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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In the following presentation we will be looking at “night vision” issues that can cause the person that suffers with this many problems.
Visual information includes details about shape, brightness, and a combination of distance and size.
Cognitive psychology is the study of human actions; these are language, perception, attention, problem solving, creativity, thinking and memory.
Assumptions are made about the different aspects of perception through a variety of cues (Willingham, 2007). The brightness perceived in the environment and the appearance of light on an object is directly related to the quantity of light hitting the retina of the eye (Willingham, 2007). Visual perception is important to the cognitive processes as it allows a person to become familiar with his or her environment. An individual’s visual perception process involves the environment he or she exists in as it guides how the person will respond to the stimuli around him or her (Cherry, 2011).
Not all illusions are completely understood or perceived in the same manner, especially when someone has a visual ambiguity such as poor night time vision. One of the most powerful things that you can do to your presentation is to add in visual aids. Research shows that if you use visual aids you are twice as likely to achieve your objectives. Professor Albert Mehrabian did a lot of research into how we take in information during a presentation.
In a Study at the Wharton Research Centre they showed that using visual slides had a dramatic effect on message retention. If I said that I could double your chances of achieving your objectives in a presentation with just one piece of advice you would probably be very skeptical. This study by Decker Communications showed that by using visuals in your presentation you could expect roughly to double the chance of achieving your objectives.
Using visual aids to represent your ideas are a great way to engage your audiences with your presentation.
The purpose, audience, and physical setting should determine what types of visuals to use. Large enough for the audience to read the smallest part of the visual.A  Check the size in advance. Verified for the accuracy and precision of charts, diagrams, and drawings as well as for spelling. Attractive, neat visuals heighten your audiencea€™s attention and give you more credibility. Before the presentation, make sure the visuals and equipment are in place and that the equipment works properly. All of the above mentioned visual aids can be used in accordance to type of environment and venue of presentation.

We will look at the working of the human eyes and how a person with night vision difficulties may see things different than a person that does not suffer from night vision difficulties. Cognitive psychologists study these actions to understand how an individuals mind work, and what are the causes of why the mind works this way.
People see different events and details daily, and this information processes through the assistance of visual perception. For example, a person driving at night who has poor night vision may think he or she sees an animal cross his or her path, but it was only a trash bag floating across the street.
Possessing a visual ambiguity causes issues for those individuals who acquire one so the way they perceive or react to the environment they live in may be different over someone who does not deal with a visual ambiguity. And if you are trying to make a sales presentation or a job interview presentation, this piece of advice could have a major impact on your bank balance. Your thoughts and examples might get lost in a sea of text where audiences might have a challenging time what to remember or take note of. At school, at the university, during the business presentation or even you can be a professional presenter. When an audience can both hear and see what you are saying, they are more likely to retain the information. These serve to allow the speaker to remember all the important points and stay on the track.
Nowadays there are some more advanced visual aids available like digital white board that convert ordinary white board into interactive computer desktop.
We will also look at how light can make a different in how things can be seen, and the importance of visual perception to the cognitive processes. Light from the world is reflected off of the retina after it passes through the lens of the eye.
Perception includes utilizing prior experience and cues from the environment in order to determine an object’s placement, shape, and size (Willingham, 2007). Cognitive psychologists study the mind through scientific methods, and not through observing behaviors.
Through visual perception the brain will take the information in and identify and interpret it. In this situation, the individual may halt rapidly in the middle of a street causing an accident. The light and brightness plays a role on how a person views people and stimuli around him or her. Take some time to challenge yourself with using visual aids such as images, videos, and illustrations.
Moreover, people retain visual part of the information from graphs and tables far better than listening to someone explain the results, conclusions, etc. We will also look at how a person with poor night vision can also be fooled by what they may think they see on or by the road as they drive due to visual distortion. In order to compensate for the difficulty of seeing in dark or near dark environments, the visual system makes assumptions about light.

The brain allows learning and storing of the new information for future reference, if necessary.
If the individual did not possess this visual distortion he or she may have recognized the trash bag and not reacted in this particular manner.
In addition, visual perception is pertinent to cognitive processes as it helps people identify features of his or her environment and other people so they know how to react and survive. We will learn the possible causes of poor night vision, and how people with poor night vision are effected.
Distance makes objects appear smaller, as projected on the retina, but two objects may appear to be the same size to us. According to Willingham (2007), “luminance or the amount of light hitting the retina” is affected by several possible factors (p. For example, a person may witness an explosion caused by the combination of two chemicals he or she has never seen. Visual perception helps people gain a better understanding of stimuli within their environment and how to adapt or react to the stimuli so they survive. The 5 senses are involved in perception; individuals can perceive things through touching, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting. The brain will process this new information allowing the person to recognize at a later date the two chemicals and the potential risk involved with using these chemical products together.
The way a person perceives these senses plays a huge role in how a person may perceive the world, and how it might predict someone’s behavior. These include the direction in which the light is shining, the shading of the object, and the placement of color (Willingham, 2007). In addition, visual perception allows people to become aware of others around them and how to relate to them. The assumptions made by the visual system about lighting are that the outside of objects or surfaces are “uniformly colored” and that light originates above the object (Willingham, 2007, p.
To live within an environment people take the visual information perceived into consideration so they know how to act and react (Cherry, 2011). 1-2) For a cognitive psychologist, the study of perception lets them look in to how the mind works and why it works that way.
Although this generally makes sense when considering the direction from which sunlight shines, there are other sources of light coming from many directions.
Although making assumptions does, on occasion, produce flawed perceptions, doing so is necessary when interpreting visual information.

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