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Teaser advertising is the juggernaut of advertising with the huge interest it gathers from the public whether it is positive or negative but always influential mainly during the launch of any brand or scheme. For a Friday Freebie, I’ve posted a report that will give you PLENTY of Free Marketing Ideas! Local Business Owners Need Your Internet Marketing Skills by Kelly McCausey Do you realize that most local brick and mortar business owners feel lost and overwhelmed by the idea of marketing themselves on the internet?  It’s true. 9 Tips To A Sizzling Successful Summer Garage Sale With the temperature heating up outside now is the time to sell your guilt by clearing the clutter in your home.
10 Ideas for Marketing Promotional Items Promotional products are everyday products that you have personalized with your business name, logo, slogan, website address, or some other personalized greeting.
4 Most Common Marketing Mistakes It is very common for business owners to make mistakes when it comes to marketing.
For Most people in the MLM industry they are scared to talk to others about their opportunity. Remember most people would rather call a recording with NO pressure then talk to a live person. 2)      Newspapers- Simple ad will go out for a week and you want to run it for at least 4 weeks for your consumer products company and industrial equipment supplies business.
3)      Free Online Classifieds- This is a very low cost and efficient way to promote your sales business plan on the net. 4)      E-Zine Advertising- This is a low cost way of building a list and having a lot of people look at your internet business advertising site. 5)      Blogging- This is a free way to advertising your business and promotes your sale business plan effectively. 6)      Article Submission- Submitting articles is a great way to get your consumer products company and industrial equipment supplies business website more traffic. 7)      Post Cards and Direct Mail- This still seems to work these days yet it is getting a bit old fashion for advertising your business plan. 8)      Flyer’s, Business Cards, word of mouth- Still one of the cheapest ways to get your business advertising online site some traffic for promoting your sales business plan.
9)      Forums- You can make posts on different internet business advertising forums with a link to your online business advertising website.
10)   NEW WAYS- You Tube, Face book, My Space- This is the new ways to get your consumer products company and industrial equipment supplies business site noticed by a lot of people and it is free, is a better way for advertising your business too. Hope this will helps you advertising your business successful in your online internet business advertising efforts. It’s the end of the week again and that means we here at You the Designer are counting down the best creative advertising ideas for your inspiration!

For this edition of Creative Advertising Ideas we are going to list down the winners of this year’s Cannes Lions. Before we start our list we here at You the Designer would like to commend the people behind of each entry for this year’s Cannes Lions because having a work shortlisted in such a prestigious event is no small feat.
Brazil is known to have the most passionate fans and Sport Club Recife is known to have the biggest and most loyal fans. PSAs have never been the same ever since Metro Trains released the viral video Dumb Ways to Die.
It is probably safe to say that one of the toughest product to sell is a Funeral Plan because no one or at least many of us are very uncomfortable to the idea of planning a funeral let alone a love one’s funeral.
Combining the oldest drink in the world with the oldest advertising medium is what top  European tea merchant Haelssen & Lyon did for their creative advertising idea.
For those who would like to see the complete lists of winners and short-listed entries just click this link.
See you guys again for next week’s Creative Advertising Ideas but before we let you go do check us out in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ also do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news in anything and everything awesome in the design world!
You may even have some promotional items lying around your house from other businesses, such as coffee mugs, calendars, magnets, pens, and key chains.
According to the US census, interest in ecommerce is increasing by a rate of 4% to 6% each year and the trend is expected to continue until at least 2010. One thing we all agree on, is the more people you exposes your opportunity to the better chance for success. Social Media; This is a great way to promote your opportunity but for most people it is way over done.
Find a good Ezine to place your consumer products company and industrial equipment supplies business ad in and make sure you do your research first for your business advertising online. You can write articles and post them on your online internet business advertising blog for others to read with a link to your website on it.
Effective Business Advertising from All Business Advertising and Clever business advertising by all business advertising is effective business advertising way to bring customers to your business. For those who don’t know what the Cannes Lions is, just think of it as the Oscars of Advertising.
Despite it’s cute and adorable facade the video showcases a series of macabre and (wait for it!) dumb ways of dying. Dela is a Funeral Insurance company in the Netherlands started a simple and yet heart-warming campaign entitled: Why Wait Until It’s Too Late?
Creating the calendar’s pages from tea leaves is no small feat because the tea leaves has to be a millimeter thin but it has to be robust and can be easily dissolved into hot water at the same time. Once again we here in You the Designer would like to congratulate each and every designer, artists and ad agency that won and was short-listed in the festival.

You don’t have to get a car wrap but why not put something on your back window that could possibly get more eyeballs as you go?
Also, most people that see the ad will be driving so make sure to have a phone number with a recording rather that a website. Also if you get a business ad type of mail most of them have as postage paid envelope in them, put a drop card in it and send it out. With  so many entries coming in from agencies around the world, getting a Cannes Lion award is one of the biggest and most prestigious award a advertising practitioner and agency could ever hope for. This is why Ogilvy Brazil created the Immortal Fans, the campaign aims to promote organ donation which is a touchy topic in Brazil. This radical approach is to enforce the message that people should be much more careful around trains in order to reduce railway accidents.
What they did is that they gave ordinary people a chance to say something wonderful to the people they really care and cherished a lot. Everyday a team will scour the internet to find something relevant and create a different twist using Oreos as their main visual for 100 days.
Whether it is a local contractor, restaurant, hardware store, plumber, electrician, or landscaper, they are all aware that they are behind if they aren’t already online. People are stuck in planes for hours and get bored and sometimes they have a laptop with them to watch a DVD. Also make sure to check on code enforcements in some places Code Enforcement will not allow for road signs. Posting something on your facebook wall once or twice a week is fine every day and people will just tune you out.
But it is one of the best ways to spread your opportunity to people you normally would never meet. While the speech was given a crew has setup 6 hidden cameras wherein the taken footage was used to develop commercials with real emotions.
I would recommend you take 20% of everything you make in your MLM business and put it into some form of paid advertisement. The commercials are just part of a integrated campaign wherein real people are tasked to tell their love ones what they really feel. Learn what to say in your blog here. Blogging is a great way to have your efforts pay off for a very long time.

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