shows that people are discussing brands before, during and even after the game on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with Facebook and YouTube driving the most attention before the game and Twitter the platform of choice during the game. To really get to grips with your social media performance, measurement is key on every channel, as without this, success is very hard to define. The old adage may not always work as well as we’d like, especially when it comes to attracting users to a website. From advertising and the best banner ads, to email marketing tips and viral marketing techniques, get ready to take your website to the next level. To generate a high click-through-rate (which is the goal of these ads) you’ll want to break through the noise with creative banner ads.
In this section you’ll browse through some recent viral successes and see why viral marketing doesn’t have to be high-tech or high budget.
Social marketing can be used as much to get new customers as to retain existing customers, making it an important part of your strategy. Getting a user to take action involves the right products, promotion, pricing, and placement-also known as the 4 P’s of marketing. In this section you’ll brush up on guidelines of the CAN-SPAM act, email template design, subject lines, and find essential tips for email marketing.
Web marketing is a multi-billion-dollar industry covering a wide spectrum of services from banner advertising and paid sponsorships to more organic forms of advertising like viral and social marketing.
With these proven methods and examples from industry expert Brian Miller, you too can attract and covert visitors into high-value buyers. Back then there was no online video, no easy peer-to-peer file sharing, no sophisticated games and practically no HTML email.
By the Friday before the Super Bowl, the most viewed Super Bowl commercials had already amassed well over a million views with top performer Hyundai having received almost 12 million views for one of their Super Bowl videos. With so many millions spent on Super Bowl campaigns, it’s no surprise that brands are devoting an increasing amount of time making sure their viral marketing efforts are not overly reliant on success on the day.
Budweiser’s #GiveaDamn campaign urging people not to drink and drive also performed well, but even this campaign featured a powerful message combined with humor. Here at HOW Design, we believe that if you have an attractive idea and the right marketing and conversion tactics, you can create a lasting and valuable website.
Simply enter your email and download this free eBook to get some of the most valuable advice you’ll find on marketing and conversion! Pulled from the best-selling book, Above the Fold, this informative chapter on marketing and conversion will provide you with the knowledge to answer this very question. Along with the standard web banner sizes and great tips, you’ll find tons of banner ad examples, including some of the best banner ads. In this section, a few social marketing tips and some interesting examples will help you develop great ideas for your site. Learn the logistics of the four P’s of marketing, including cross-selling and a few essential web marketing tips. Knowing the right strategies for your site is key to your success, and that’s what this free download is all about.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards building an effective website enter your email and get your free download today. As the virality map below shows, the majority of the discussion of this video stayed on YouTube but there was still significant spread to other media types, particularly on forums and on Twitter. Despite the fact that every campaign's success depends on being so creative, so utterly forwardable, that consumers can't help but spread the news, most campaigns are cookie cutter.You know the drill. The amusing video download, the interactive ecard, the engaging game, the forward-to-a-friend sweeps entry, etc. We surveyed 790 MarketingSherpa readers with viral marketing experience and interviewed a variety of industry players to create this second annual report to help you. First, the viral marketing survey results.March 11th we emailed an invitation to marketers involved in viral among our 237,000 readership to take our second annual survey.
790 responded (thanks) and here are the most interesting eight data charts from the results.As we expected, business-to-business marketers continue to be primarily interested in using any and all types of advertising to generate new business leads. Unfortunately this goal often squashes the "viralness" of their campaigns because B-to-B marketers almost inevitably slam a required-registration form in front of their most tempting offers.This chokes off response by an average of 94%, squeezing viral spread to a thin trickle.
Continue reading for an example of a clever B-to-B software campaign that was the exception to this rule.Glory be! The number we're most excited about here is the 10-point lift in marketers tracking the value of new email opt-ins.
For far too long marketers have measured email success by the sheer size of their list, instead of by quality. Could this be a turning point for smarter email marketing?While online games have remained steady in value (last year 37% of surveyed marketers said they got great results), video clips are exploding in year-over-year value. Last year 31% of marketers said they tried video clips and they worked, now there's a 16-point lift.
We suspect much of this is associated with two specific industries -- automotive, where videos are now so normal that early-adopters BMW have pulled back from the tactic -- and porn, where video is well, an obvious creative choice. It's awfully hard to get this tactic to pay off anymore (see below for an example of one marketer who managed though).
Interestingly, although only 25% of marketers hoped a viral campaign would improve their search rankings, 64% hoped their online reach would "explode." Um, guys, guess what getting higher search rankings does to your reach?! Unfortunately, they're the hardest clients to create so-cool-it-virals campaigns for because they're leery of brand damage. Casinos and porn: These marketers are spending so much per lead (sometimes $50-$150), they'll happily sign up for any campaign that could produce a better ROI. Plus, while they want their brand names to be more famous, they don't mind what sites they appear on. The little guy (with the little budget): Your typical bargain shopper, this is the marketer who must get a ROI from this campaign or lose his or her job trying. And, sometimes it works.The Japanese trend of paying for performance for viral campaigns may trickle westward to help this group. It's easier to sell your boss on a pay-for-performance campaign than an up-front investment, even if at the end you may pay more. But, expect the agencies offering this payment model to demand a higher degree of creative control.
Just make sure the "performance" is measured against your target demographic and not the entire universe.

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